Motorola i1 Officially Announced For Sprint, Coming July 25th for $150


When the latest edition of Sprint’s playbook magazine (for authorized dealers) leaked earlier this month, we learned that the Motorola i1 had been marked on their calendar for a July 25th launch (following rumors that July 20th would be its landing date). Today, Sprint’s confirming those rumors with an official announcement.


The Motorola i1 will be available starting next Sunday, July 25th for $150 after a two-year agreement and rebate ($50). You can grab the phone up over the phone and through their website at that time, but it won’t be waltzing into stores until August 8th. The Motorola i1 is the world’s first Android device with Push-To-Talk functionality over the storied Nextel network. It’s coming packed with a 5-megapixel camera, a 3.1-inch touchscreen, Swype for easy texting. Business professionals can look forward to apps such as Scan2PDF, ConvertPad, RealCalc, and more to help them get their work done in the field.

Now all we need is a firm date for the upcoming Samsung Epic 4G to round off this blockbuster Android-filled summer for Sprint.

thousands of Android™ applications for less than $150? Now that is taking care of business!

Sprint (NYSE: S) today shared pricing and timing for the world’s first Android-powered smartphone with Nextel Direct Connect® – it will be available first on Sunday, July 25, through direct ship sales channels, including Business Sales, telesales (1-800-SPRINT1) and Web sales (www.sprint.com/motoi1) for $149.99 with a new line or eligible upgrade, two-year service agreement and after a $50 mail-in rebate (taxes & surcharges excluded). It will then be available in all remaining Sprint sales channels beginning on Sunday, Aug. 8.

With more than 17 years of experience, Sprint is the undisputed industry leader in push-to-talk, serving the world’s largest push-to-talk community with millions of Nextel Direct Connect subscribers on the fastest national push-to-talk network. More U.S. workers communicate in less than a second with Nextel Direct Connect than with any other push-to-talk service.

With solid body construction that meets military specifications for protection against dust, shock, vibration and blowing rain1, Motorola i1 is designed for those who work and play hard. It offers the Android 1.5 operating system, and automatically syncs and integrates office and personal information such as emails, calendar appointments and contacts.

“Motorola i1 is the only Android device to offer Nextel Direct Connect as well as the latest smartphone features and the ability to withstand some of the harshest environments,” said Fared Adib, vice president – Product Development, Sprint. “This phone brings a new level of smartphone to our Nextel customers making it one of the most efficient devices to get work done, and our customers who rely on Direct Connect will appreciate this feature-packed phone that doesn’t miss on must-have features like Wi-Fi and a 5 megapixel camera.”

Motorola i1 enhances the Nextel Direct Connect experience with the ability to view who is calling regardless of what application you are in, whether you are managing your emails, checking your calendar, composing messages or viewing media.

Motorola i1 also offers a variety of robust business and entertainment applications through Android Market™, and when combined with the built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, it provides a great view of what’s happening both personally and professionally. Applications like Scan2PDF Mobile 2.0, Unit Converter – ConvertPad and RealCalc Scientific Calculator can help get work done, while staying connected to friends through Facebook™ or Tweeting using an easily customizable Twitter™ app like Touiteur.

In addition, Sprint partner applications available for businesses on the Motorola i1 include:

Xora™ mobile workforce management solutions provide businesses with real-time visibility into field operations, and helps automate payroll and job workflow processes. The Android version of Xora Time Track™ includes new features like photo barcode scanning and signature capture, eliminating the need to purchase additional hardware to support such capabilities.

TeleNavTrack™ uses the latest technologies to make mobile workforce and asset management reliable and affordable for businesses of all sizes. It lets businesses use wireless barcode scanning to track inventory and assets, manage deliveries, better predict arrival times, change schedules on-the-fly and deploy workers. It can also reduce paperwork by allowing the mobile workforce to complete invoices, orders and timesheets on the device.
Sprint Mobile Locator is a Web-based solution that allows businesses to easily track and locate workers, and view a mapping display on a PC in near real-time using a wireless phone’s built-in GPS capabilities.

