American Eagle Will Give You an Android Phone for Trying On Their Jeans


I’m not sure whether to be happy about this, terrified about this, or embarrassed that I know I could never fit into a pair of American Eagle’s jeans, but they’re holding a promotion starting July 21st to give away free smartphones (they have 40 to choose from which includes some Android devices) to any customer willing to try on some of that denim.


Upon trying on the jeans, you’ll get a card that tells you where to go and how to redeem your phone. Once ordered, you’ll be shipped the brand new phone and a $25 Money Card courtesy of American Eagle. And now you have a new phone. Online shoppers will be happy to know that any purchase from their website will get you in on the promotion.

There’s always a catch though, right? The price of “free” comes with the cost of ownership over a two-year contract with whatever company you’ll end up getting the phone through. Still, if you were someone who thought T-Mobile’s free phone promotion a couple of weeks ago were the “bee’s knees”, then you’ll want to ditch your disgust for skinny jeans and head to your local American Eagle store later this month until August 3rd when the promotion ends.

[via BGR]

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  1. 100% not worth it, especially if you are on T-mobile. Buy a phone for full price and save on your monthly bill with the Even More Plus plans. That is what I’m going to do as soon as my AT&T contract is up.

  2. Does that mean, say I get a Verizon phone, do I need to start a new contract with Verizon, or can I just get the phone?

  3. i couldnt find anything on their website about this promotion. Do you have a direct link?

  4. The catch seems to be that the phone store at is powered by Simplexity, the same company that powers Wirefly and stuff.

    I’m pretty sure it’s a nightmare to change/alter contracts through them. (I.e. they slap you with a big fine for “breaking contract.” Even if you change a minor thing like Unlimited Txts to 500, or something)

    Correct me if I’m wrong, though.

  5. well American Eagle jeans are really one of my favorite brands..

    Of course i still prefer the older ones that AREN’T lowrise.. I have no idea why they started making all men’s jeans lowrise.. Even the ones they say aren’t (boot cut) still feel like it a little to me..

    So any mention of which providers these phones will work with? i wonder which phones it’ll be

  6. @Jared-right on! many don’t see the value of Even More Plus/no contract plans on TMO: an individual can save up to $20/month=$240 savings a year or more realistically, $480 during a typical 2 yr contract!

    With all the Android phones pouring out of the woodwork, IE: one could pay full price for a myTouch Slide (less than the $480 savings) ride it out for 4 months & when bored/wanting a newer/better phone, sell it on eBay/Craigs List for close to full price-if in good shape. Then, buy say, the Vibrant full price-one could always have the latest GSM Android phone without having to wait for their upgrade, on contract. That’s huge, for an individual account, but if you have a family plan with up to 5 lines, then, it may not be the most feasible.

  7. Here’s the AE press release with link to the website showing which phones you can get for free.

  8. The savings is the difference in price one would pay for TMO contract rate plan vs. Even More Plus/no contract. If one chooses EMP/no contract, one could save the above quoted amount since TMO obviously isn’t going to give a free phone/discounted phone without a contract, they have lower plans for those opting for no contract-it makes sense for those interested.

  9. I just bought a skinny jean from Ben Sherman.

  10. Did anyone notice that one of the free phones you can get is a Droid Eris? FAIL!! This phone is at the end of life stage!!

  11. Do I have to establish service on the phone?

    ‘Cause I’ll take any free android phone and love using it as gaming/reference device over wifi.

    Or take my sim card out of my nexus and plunk it into a free android phone for when I’m skiing.

  12. Um, how is that free ?
    Its a rip off/gimmick.


  13. inventory cleaning scam! ;)

  14. Its the same deal as going to wirefly except you can get a $25 gift card to AE. Not a great deal unless you need a phone (which wirefly always has free albeit not the greatest) and love to shop (which a $25 gift card at AE will pay for one leg or your new pants

  15. * of your new pants not or oops :P

  16. @robotographer I used Wirefly and the key to avoid the penalties is to always get the smallest contract through them. You can upgrade your contract to a more expensive option at any time but you can’t downgrade. If this is the same base company I imagine it works the same.

  17. @Jared @Androidess,
    Totally agreed. On T-mobile, buying phone yourself and use Even More Plus non-contract plan will save > $480 over 2 years. A lot more than the phone price difference.

    Sometimes one wonder if T-mobile may not want to advertise this because they made less money from consumers.

  18. Years ago my young wife talked me into buying a pair of American Eagle jeans. When bought the jeans they talked me into applying for an American Eagle Credit Card to get 20 percent off. I then paid the card off and the next month got a bill for $1.60. I evidently was $1.00 short and the .60 cents was interest. I called and informed them that I had sent the payoff and would be glad to add the dollar but asked them to void the .60 cents. They refused and I told them to cancel the card and that my loss in business would cost them more than .60 cents. They didn’t care and I wouldn’t buy nor try on another pair of their jeans for any price including a free phone.

  19. Porky,

    What part of this is so hard to understand???

    “The price of “free” comes with the cost of ownership over a two-year contract with whatever company you’ll end up getting the phone through.”

    Let me break it down for you…YES, you have to sign up for a two year contract.

    2. porky wrote on July 8, 2010

    Does that mean, say I get a Verizon phone, do I need to start a new contract with Verizon, or can I just get the phone?

  20. Sorry….but i wont get caught dead in AE jeans And i dont want the skinny ass women that can fit into them either.

  21. Where is the list of Phones?

  22. WAIT!! what if you do not want to use the phone do you still have to buy a contract or can u just keep the phone for when u have the money to buy a contract PLEASE ANSWER QUICK!!!!

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