Droid X: A Few Handy Hints


As I explained in my Droid X Hands-On, I’m hoping to get up my full review tomorrow. In my attempt to be completely thorough I just read the user guide in its entirety, and simply couldn’t wait until tomorrow to share this incredibly useful bit of advice on page 18 of the manual:


That’s right… if you aren’t able to see the screen while wearing sunglasses… take them off. Try to sleep on THAT cosmic piece of advice while your mind gets blown by all sorts of related philosophical thoughts.

Now excuse me while I pull an all-nighter to please the Droid-loving, Review-hungry masses.

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Well, given the average iq of the typical Verizon cuatomer, I can understand why they need to put that there.

  2. im with verizon and i know how to spell customer!

  3. ufools, if your gonna rip on people at least be sure to be correct in your spelling. D-BAG

  4. LOl, great TIP, thanks MOTOROLA!!! XD

  5. Also, if you want a banana to taste better, peel it.

  6. HAHA @ ufools…….its in the name

  7. Given the substantially higher IQ of the Phandroid readers and AF members, please address this thread: http://androidforums.com/motorola-droid-x/113171-encrypted-bootloader-flashing-roms-abandon-all-hope.html
    I don’t think anyone has actually established 100% one way or another whether the bootloader is encrypted. While I know we’re all hoping that it isn’t, all the signs from Motorola indicate that it will be. Please try to see if you can figure it out one way or another. Thanks very much.

  8. WOOT! That’s awesome. ufools is a fool who can’t spell customer. LMAO! Verizon FTW!

  9. In all fairness the polarization of most sunglasses severely interferes with most display types. A lot of people might think they are having phone issues. Also keep in mind Mc Donalds had to put warning contents hot on coffee cups…

  10. @ufools OOOOO BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. @steve, thank you for the lol.

  12. Battery profile? So can u choose to increase or decrease performance as u want? That seems like it could be quite handy.

  13. VALID point actually… Have you ever looked at a phone that did not have a glass screen with POLARIZED sunglasses? I thought I busted my phone… A duh moment…

  14. @steve,

    Good catch…I am also with Verizon and can spell. ufools is obviously an iPhone 4 user struggling with reception issues…

  15. @ufools
    I wouldn’t try to comment on someone’s IQ when you can’t even spell. Now if it were an at&t customer you were talking about it would be different because they are all brainwashed and not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  16. funny nobody mentioned that they’re probably talking about people with POLARIZED sunglasses.

    you know polarizers, right guys? when you hold two such that their polarizing axes are orthogonal, they transmit almost no light.

    wallow in your simple ignorance!

  17. Next you will see an Iphone Ad that contains the following in the small print:

    “With our retina display technology, you can operate our smartphone with or without sunglasses.”

    So long as you hold it correctly, of course.

  18. The user guide seriously says “if aren’t”? They really need a new proof-reader.

  19. And after you take them off, put them on the phone. Might help.

  20. Any ” Fools” out there know how to spell customer…???? LMAO

  21. “Well, given the average iq of the typical Verizon cuatomer, I can understand why they need to put that there.”

    Corrected-Well, given the average IQ of the typical Verizon Customer, I can understand why they need to put that there. :D

  22. Perhaps they should add a Sunglasses Mode to the phone’s display settings? :P

  23. @ufools…
    Epic fail.
    Thank you.

  24. Precious and few are the moments……but we do have them. Giggle snort.

  25. At least it didn’t say, “If aren’t able to see the screen, make sure the phone is on.”

  26. LMAO! At both “Tips & Tricks” AND ufools, talk about EPIC FAIL!!!

  27. @steve, that was CLEARLY a typo on his end, however, he still looked like an absolute moron with or without the typo.

  28. Surprised they didn’t tell you that your sunglasses are too dark for the phone.

  29. If you can’t see the screen, make sure you open your eyes!

  30. The first sign of a true D-bag is needless flaming on a huge android supporting network. Let’s try to be just a touch less juvenile. @ufools=FAIL

  31. for all of you dumbasses saying ufools cant spell, look at your keyboard. at the far left of the middle row of letters. yea, notice how the ‘s’ and ‘a’ are right next to each other? but then again im sure you all have never in your life accidentally hit the wrong key right? lmb

  32. also, verizon customers cant be too intelligent, they do pay double what you should be for cell service.

  33. Well, it’s the same when you enter a tunnel (please take of sunglasses).

  34. I wish there were instructions on how to take off your sunglasses. Oh and what if I am wearing the photosensitive glasses?

  35. Does this mean I’m also expected to Open My Eyes in order to see the screen also?? They just expect so much from us!! LOL

  36. Keith, you’re right about ufools and spelling, but it’s YOU’RE, not YOUR. See, we’re all human, even ufools (poor soul).

  37. Hey Brandon, chill man. It’s only a comment area.

  38. Brandon and ufools is obviously the same person. lmao what a tool.

  39. I can’t believe you picked that “tip” instead of this one:

    “To search, press Search.”

    Wow, really?

  40. I read through the entire manual too and once I’d finished remembered why I never read manuals ;-)

    To be fair, they are trying to speak not just to early adopters and serious users but the housewives in the Midwest who don’t know what the origin of the word “droid” actually is…can’t fault them for oversimplifying and making the manual less scary (if far more moronic).

    To wit: “Lather. Rinse. Repeat.” ;-)

  41. Ufool (you are the men) I mean the man. hahahha you are fool

  42. Would you all mind helping a novice? I just bought a Droid X yesterday. No instruction manual with it, of course. I managed to get a few people in my contact list, but then couldn’t get any more in there. Couldn’t fix a typo, couldn’t figure out how to put 2 phone nos. in under one name, etc. I will go take the classes Vz offers, but that isn’t for 2 more weeks. I also haven’t been able to get my bluetooth to hook up to my car. Any thoughts / tips? Thanks.

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