HTC Vision to be T-Mobile’s First HSPA+ Smartphone this September



Remember that recently leaked T-Mobile device road map? The on that mentions a certain HTC Vanguard getting a release this September? That phone very well could be the recently-imaged HTC Vision with its slide-out QWERTY keyboard, but the juicier information is that this handset might just be T-Mobile’s first fully-functional HSPA+ device. And if that’s that case and T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network lives up to its promises the Vanguard/Vision could be seeing speeds in the 21Mbps area. The September-bound device will be followed in the fourth quarter with a second HSPA+ handset. It’s not quite 4G, but its a step closer than Verizon and AT&T have taken towards getting their next-generation networks and devices up and running.

[via Engadget]

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  1. HTC Android?

  2. fix the title bro! its HTC VISION not HTC ANDROID lol nice

  3. HTC Android until they release its real name.

  4. I like HTC but this phone looks ugly. It looks cheap and I honestly have not been on the positive side with the recent HTC phones. Most of them look alike now. Motorolas phones have a unique design and nice quality. I hope it looks better when they show it in the beautified form and what not. And all there phones are looking the same to me. They need all there phones to have a unique quality that makes them different. Moto’s to me is unique designs.

    HTC is good but I’m starting to feel they are rushing out beafy spec phones but missing the full quality. Specs can’t really stand if you don’t have nice hard wear or quality built behind it.

    For example, the Droid X has a 8mp cam and so does the Droid Inc. and EVO. Droid X takes the best qaulity pics. Even the iPhone 4 takes better pics when it comes to quality and it has a 5mp cam. Reason being is quality. There are videos to prove it if you hit up YouTube.

  5. well whoever took that pic didn’t know what he was doing so I wouldn’t make a judgment based on that. A bad pic can make you look 40 years older.

  6. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t the Nexus One already pick-up HSPA+ and display an “H” instead of “3G” when you enter a region broadcasting the HSPA+ signal?

    Or because Nexus One isn’t really offered directly by T-Mobile, it isn’t included as being their first HSPA+ phone, which makes this phone coming in December the second HSPA+ phone available on their network, but the first one they are offering directly?

    Is my information correct? (I really am not 100% sure, only fairly positive).

  7. @Vegeta: The H symbol denotes any HSPA, not necessarily HSPA+.

    Also, not all Androids have the H symbol. My understanding is that the Nexus One stock ROM displays 3G for all UMTS data modes even at HSPA speeds. Some of the cooked ROMs have the H.

  8. Why is HTC the only MFG that understands the usefulness of alternating offset keyboard rows!? It so frustrating to see these great phones with crappy QWERTY’s coming from Motorola and Samsung (keyboards that are flat and on a grid).

    Their engineers need to look down at the damn keyboard their typing on and get a clue. /rant

  9. the T-Mobile Compatible Google Nexus One has been HSPA+ Compatible since when it first came out in January 2010

  10. I thought hspa+ was suppose to be even faster than 4g?

  11. It is faster than 4G, so no worries there and to James all 3G phones will operate on the HSPA+ networks they just won’t be able to utilize the increased speeds.

  12. Anybody have any idea if HSPA+ should have better or worse battery life than Wimax?

  13. ryan good point about the offset though unfortunately it isn’t a 5 row kb like the Epic and…the G1

  14. yeah this phone looks really cheap and ugly the keyboard seems squished. After the inc and evo problems idk about going with HTC anymore until they show they can make top notch phones again

  15. Yeah, not sure about the “not quite 4g” line. I was under the impression that while HSPA+ isn’t technically 4g, it can actually offer faster speeds.

  16. *barf*
    so goddamn ugly! wtf!

  17. To answer everyones question

    HSPA+ is not faster than 4G and Sprint’s “4G” is NOT 4G. 4G speeds generate in the least 100mbps down load and nothing current generates that except possibly LTE but that is even considered Pre-4G.

    Nexus One is NOT an HSPA+ device but however it will benefit from increased speeds but will never get the theoretical 42mbps.

    No device for T-Mobile currently is an HSPA+ Device.

    HTC Vision will NOT be the first HSPA+ device because that phone is rumoured to be the flagship Android 3.0 device and Android 3.0 devices aren’t supposed to be released until around mid october late november… Later than September. That is.. of course if the HTC Vision does arrive with Android 3.0

    I am almost certain that the Vanguard is a different device from the vision in any case.

