Best Buy Restarts Droid X Presale As of Yesterday, More of a Waiting List


The entirety of Best Buy’s Droid X pre-order slots got taken up in five days, but Best Buy’s not ready to call it quits just yet. As of yesterday, they’ve restarted their pre-sale program, but it’s sounding more like a waiting list. You can still put your $50 down, but you won’t be guaranteed a device on July 15th.


Pre-orders will continue to be taken until July 10th, after which all of those orders will be fulfilled on an as-needed basis in the order in which you signed up (after initial stock has dried up). If your Best Buy doesn’t get any extra Droid X units in, you’ll have to wait until they get more stock in before they call you and tell you your device is ready to be adopted (there are no appointments to be had here).

Does pre-ordering the Droid X by Motorola at Best Buy® guarantee me a phone on launch day?
No. However, we do fulfill pre-orders in the order they were placed.
Did Best Buy® take pre-orders for the Droid X by Motorola?
Yes. We began accepting pre-orders for the Droid X on June 25th, 2010, but we stopped taking pre-orders on Wednesday, June 30th, 2010.
If I pre-ordered the Droid X by Motorola at Best Buy®, does that mean I am supposed to get it on launch day?
Ideally, yes. But, this is not supposed to be guaranteed and is completely dependent on how many the store receives from the supplier. Any inventory received will be used to fulfill outstanding pre-orders in the order they were placed. For example, if the store has twenty pre-orders on launch day but only received fifteen phones, then the first fifteen pre-orders should receive their phone on launch day.

In the end, this is still good for all three sides of the equation: Best Buy gets the sale, you’ll get a slot directly after the initial allotment, and Verizon might even ship more units on launch day to stores that have gotten a large quantity of pre-orders on their waiting list. Win, win, win.

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. I was the first to pre-order from the only BestBuy in my city so I am good to go!!!

  2. I was # 4 so i should be good to

  3. nice, beautiful song

  4. I pre ordered on July 4th during the second wave, so to speak, at best buy. However, I was told the store only did five pre orders during the first wave. Do I have a good chance if getting this phone on the 15th?

  5. I too went in at my best buy on sunday. The lady there told that there weren’t that many orders placed, so hopefully I’m good to go. I wonders how many stores are alloted phones???

  6. WTF, really?

  7. Win, win, win, fail. I want to go to the store and pick one up.

  8. It’s worth pre-ordering.. who knows Samsung again declare shortage of components… huh.

    BTW, heard Sammy is planning a 2Ghz phone too, named as Galaxy S2. Here:


  9. I work at Best Buy and was the 3rd person to pre-order the phone (yes I know employees weren’t supposed to pre-order but oh well), but I’m bummed now because my store is getting a WHOMPING one Droid X for launch date? What the HECK?!

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