Android 2.2 Gets Ported to HTC Desire, Sense Comes Along for the Ride


They say seeing is believing, and if this video is any indication it looks like Android 2.2 has gotten the official HTC Sense treatment in a version of the OS that has been ported to the HTC Desire. Now there is a bit of skepticism as to its true legitimacy, but most signs are pointing to this one leaking as a pre-release build of Froyo for an upcoming HTC device. Along with getting 2.2 with Sense up and running on an HTC Desire (though still buggy, and definitely not a “daily driver”) XDA-Developers forum member UDK also enabled 720p video recording in the process. Check out the video below:

[via XDA-Developers]

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  1. What’s the point in showing this? Cause not too many people here in the States as for myself don’t have the Desire. Just pisses me off that AT&T ISN’T GETTING THIS AT ALL.

  2. You think only US people are reading phandroid ?

  3. i concur with 513, be happy that in the states you at least get cdma phones; the milestone was just released in australia the other day (after the release of the n1, x10, desire and galaxy s)

  4. I concur too much news about America only phones.

  5. @JJFNIGHTS80: I’m pretty sure they have the internets outside of the states these days…

  6. I read phandroid from a small island in the indian ocean : Reunion Island.. and I have an HTC Desire…

  7. yea seriously, just cause you live in the states doesn’t mean everyone else does… this website isn’t here to serve just you

  8. haha yeah we here in the U.S of A sometimes forget that there are browsers from other countries

  9. As a fellow U.S.A.’er, I just want to say that I enjoy reading about all the news, foreign and domestic. I almost bought a desire from clove. Had I done so, I would have benefited greatly from this info. Take it easy on the rage, and if you want a good android on at&t, buy the Nexus One. That’s what I did.

  10. This isn’t posted for you all to bicker about benefits/negatives of USA vs the rest of the world; it’s here so we can get a sneak peak at what the HTC Sense users on select phones will be getting soon! It sure has me excited :)

  11. I agree with Zac. While this is primarily about the 2.2 release for Desire, you’re also looking at what 2.2 will most likely look like for the Evo and Incredible too.

  12. Im sorry, I know this comes from reputable dev’s, but I am not convinced in the least. That video showed nothing. There are plenty of ways he could have showed he was running 2.2, all he did was go to about phone and we all know how easy build.prop is to change.

    I call shenanigans.

  13. If you look there’s a hotspot toggle widget, & a hotspot app.

  14. so it’s still in a buggy beta phase… i had my hopes up for early June release, but May is starting to look more realistic.

  15. Here in Germany the Desire launched weeks before the Nexus. I waited for the Nexus to get the faster update speed. But I’m also exited to see the Sense 2.2 update for the desire because i can use some htc widgets again on my nexus froyo when its released =)

  16. Your choice of wording is poor and unaccurate … the ROM wasn’t ported, it is a dev version FOR the desire. Udk never enabled 720p recording, it was there to start with.

  17. I’m not convinced to be honest. Froyo has been ported (badly) to the Desire for wuite a while now, and this only seems to prove that someone’s managed to nail Sense onto it.

    As for US/rest of the world, I have also found myself annoyed at the odd article when it transpires to be US-only, but I’ve now got a better handle on how phone markets differ around the world too. I was amazed to see reports of the Desire going to the US when it had been the flagship phone in the UK for a few months; but on the other hand learned that we don’t really have 4G networks so the EVO 4G wouldn’t be coming to us.

  18. Definitely 2.2. Car mode, wi-fi hotspot, profile & sound widgets not available on 2.1 Desire. 720p recording defo not on 2.1 Desire. Got to say, this looks legit.

    Keep your ear to the grindstone.

  19. simon, this is NOT a cooked ROM, this is directly from HTC dev team. This was proven by the confidential watermarks that had to be removed from the framework before making the video.

  20. I found this vid last night. It doesn’t look like there are any GUI changes so for me the only reason to upgrade is for the JIT compiler.

  21. Thanks for this info. Can’t wait for official Group update.
    I am happy HTC Desire user from Europe.

  22. Wasn’t aware of that Geoffrey. Hopefully then we can see this as proof that Desire Froyo is an active project with HTC

  23. I would just like to add in my two cents into this. Though to be fair it’s not really needed. But hell with it.

    I would like to say that the constant and pointless commenting on Phandroid posting about phones that are not US specific is pointless (Mainly directed at the non us posters). Obviously Phandroid has done so (released non US related android news) and i’m sure will continue.

    I’m from Europe and have a Desire and obviously am interesting in anything Desire related, but honestly this is an Android website, and so enjoy anything related to that. I have no problem with US specific articles and much as i don’t have a problem with European related articles. If you do however, i suggest you just read the forums. I think you could then filter your new’s to just the phones you want.

    Thank you.

    Wouldn’t say its blow your face off different… i’m just looking forward to flash. That is all i want. The fact that they have upped the phones camera to display 720p is the icing on the cake… did not expect that.

  24. I agree with Aaron, and Ted, and Zac. The Desire is the Incredible, is the EVO, and is any HTC device running sense. The video is not “Desire” specific and to think it is would be closed minded. This post ultimately is about Android 2.2 running on a sense device, which should give all of us running sense anywhere on the planet dreams of Froyo comminig soon.

  25. I’m looking forward to the dock option. I envied the Motorola Droid’s dock.

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