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I have to admit I am more than a little excited about the chance to scavenge out my very own Droid X, but other than the ongoing tweets from @DroidLanding little has been known about just how this viral marketing contest would occur. If you noticed that the tweets coming from that account have been growing more specific and steady in the past day or two, that’s because you wouldn’t have been able to even locate one of the 21 prized handsets before today. Verizon has posted up the official rules for the contest and now we have a better idea of just how the Droid X units will be located.

The official period for the scavenger hunt runs from July 7th until the Droid X’s release date of July 15th. And oh, if you thought you’d actually be stumbling across a shiny new Droid X hidden behind a flower pot or in a trash can somewhere in a city near you, you may be disappointed to know you are actually only hunting for a certificate that will allow you to redeem one at a later date.

[thanks to Kevin (great names think alike) for the heads up!]

Kevin Krause
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  1. It’s interesting that they don’t say it’s redeemable for a Droid X specifically–just a Verizon Wireless Droid phone.

    I’m wondering if you’d be able to hold on to it for a Droid 2

  2. What?! Later date??

  3. I was kinda surprised to see this clue. Seems a bit politically incorrect for a corporate contest.

    Droid X designate #5 is near a grassy knoll. Shooting HD.

  4. @Alex: They allude to it. Note the ARV of $569.99; no other Droid phone has that price. The original Droid is $559.99 and the Droid Incredible is $529.99 so while it is true that they do not specifically say it’s for a Droid X the pricing pretty much gives it away.

  5. did i read it right? is it saying that they will tweet the exact gps location of the certificate and then we do a mad dash for em?

  6. I will find!

  7. This is crap. One of the first hints stated that you find it, pick it up, turn it on. That infers that its an actual phone not a “certificate” also the hints stated that the phones were at their locations and staying put, unless someone found them first. Now they are saying that they arent even at their locations yet? And that the final tweet will be for actual GPS coords? Gimme a break Verizon these rules should have been the first tweet and you owe me a metric crap-ton of gas money.

  8. The clues on droidlanding are so vague that it will be pure luck to find a certificate! It will have nothing to do with those pointless clues! Not even worth trying to find one!

    Most of them will be found by people that have no clue what the Droid X is!

  9. @Phillip – I don’t know… the grassy knoll is the conspiracy theorists location from the shot… but the historically accepted place is the book repository. So while it’s walking a fine line, it’d be a lot different if it was “Perched atop a book repository, shooting HD” or “in a balcony in Ford Theatre, shooting HD”… I dunno, the history geek in me enjoyed it.

  10. July 15….they better have droids in stock and ready to ship cause if they don’t its bad business to not learn from the previous droids…for realllll

  11. It’s a Golden Ticket! When you find one, you get to visit Greg Brown and Sanjay Jha at Motorola headquarters! Watch your step around the Oompa Loompas.

  12. Why would a Verizon corporate store tell me “they could get the Droid X on July 15th, or it could be a week from that…we don’t know”?

    I mean a)it’s a corporate store, b)it’s a flagship phone, c)the store is high traffic

    Is the phone f*cking coming out the 15th of July or not??

  13. Well, based on the ARV, that’d give us 21 golden tickets to find. (For those who missed where that came from, 569.99X21=11969.79) At least now we have a probable upper bound.

  14. @myself–or, you know, I could just read the part where it says Prizes(21).


  15. Do you guys think we will be able to find these in kinda less important states? I want one but I am not driving more than an hour for one.

  16. @joshai

    Because the employees are usually douchebags. I’ve given up on asking them questions about anything.

    You’ve got all the answers here on this site. Just go in, get the phone and leave without talking. Those guys don’t know sh*t.

  17. @Minja
    Have you tried the “premium retailer” Verizon stores? They’re privately owned and treat people a lot better. They may have different prices too…

    There is a store I know around here that’s actually getting Incredibles in stock, albeit a bit slowly.

