Jul 27th, 2010

The Samsung Behold II may have launched for T-Mobile in November 2009, but that doesn’t keep it from being a device that you should take a serious look at if you’re on another carrier. Cincinnati Bell Wireless adopted this phone (with it seeing a retail and web launch last Friday) as a part of their continued support for Android and they’ve made enough changes to warrant taking a second look at the device.

For now, enjoy this unboxing video as I show you guys what comes packaged with the unbranded Behold II as well as a quick first look at the software (hint: TouchWiz just might not be a factor with this one). Our full review of Cincinnati Bell’s version of the Samsung Behold II is on its way.

[note]: I incorrectly stated that Swype was not included in this version of the Behold II. It is, in fact, included as an alternate keyboard.

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