Is There Truth to the Early August Window for Droid Incredible’s FroYo Upgrade?


Yesterday, BGR received a tip from someone close to Verizon stating that the OTA upgrade that HTC Droid Incredible users were expecting (adding HotSpot, HD video recording, and more) had been delayed so that Verizon could continue cooking up FroYo. Nothing was concrete at that time, but it seems there could be some truth to it.


After BGR’s feed tweeted the story, a Twitter account named @VZWTechSupport retweeted it and added the text “Told Ya” with a smiley face at the end, insinuating that BGR’s tipster was correct. After a bit of digging, it appears the account isn’t endorsed by Verizon at all. The account owners claim they’re official tech reps for the company, but they leave no reason for us to believe them.


We’re not saying they’re not legit, but we’re also not going to report this as if it’s concrete confirmation. Kudos to the guys in red behind that account if this does turn out to be true, but we’ll wait for Verizon to let us know before we get anyone’s hopes up.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. that would be awesome – would love to beat Droid X users to the “punch”

  2. Well the Incredible is extremely similar to the Nexus hardware wise…so this does make sense.

  3. I hope this is true. It would make sense (pun intended) for HTC to be pushing this out now, with people waiting for their Incredibles, and considering just canceling orders and going to the X.

  4. @Deathwish238 but extremely different software wise. ;)

  5. Agreed. Htc sense is a whole different beast

  6. Except isn’t the official VZWSupport and not VZWTechSupport?

  7. This rumor is about as believable as pots of gold at the end of rainbows guarded by lepricons.

  8. Lets hope FroYo starts rolling out asap! I’m running Cyanogen 6 Froyo (nightly build) on my Evo and it is night and day between this and 2.1 – so much faster.

    Froyo really unlocks the speed that these phones are capable of.

  9. Most Verizon Twitter accounts are bogus in general. Do your research and ask the accounts if they are authorized to speak on behalf of Verizon. Then ask for a contact number. Watch the madness ensue after the fact. Most likely, they’ll refer you to a 1-800 number to Verizon.

  10. I hope this comes true, because I just unrooted my phone so I can get the official. Come on Verizon. Don’t let me down.

  11. And the eris after that?

  12. Eris is dead. My Incredible is awesome! Can’t wait for Froyo. :)

  13. Another untrustworthy source. HTC desire.

  14. @Cj lol I love me lucky charms! I must agree, when the rumors are based off rumors, they’re not likely to come true…

  15. And softly…in the distance…you hear Droid Eris owners laughing at the total replay underway of their 2.1 update forum circus, now for the DInc. I learned my lesson. When the phone tells me to update, groovy. Til then, enjoying the great phone I already have, update or not.

  16. @CJ: But there’s that guy that already found the double rainbow! Maybe this is what it means!

  17. I’m still not sure what’s so great about froyo from Eclair?… and as far as the Droid X goes I just don’t like the new MOTO blur either. The phone beats the Incredible but I like sense on my incredible. Now if it was stock Android I could do that. I’m just happy I don’t have blackberry anymore lol.

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