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If you are a fan or user of Bloo, an alternative to the official Facebook app for Android, you may be saddened to learn that development for the app has ceased. But there is a silver lining to this news. Due to time commitments working with Logitech on their Google TV endeavors, Dimitris Coutchell, creator of Bloo, is rebuilding the basic app from the ground up and then open-sourcing the code to all who wish to create the most functional Facebook app on Android possible.


The new version, dubbed Bloo Too, is only in its conceptual stages now, but it will be built up using the Android Facebook SDK with Facebook’s Open Graph API. Before the app is handed over to the open-source crowd several improvements will be built in including a new login mechanism. new home screen, enhanced notifications, and an overall faster, more reliable, and accessible user experience.

If you want to get involved in the development of Bloo Too, you can head over to the announcement post to get a better idea of where things are headed and learn more about the project. For now you can grab the original Bloo in the Android Market, but act fast as changes in Facebook’s policies may result in the app getting yanked from the market before work on Bloo Too can be completed.

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  1. I just want 1 app that does everything my friends do on their iPhones. Google is really lagging behind with the official android app and it’s a big let down. Fingers crossed that this will open new doors

  2. Luffy, obviously you possess the wrong phone then.
    lol… just saying!

  3. @ luffy: Yeah, I want an android app that makes my developers pay me to write apps, that makes my phone lose service when I hold it one way, and that drops calls constantly.

    maybe some iphone apps that do things that android users have been able to do since pre-cupcake builds would be nice. liiiike changing the desktop, ringtones, or general layout of the phone?

  4. hey cool, dudes got a good point, I had a iPhone 3g for 2 years and just upgraded to a N1, and I have to say, not all of the features of the iPhone are present.

    my phone doesn’t drop calls any more, it has better 3g connectivity for browsing, I can see updates on all the things I like to be connected to at a glance on the screen through widgets, I have access to flash animations, and no restrictions on the app store.

    it is clear the android phones are a huge let down.

    NOT!!!! hahaha, and the most awesome thing of it is, I sold my 3g to help recoup some of the cost of the N1!!!

    I am so glad I made the switch.

  5. Great news! Bloo Too sounds awesome!

  6. @Fluffy

    Blame Facebook, not Google. Facebook develops the app.

  7. ha agree with cool on this one

  8. Lufty well it is upto Facebook to create a good android app.

  9. really cool, yes it is uptoo Facebook

  10. I was also wondering why the Android Facebook app has so fewer features than the iPhone Facebook app… really frustrating. Inbox for example, why on earth is there NO INBOX in the official Android version???

  11. Luffy, Facebook is responsible for the app, not Google…
    And Fred, download the update from the market, it has an inbox.

    I hope this becomes as awesome as it sounds, the official FB app is just terrible, doesn’t have half of the features the iPhone version does. Shame on facebook for ignoring us :/

  12. Errrrm no. Would never have an iPhone. If android wants to attract more mainstream consumers though it needs a good Facebook app (as sad as that is).

  13. @fredphoesh Erm… looked at it lately? It’s had an inbox for months.

  14. Sniff … will miss you Bloo. You were the best FB app out there.

    At first I thought you might die when FaceBook did an “official” app, but then I looked at it and it seemed like they just had a summer student try out their Android programming skills.

  15. What am I doing wrong with this app? When I view my feed, it’s a random collection of posts that are days old and nothing current.

  16. wow, all i said was that the current facebook app sucks and now i’m some apple fanboy.

    I seem to remember another post also in which claims android developed the app, just shows in the market it is by facebook.

  17. It’s pretty obvious Facebook is either purposefully or latently letting the Android app fail because Facebook is a competitor to Google on the web front. Apple is of course competing on the mobile front, so Facebook is going to treat them to a decent, working app. I think once Android becomes more and more prevalent the users’ calls for a decent Android Facebook app will make that a reality. It might be some time off, however.

  18. All I want the app to do is be able to DELETE a post or comment. Its so aggravating that I have to log into the full site in order to do this.. I hope Bloo Two has this option!

  19. Is there a Facebook app for Android that will send alerts whenever someone posts on my wall?

  20. We shouls all email facebook and complain! Ive downloaded all the free fbook apps for android and they each have one of the many important things and i just want one with all of them!

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