  18. i don’t have any android cellphone, but i’m really want to buy it, is stuff are good for newbie like me?

  19. ^ Generally 3rd party retailers have extra fee’s for services rendered by Corp stores as free, such as electronic serial number changes, payments, and can have their own set of terms in contracts. Not fun IMO

  20. Book repository, learn history and grammar DB. It’s book depository. I know where #11 is, I’m on it. Update: 1 hour later, found it. Droid X here I come.

  21. Thanks Mark… but it’s TF. And “repository” is a synonym of the word depository, just so you’re aware in the future. You should perhaps learn English – the thesaurus is your friend when learning what words are interchangeable in this language. As far as what I should learn, I have an Bachelor of Science degree in History from Georgetown, so go Hoyas and look things up before you make a jerk of yourself. If I wanted to use the actual name of the site, I would have said “Texas School Book Depository.” But alas, I didn’t use the full name, so your argument is rather pointless.

  22. GPS coords? I can see some people getting a beat down by other people that are droid raged….


  23. LOL. This is so sad it’s funny… I drove two hours twice searching for a phone that wasn’t there… I spent almost $200 in fuel / food / tolls and now I dont have money to stand in line and buy one… and the darn thing was never there to begin with…. This contest is awesome but the way Verizon went about it sucks… big time.

  24. Ow, my eyes. Could that make that page more unreadable?

  25. When I went to the local Verizon (corporate) store they told me event though the X is coming out the 15th they will not be getting it in until the 17th.

  26. Where did you drive to? The hints are way to vague to give anyone any kind of real location. If you are dumb enough to think that since the hint said Mall of America and that you could just go there and find one lying on the sidewalk, you deserve to be out all the money you spent on gas, food tolls etc.

  27. Perhaps they will make the “certificates” something more permanent so that people aren’t left fighting over the golden ticket. For example a billboard or maybe engraved certificate bolted to something. Maybe its out in the open and people just don’t know what it is. Then whoever follows the instructions first is the winner and no one is getting killed out of droid rage.

  28. If you read the rules, it states that there will likely be a Verizon representative there to film the “discovery” first hand. I’m not implying that it will be in stores, but I doubt the certificates are going to be in place until the last clue is announced. Then they will have someone standing at that location ready to film the “winner”. I think the clues will continue to suck until the very last one for each phone.

  29. @ reje75 If your too dumb too decipher the clues then you should also be sitting here waiting to see when they give out the coordinates… I know exactly where to look. the problem was that there was no PHONE there to find. now we find out that you are searching for a CERTIFICATE, when for the last few days you were told things like “find it, turn it on, and everything changes.”

    Turn on a certificate?

  30. why would anyone even care about this….vzw and motorola suck, and they’ve redesigned the base model 3 times now in like….6(maybe more or less)months…come on…bet they’ve got a droid 4 in development already….

  31. #4 is at 199 Bond St. NYC

  32. Stupid, they said clues? The only clues for the NY one were its in NY, then the GPS coords, then “Go” person got it 3 minutes after they tweeted the location. Dumb luck more than anything else, I passed by that exact spot 15 minutes earlier, actual clues would have been more fun.

  33. thephonehound
    Let me guess you are probably an iphone person or an AT&T customer that swears you get service. I have a Motorola Droid on the verizon network and am curious to know why you think they both suck?!?!?!?! You hate Motorola because they are releasing more phones to make money???? You are confusing me chief. And if a carrier sucks due to the fact that it gives you service everywhere then yes, I agree with you, verizon sucks. You are an idiot, grow the hell up.

  34. Looks like the #20 will be in at another pier location in Plymouth Mass. Bet it will be somewhere near the Mayflower…LOL

  35. And so today I find out that its something completely different…again! Good luck everyone…

  36. @Militaryman, great points…

  37. @32 I agree. Turned a fun scavenger hunt into something else.. completely.


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