Jun 24th, 2010

In case you hadn’t heard, the Motorola Droid X is the latest in a growing line of Android smartphones to come with Swype pre-installed as a software keyboard option. It isn’t the only big name handset getting Swype either, as the Samsung Galaxy S (and presumably its variously titled US carrier variants) is also shipping with Swype on board. And along with Swype recently re-opening its beta to all Android users, don’t expect the number of phones leaving the factory with Swype to decrease any time soon.

Swype Logo

According to a report by Reuters, Chief Executive of Swype Mike McSherry is suggesting their software keyboard solution will be on over 50 phones by years end. While the majority of these phones up to this point have been Android-based (90 percent, in fact), Swype is eyeing other options just as fervently, including the iPhone.

I’m and avid user and supporter of Swype, and its great to see it making its rounds to some bigger smartphones this summer. Given a little more time, I wouldn’t be surprised if Swype-style input becomes the standard on touchscreen devices.

[via Engadget]