Key features include:

Popular business tools such as Microsoft® Document Viewer and corporate sync ensure Word or PowerPoint files can be accessed on the go
Message entry is a breeze with both Android standard virtual keyboard and Swype™ virtual keyboards being offered
A 5 megapixel camera with flash, geo-tagging and panoramic capabilities provides crisp photos and clearly displays them on the vibrant 3.1-inch HVGA screen, and video can also be recorded and stored on a provided microSD for sharing or future viewing straight from the device
The Android browser allows you to see web pages and Flash 8-enabled sites in full view using Wi-Fi, and the latest Opera Mini 5 browser enables quick browsing over the Nextel National Network and Wi-Fi

With the new Sprint Free Guarantee, the most robust satisfaction guarantee in the wireless industry, customers can try a new line of service with Sprint for 30 days. If they aren’t completely satisfied with Sprint during that period, they can cancel service and return their device to be reimbursed for the device purchase and activation fee, get the early termination fee waived, get a full refund for monthly service plan recurring charges incurred and get all associated taxes and fees waived.

In addition, Sprint will waive the restocking fee for new customer exchanges as part of this policy. Refund excludes usage not included in the plan, premium content, third-party billing and international charges.

Application development information for Motorola i1 is available on the Sprint Application Developer web site at www.sprint.com/developer. Sprint offers developers a free sandbox with iDEN capabilities to test their apps. Sprint is a charter member of the Open Handset Alliance™ and the Sprint Application Developer Program has been providing tools for third-party developers since Sprint first launched the Wireless Web on its phones in 2001.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. NEXTEL cliq XT.

    kewl, putting it out on the street with 1.5?

    wish nextel had coverage where i live.

    i’d dump my cliqXT in a minute for this one.

  2. WTF Sprint?!?!?! …..Stop giving us release dates for crap phones and give us the Epic 4G release date already! ……I can only imagine how many people are just as frustrated by this as I am…..Is there some kind of problem with the cdma versions of these phones or is it just coincidence that Sprint and Verizon have not given us release dates? …..My guess is Verizon doesn’t want to hurt its Droid X sales and Sprint feels the same with the EVO but even if they don’t release til August or September they could at least give us a release date! ……Again, WTF Sprint?!?!?!

  3. I have a Cliq, and one thing I’ve learned about motorola that they give no love to their lower end devices. Even though at one point the Cliq was the 3rd most popular Android device it has been stuck in 1.5 since it launched with the upgrade date continuously pushed back. I will never buy another Motorola phone and for that matter T-Mobile as well. They are just as responsible for the delay as Motorola. So Sprint bring on the Epic!

  4. “It offers the Android 1.5 operating system…”
    HUH? why would anyone even think to do that? Drop all of the customization junk and load it with 2.1

    push 2 talk and the low price are both pretty cool though.

  5. @Rick
    I too have a Motorola Cliq and I will be leaving for the Epic 4G as soon as it becomes available….I have been a faithful T-Mobile user for about 5 years and I am ready to leave them and break my contract due to the pitiful phones and leaving me stranded on Android 1.5 for the last 9 months….Having great customer service is nice but I don’t talk to customer service but a few times a year….I use my phone EVERY DAY…..So for me its about the phones and not the customer service….So, bring on the Samsung Epic 4G and get me out of the Android Dark Ages of 1.5 asap….Are you listening Sprint?

  6. @Seriously

  7. If this phone didn’t ship with 1.5 I’d consider getting it. I am currently holding out for the epic after returning my EVO.. and even though the specs aren’t quite as good on this one.. I am pretty hard on my phones and don’t really NEED a slid out keyboard (though I do think they are nice).. so if it weren’t for that little hang up I’d seriously consider it. As it is there is no way.. thats for trying Motorola.

  8. Of course this phone has already been available as a Boost phone for a month, but you have to pay the unsubsidized price. It’s pretty nice, apart from the 1.5 thing.

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