Jul 6th, 2010

I often scoff when people say graphics performance in cellphones are important: I just don’t see how you can extract a decent gaming experience out of a device that wasn’t designed for the task (a brief moment of silence for the one failed exception to this concept: the Nokia N-Gage…). Then I saw this video:

The Samsung Galaxy S’s Hummingbird processor is equipped with a GPU that’s said to provide 3x more performance than competing processor architectures, and it really does show in the video above. Going up against an HTC Desire (which is housing a 1GHz Snapdragon processor), the Galaxy S handles the intense action of Quake 2 without breaking a sweat, with the Desire struggling to keep up.

Most games on the Android Market don’t require nearly as much juice as a port of Quake 2, but I’ll be damned if I ever said I wouldn’t appreciate having that beast of a GPU handling everything that I’m able to throw at it.

[Update]: And here’s Quake 3 (Otherwise known by its ported name: Kwaak3)

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