Verizon Gearing Up for 4G Devices Sooner Than We Thought with System Changes?


Verizon’s taking their first steps in getting their back-end overhauled for the introduction of their 4G network (LTE-based), if BGR‘s sources are accurate. Starting July 18th, the ESN/MEID field in all of their systems will be changed to “Device ID” to prepare for imminent 4G devices. Nothing too spectacular here, but considering we don’t expect Verizon to launch any phones to take advantage of the new mobile broadband standard until early 2011, it makes us wonder if a compatible device looms sooner.


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  1. droid 2 perhaps? last minute switcheroo to 4G…doubtful but crazier things have happened

  2. maybe an even crazier droid?! maybe, but for now i will stick to the droid X…..TOMORROW CANT COME SOON ENOUGH! i’m going to be outside my verizon store by tonight!

  3. @Sean If Verizon was looking to add something truly exciting to version 2 of its flagship Android phone, that would be a good way to do it. But yeah, seems kind of pie-in-the-sky to me.

  4. is this one of the updates for the Droid X from the other day? or is this only in their systems?

  5. One sight has already reported (probably about a month ago) that verizon is expecting to ship LTE phones on black friday.

  6. Don’t get too excited.. they are only going to have 4g data cards available this year.. no handsets are going to be offered until next year.

  7. Just USB modems and express cards I’m sure. or netbooks equipped with LTE, 4g phones won’t be til next year IMO.

  8. I agree, this has nothing to do with CURRENT or any handsets that will be out soon. If you want a new 4G phone from Verizon you will have to wait till CES in January to see some new phones. 1 year contracts are the only way to go or buy outright.

  9. @Tauran … keep in mind that even with a 2 year contract you are eligible for an early upgrade (the discounted pricing) after 10 months into the contract. You just have to ask a customer service rep for it.

  10. Shadowfoxx,
    is that true? I got a 2 year contract in December of this past year. so I’d be eligible for an upgrade in October at the discount price of what your talking about.. do you have a link showing your eligible? That’d be awesome if you did! Beats buying full retail price..

  11. @ shadowfoxx, Andrew53517:

    You are eligible for an early upgrade after 12 months on a 2-year contract if and only if you are on a $49.99 or higher price plan before data features. This means $39.99 450 minute plans and secondary lines on family share plans are ineligible (unless they’re on the unlimited plan). The only 10 month upgrade is if you are on a 1 year contract.

  12. Please don’t reference BGR, they’re a joke. Verizon will not have a 4G handset until mid 2011:

    The only 4G devices which may be launched end of 2010, are for commercial use. They will not be smartphones.

  13. They’ll have LTE phones on Black Friday, last I heard. Current rumor has it the Verizon iPhone is coming in November too, so I smell an LTE iPhone in the works. Unfortunately, while good for Apple and consumers, it could stunt Android’s growth for a while.

  14. I was told by my local store manager that the DROID X is 4G compatible and will take advantage of 4G speed when Verizon releases LTE.

  15. All Android phones are already 4G compatible when sys rolls out and 5G with OTA update. All new Android phones will print money and grant 3 wishes, even if one of those wishes is for both an iPhones and an Evo.

  16. I hope it will be a touch screen phone Motorola was talking about that has 2ghz processor and a front facing camera. Also hope it is over 4″

  17. @Andrew53517 and @Dave Lister.. yes, I know this to be fact b/c “I know a guy” (if you know what I mean) who started working for Verizon tech support a few months ago but quit after a month and a half b/c it sucks.. but in that time they train all the reps to tell the public that after 12 months on a 2 yr contract everyone is eligible for an early upgrade…but in their system and in reality everyone is able to upgrade after only 10 months as long as, like Dave Lister stated, you are on a plan of at least 49.99 or higher. Also to note is that if you are on a family plan it changes from 10 months to 13 months before eligible.

  18. Better to get a Sprint EVO…

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