  18. HSPA+ Compatible does not equal an HSPA+ Device

    HSPA+ Compatible does not take full advantage of HSPA+ while an HSPA+ Device does.

  19. I cannot tell from the photos but does anyone have information regarding if this phone indeed has both led (or xenon) flash with a front facing camera? If so it may have the potential to destroy any and every mobile device ever created.

  20. It looks a lot like my wife’s mytouch slide …

  21. this is why I won’t upgrade to a Vibrant. There are some great options coming with qwerty and this looks like one to seriously consider. Waiting to see the specs. I would like it to have another row dedicated to numbers.

  22. LOL@the whole 4g argument. Springs 4g is 4g, their whole idea being that once the entire network is implemented 100mbps is capable. The funny thing is people expecting those speeds out the door. Why not revisit history, just look at 3g when it first came out. It wasn’t even getting 2g speeds, but look it now. What’s really funny is 5% of t-mobile users see fast speeds, yet 70% still complain about barely getting 2 mbps. But yet their network is faster, lol. Dont believe everything you hear. The proof is in the comments posted by real life people on these forums.

  23. 2fresh clearly u don’t what u are talking about several blogs n other tech site have run test and confirmed t-mobile hspa + network is indeed the fastest in the US although some would crack jokes and sai its because no one is on it however the case the facts are its still faster than sprint’s 4G. And how do u know what the Htc Vision will be or wont be i hate when people past on their opinions as facts. For the rest of u people its simple if u dont it dont but clearl it is a major improvement spec wise i guess u t-mobile customers love 2 complain no matter what t-mobile does

  24. I thought the vision was supposed to have a 4.3 inch screen, dual 800 mgh processors. I was hopeing on getting this instead of the vibrant. What’s up?????

  25. tmobile fooled you guys again! i told you guys before. the last time you had HOPE and succeeded was when you guys voted for Obama.Chalk it up to tmobile to never deliver on anything worth mentioning.Sprint,Verizon,Att all have their respective flagship phones while tmobile is still stumbling with FAG-SHIT phones.Tmobile is a great company as far plans,customer service but when it actually comes to the hardware ,you guys have to admit. tmobile sucks.i guess 2 out of 3 aint bad ?

  26. Anybody have specs on this?

  27. HTC android.. it’s gonna be cool

  28. Wow, double whammy, TMO-bashing & politics all in one. Welcome back. Hope your vaca, at least was well.

  29. The Nexus one is a hspa device (7.2mbps) it will never go higher than that because of hardware it is not hspa+ it will just benefit from tmobiles higher speed which is still hspa just alot faster that’d why hspa+

  30. Not quite 4g??? Nope actually faster

  31. This looks like a cheap Nexus with a keyboard

  32. T-Mobile may put some finishing touches on it before they release it. I hope they dont put HTC Sense. And that means we’re gonna get fast firmware updates.

  33. Tmobile is a great network, never any clogs. That’s about it. When verizon rolls out their lte network, tmo will be crushed/and playing catch up as usual. What they need is a flagship phone that can keep up with the bigboys. I think tmo’s customers deserve it.

  34. That’s right nexus HSPA+ compatable but not full blown, as far as speeds ask people from Philly it was a test market with Spint there a year ago. WiMax is not LTE neither is HSPA+ however it gets speeds at 21mbps and next year it’ll be 45mbps. Current CDMA type phones are 18-21% less battery efficent compared to GSM (850 att 18 and tmo 1900 21%) besides all that tmo is the ONLY network with a truly open non restricted android platform the way it was originally designed. Att Verizon and Sprint all restrict in one way or another.

  35. @10million, sorry you’re still in the dark ages, but buddy, you gotta lot to learn about HSPA+ prior to attempting to speak about it, lol!

  36. Actually.. The Nokia E73 (Mode) is the first HSPA+ phone on T-Mobile with a max speed on 10Mbps.

  37. I know for sure if tmobile doesn’t introduce any tablet phone such. AsDell 5 inch or Samsung 7″ android phone by the end of October, so many will change to Art or verisimilitude.
    tmobile tablet phone should have also front face camera with 4G or Hspa+
    I will give tmobile another 3 months time frame, then I would definitely go for android tablet Phoenix between 5″ to 7″

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