Jun 24th, 2010

The update to Android 2.1 for the HTC Hero is a two part process. In order to install the actual OS update properly handset owners must first perform a maintenance update that gets the Hero all geared up for bigger and better things. But now — citing some issues that prevented some users from even installing the preparatory update — T-Mobile is pulling the first half of the upgrade for their G2 Touch (that’s what they call their version of the Hero).


Straight from the horses mouth:

“Recently we released a minor maintenance update for the G2 Touch and we have noticed that a small number of customers were experiencing issues when installing this. After investigating this we have decided to temporarily remove the update. As soon as our investigations are complete we will let you know when the maintenance update will become available”

Now if you were one of the unlucky ones to experience the technical hang-up, you may be left staring blankly at a G2 Touch screen mocking you with a flashing triangle warning you of the obvious fact that your device has ceased to operate properly. If that’s the case, fear not. T-Mobile’s forum has you covered. If on the other hand you just want to know when you can get back to updating your phone as normal, well we just don’t have an answer for you just yet. Stay tuned.

[via EuroDroid]

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