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mobitvMobiTV, which is currently available on the HTC EVO 4G, HTC Hero, and Motorola Backflip, is expanding its live TV streaming and video-on-demand service to cover more Android handsets in the face of higher user traffic. MobiTV will launch on-board the upcoming Samsung Vibrant and will follow to future Android handsets, bringing along content from providers such as NBC, ESPN, Disney, CBS, and more.

Of the 10 million current viewers, Android users account for 23 percent more minutes of viewed content compared to other mobile platforms, making Android the most popular OS for MobiTV. More figures will be released shortly detailing World Cup and mobile viewing trends.

Press Release:

MobiTV, Inc. Expanding on the Android Platform

Mobile video engagement highest among users on Android platform
EMERYVILLE, CALIF. – July 6, 2010 – Recognizing the growth of the Android platform and its ability to deliver a high quality mobile media experience, MobiTV, Inc. is expanding its core live TV and video-on-demand service to more Android-based devices.
WHAT: Currently delivering top-tier live and video-on-demand programming to the Android-based Sprint EVO 4G and HTC Hero devices, as well as the AT&T Motorola Backflip, MobiTV is expanding its Android availability beginning with the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant available July 21, 2010.

WHY: Since the introduction of MobiTV to the Android platform with the NBA League Pass Mobile app, MobiTV, Inc. has seen increased engagement with its services on Android as the operating system continues to grow. With Android grabbing 9.6 percent of the smartphone market share in the first quarter of 2010*, compared to 1.6 percent a year earlier, MobiTV believes it will become a critical platform in accelerating the availability and adoption of mobile media.

NUMBERS: Among its more than 10 million subscribers, MobiTV viewers on the Android platform watch 23 percent more minutes per active viewer versus all other mobile operating platforms.

QUOTE: “As the Android platform continues to grow in popularity and availability, MobiTV believes it will play a strong role in the adoption of mobile media,” said Charlie Nooney, CEO of MobiTV, Inc. “With more Android devices being rolled out in the coming months, MobiTV has identified the platform as a strategic element in our goal to deliver live and on-demand programming to the widest possible consumer base.”
ABOUT: MobiTV, Inc.’s technology was the first to bring live TV to mobile devices, and the company is driven by a passion for delivering personalized, engaging and relevant mobile media experiences to millions of subscribers. Our deep relationships with wireless operators enable consumers to receive top-tier content from brands like NBC, ESPN, Disney, CBS, Warner Music and many more. MobiTV, Inc. applications, available on hundreds of handsets and compatible with nearly every mobile operating system, are powered by an industry-exclusive technology platform that can be deployed by wireless operators or hosted by MobiTV, Inc.

Founded in 1999, MobiTV, Inc. is a privately-held company with headquarters in Emeryville, Calif. For more information about MobiTV managed end-to-end services and hosted content delivery technology and solutions, please visit: To learn more about MobiTV applications and services, go to: To learn more about MobiTV mobile music products and services, go to:

*According to research firm Gartner, Inc.

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  1. Moto Droid or GTFO.

  2. This would be great on the Droid X

  3. I will be getting a Droid X. I was planning on just getting a slingbox (tried out a friend of mine’s and loved it.)

    I don’t know much about MobiTV, but Slingbox let’s you watch any channel on your phone that you can watch at your house (or maybe a friends house with a better tv package?). It’ll also let you access any content on your DVR.

    Which is better? MobiTV or Slingbox?

  4. Overall probably cheaper to get a sling box. Personally I can’t wait for mobile DTV over the air reception.

  5. Nexus Hello?

  6. Inspiron41 – Google’s CEO said there wasn’t going to be a Nexus 2…so no Nexus Hello, sorry.

  7. @zenaxe
    i like your sytle.

  8. I need proof of this no Nexus 2 being said by the CEO

  9. mobitv app is horrible on hd2… just a bunch of prerecorded crap… step it up eh….

  10. Searched for it on the market with my EVO. Could not find it. Their website does not have any apps either… Anyone else find anything?

  11. i was streaming the World Cup today on my Nexus One via and it was pretty choppy. It helped to close many running apps. Not sure how your phones are with live streaming. Do tell. Thanks.

  12. I have a slingbox…and a moto Droid. It was well worth the $30 for the app! Works great on the Droid. I can’t imagine using anything else.

  13. I was streaming world cup soccer from ESPN3 with no issues over wifi on my Nexus One. Maybe it was signal strength.

  14. what do you mean on the evo 4g i dont have that app and cant find it on the market can someone tell me how i can then????

  15. @Vegafox. It is the same application called Sprint TV. I have been watching the world cup live on it. It is choppy sometimes but the sound is always great and it helps if you have a very good 3G signal.

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