Leaked FRF72 Build Still Not Official Froyo Release



You may have caught wind of the recent leak of Android 2.2 build FRF72, and while it is the latest build of Froyo, it isn’t quite the final release candidate. That’s the word from a Googler posting to the Nexus One support forums who insists that the “Android team is feverishly working to get a final version out the door.” Strange that a final OTA release has yet to strike or even get a release date considering the new OS was officially announced over a month ago. Add in the fact that Korea is seeing a Nexus One that comes with Android 2.2 as its stock OS and we’re left scratching our heads wondering exactly when the rest of the Nexus Ones world-over will be treated to a refreshingly cool dessert on these hot summer days.

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  1. I’m really anxious to get it on my AT&T Nexus One, but I’d rather wait while they improve it.

  2. what about an official froyo update on the fucking motorola droid

  3. I knew this wasn’t the Final Release, because I still see plenty of bugs and issues with FRF72.

    So, far FRF72 Froyo isn’t that bad, I like it a little, except the new Message view with white background and picture id on thread.

  4. ^^^ Well thats up to Moto but I doubt it should take long.

  5. Google is making sure it passes all their tests. I think the Korean Nexus One got delayed till July if i’m not mistaken. I would bet US Nexus One owners will get the update within the next week. Most of the Google apps have been updated for Froyo in the past week or two so it can’t be long off.

  6. More importantly, Google needs to release the code! Us Cyanogen users are waiting patiently…

  7. I wonder if it’s the telcoms pressuring Google to hold up on sending Froyo OTA because they are worried about WIFI tethering being distributed to a large number of handsets…

  8. So, 2.2 on EVO by years end? Hmm, maybe – maybe not…..?

  9. Uhg, do not want to root my phone, but I want Froyo. When will the madness end!

  10. don’t worry if desire and Legend are getting 2.2 in “the next 2 weeks” then Evo will certainly be short to follow,

  11. I can assure you, you don’t have to root your phone to install Froyo. There are very simple instructions that you can follow step by step and install it. I did it for versions 50 & 72 on my Nexus One.

  12. @2C

    I’m pretty sure the 50 and 72 only work with the T-Mobile Nexus One. You have to root for the at&t version I think.

  13. If N1 Korea gets the official release before us thats a major let down, i would be very disappointed.

  14. ^^^ Meaning the update for the Nexus One will be in before they get there’s. I say give it a week. I love my N1by the way.

  15. It’s done when it’s done! It’s incredible how much you people can whine about a product that isn’t even finished yet! It won’t land on your Motorola phone before it’s sufficiently mature (And even then I’m sure there’ll be faults for you to complain about). Why do you want the source code now, when it’s not done yet? Just wait for it, I’m sure the kind people at Google are working hard on your free software.

  16. This actually makes me wonder if they are working closely with the OEMs. Google did say that they would work on fragmentation issues here on out. The idea is that they are working with OEMs to make sure they can roll out with froyo in a broad sweep, in order to cover as many devices at once. At that point it would only be up to carriers to send it out. If his is true, hopefully Google is also working with the carriers in order to get the ball moving. Overall this is a lofty idea, but a hopeful one, for the sake of unity.

  17. this is just ridiculous. i’ve been waiting for this shit since the longest and if i don’t get the official official final version of froyo on my phone im freakin rooting it…smh palmface

  18. Man I’ve never seen such a bunch of whiny children. I can’t believe how many of you would rather see the buggy build be the final build than wait another 2-4 weeks while Google gets all the bugs out. If you want an unofficial buggy release, just root.

  19. @Doug, no one is saying they want a buggy product, it’s how Google is handling it. They announced froyo over a month ago, then just give vague responses to it’s release date. It frustrates their uses and makes Google look like they don’t know what they are doing. What they needed to do was wait until it’s ready, then announce it and release it, like Apple does.

  20. @MenoRikey: In terms of software releases they may have tripped over themselves on this one, but whose to say it wasn’t intentional to generate this craving for Froyo? We all take Google for granted because they release new OS versions like every 5-6 months, while the main comptetition is once per year. Business 101 – you have to market your product but its even better if you can generate a buzz for your product namely – Android OS (Froyo) without spending millions on potentially stupid commercials. Give them some credit that they know what they’re doing and have patience for a solid Froyo release with no to very minor buggy issues.

  21. @Onlinedrama, I think you’re giving Google way too much credit on this one. I highly doubt this is to generate buzz for Froyo. The same number of people would have installed it, whether they released in a month ago, or 2 months from now. My guess is they overestimated how ready it was a month ago and are playing catch-up, much to the frustration of their users.

  22. Just manually updated from 72 to 83 and works great on my TMO N1. see http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=6926557

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