Swype Headed to Over 50 Devices by Years End


In case you hadn’t heard, the Motorola Droid X is the latest in a growing line of Android smartphones to come with Swype pre-installed as a software keyboard option. It isn’t the only big name handset getting Swype either, as the Samsung Galaxy S (and presumably its variously titled US carrier variants) is also shipping with Swype on board. And along with Swype recently re-opening its beta to all Android users, don’t expect the number of phones leaving the factory with Swype to decrease any time soon.

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According to a report by Reuters, Chief Executive of Swype Mike McSherry is suggesting their software keyboard solution will be on over 50 phones by years end. While the majority of these phones up to this point have been Android-based (90 percent, in fact), Swype is eyeing other options just as fervently, including the iPhone.

I’m and avid user and supporter of Swype, and its great to see it making its rounds to some bigger smartphones this summer. Given a little more time, I wouldn’t be surprised if Swype-style input becomes the standard on touchscreen devices.

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  1. Never thought I could get used to Swype but I did! I love it on my EVO!

  2. Swype is awesome. I have also tried SlideIT, and ShapeWriter. Swype is fast, fluid and fairly accurate. Swype seems more intuitive than the other two and quickly learns words that I use frequently. My issue with ShapeWriter was that when it input words that I didn’t intend, instead of erasing just the one or few letters that were unintended, it erased entire words, wasting time and causing frustration if I was in a hurry. Swype just makes it simple. ShapeWriter could be a major contender with a few tweaks. SlideIT on the other hand, is a distant third due to its stiffness and sluggishness (by comparison).

  3. I’ve been using it for about a week and love it. Can’t wait for a final release.

  4. “Swype is eyeing other options just as fervently, including the iPhone.”

    Duplicates system functionality. Denied.

    If they want on the iPhone, their best bet is to get acquired by Apple.

  5. @metric152 I thought they were not selling it to people, only to companies so a final release would mean you don’t get it unless moto or htc buys it.

  6. Swype needs to throw this OEM crap out the window and give us a paid version on the Market.

  7. I tried it and I like it, but it will not be my keyboard of choice until the speech-to-text button is built it. Once that button is there I will be using it all the time!

  8. 50 devices by the of the year? How many freakin’ smartphones are coming out in the next 6 months?

  9. Please no. At least include standard keyboard. Swype is frustrating for me about 50% of the time…

  10. Second on the speech-to-text button. I don’t use that feature very much, but when i need it, it’s annoying that it’s not there in Swype.

    Love Swype btw. just needs this tweak.

  11. I’m a motorola droid user and just downloaded the beta swype version on link shown above. And got to say that it does exactly as it advertises! Very impressed with the service.

  12. I wish Google would just buy swype and have it preloaded on all android phones along with their regular android keyboard and the possibility for a third keyboard included in a ui…plus tons in the market!!!!

  13. Fifty more phones in six months, 90% android??? That means there will be 45 androids with swype as well as the other android phones!!! Holy sh** there are a ton of android phones out and coming out!!!!!! Last I heard there were only like 65 phones with android after like two and a half years!!!!

  14. “9. Gerg wrote on June 24, 2010

    Please no. At least include standard keyboard. Swype is frustrating for me about 50% of the time…”

    We may be in a minority here Gerg… but I’m 100% with you. It just isn’t for me. I’d rather have a full multitouch keyboard… which, evidently, is also included in the Droid X as the alternative keyboard. So hopefully that becomes standard for all devices.

  15. Guys, SlideIT just got a major overhaul. It’s more attractive, more responsive, and added the voice input button. I have Swype, Better Keyboard, Smart Keyboard Pro, SlideIT, and ShapeWriter (which has been pulled from the Market).

    SlideIT is by far the best. Download “myTextSpeed” from the Market and test it for yourself. SlideIT beats Swype hands down. It’s not as pretty, but it gets the job done- faster and better.

  16. I can’t seem to get Swype to work on the Evo. Even the tutorial hangs. It does give a message that Swype was developed for another device but I don’t think there was an option for device-specific Swype when I installed it. And I can’t figure out how to uninstall it either.

    Any suggestions?

  17. Swype will not be on iPhone unless Apple completely reverses its business model or Swype is acquired by them. I know this because I discussed it with him personally.

  18. Rather, I discussed it with Mike McSherry personally.

  19. I love swype on EVO. @Chris: Never had problems, maybe try re-entering the beta from (you didn’t download the unofficial version from a certain blog site, did you?)

    Re the missing speech input button, I agree it’s annoying when it’s not there and you want to use it. But the workaround is fairly simple.. Just long-press any input box, and switch input type back to Touch Input to get the stock keyboard, then hit the microphone. It’s annoying but it works, and it’s very little effort involved for those of us who don’t use the feature very often. I could see it getting annoying if you use speech recognition all the time.

  20. swype beta on my droid broke for a while, but recent update fixed and it has been great ever since.

  21. FYI, those talking about the speech recognition button, just take a look at the picture of the Droid X shows the microphone button :)

  22. Sure would be nice to have swype or shapewriter on my new evo… Less of a fan of the Evo than I should be because of it.

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