HTC Magic to Receive Android 2.2 According to SFR



Second-ranked French carrier SFR has announced that the HTC Magic will receive an update to Android 2.2 (Froyo) later this summer along with another of their Android phones, the Nexus One. This shouldn’t come as too much of a shocker considering the Magic’s US counterpart, the T-Mobile myTouch 3G, has also been pegged as a device that should be receiving the anticipated OS update. There is no word whether this update will be coming to all Magic owners or merely those on SFR, but chances are if it’s ready for prime time France won’t be the only place seeing it.

No word on when the HTC Wildfire and HTC Legend might see a similar update on SFR, but HTC has promised that their newest smartphones should all be receiving the update in due time.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. What the hell?

  2. hero !!!

  3. oh mang….plz tell me that my MyTouch isn’t going to have Sense?!? it’s slow enough as it is, basic 2.2 would be optimum!

  4. Man, if these handsets with the same internal hardware as the HTC Hero are getting Android 2.2, then can my Sprint HTC Hero get it too? Please?

    I would probably be happy with Android 2.2 for my handset until I get a new one in two years. It pretty much covers everything I want: faster speed, app storage in the microSD card, and Bluetooth headset voice dialing.

  5. The mt3g isn’t necessarily that slow. It’s slow with 1.5 or 1.6, true. I’ve got mine rooted with the latest cyanogen rom and it moves pretty quick. But it might be nice to see what basic 2.2 acts like on the mt3g.

  6. 2.1 would be a nice start. We heard we would be getting that months ago and it hasn’t materialised so I don’t hold out much hope for getting 2.2 with Vodafone.

  7. It would be really great if all Magic devices, especially the unbranded version, would get the update. I’ll believe it, when I see it.

  8. Well this is pretty good news as this is the PVT32B type according to the cyanogenmod wiki (rather than the spec superior PVT32A). Since I have a UK Vodafone HTC Magic (which is also the crippled PVT32B version) this means it should be able to run 2.2 as well. As to wether it will ever be released will have to wait and see.

    Personally I don’t buy the whole ‘root it’ approach unless you really need it as I tried this a few times with different roms and it was always slower and buggier than stock rom.

  9. @Dan Davidson You are probably right about the general bugginess of custom roms, but then at least you know that somebody’s working on getting the good stuff in.
    BTW my stock Hero rom (November 2009 update) had a malfunctioning Youtube App which was never fixed. And stock Sense UI really slows down the Hero. My gf’s Vodafone HTC Magic is a lot quicker. I think I will give her phone a CM treatment real soon, regardless the story we just read.

  10. Personally, I get ticked when these announcement come out because ultimately the devices never get upgraded or if they do it’s too late to matter. Cell carriers are not intersted in updating their phones to the latest OS because they would rather sell you a new phone and lock you into a 2 year contract. You can’t convince me that Cyanogen and other developers are able to release new versions of Android within days of release and the cell phone carriers with all of thier resources take months leaving the rest of us holding our breaths like school girls waiting for their first date to arrive. This behavior towards customers will only be tolerated as long as no new players enter the market who will challenge the status quo. Cheap unsubsidized phones with open standards is the next big wave of mobile devices.

  11. I know that Google said they are going to try and semi-stop the staggering release of different handsets getting Android updates at different times as much as they could, but they better not intentionally be holding this update back from N1 owners simply to do this.

    The fact all these manufacturers are already tinkering and making custom UI’s for their phones means that the version they have is stable enough they don’t believe they are wasting their time by starting to create their each custom UI now.

    I specifically chose the N1, because of the specs and because I knew it had the benefit of running just the original stock Android OS. I shouldn’t have to wait for those that bought phones from other manufacturers that do have their own UI. At the very least give N1 users the ability to try the beta OTA download with a disclaimer or something.

  12. Totally dont understand why 2.2 is potentially heading to the chuffing Magic and us Hero owners are barely getting the 2.1??? honestly, wth HTC? been an owner since the orange c500 days, this is just utter poppyc*ck. Gonna wait till Andy Rubins “blow your minds” google android he’s on about in 6 months time…and this time!!! getting android stock.

  13. It is an odd announcement, but just to clarify that 2.2 runs a LOT faster than 2.1 (3-5 times faster). I thought my N1 was a fast device with 2.1 then with 2.2 it’s simply blazing. 4G? Who the hell cares when my browser pops up with an image heavy non-mobile site in about a second and a half on 3G.

  14. Ok I have a question, if someone can please answer for me. we all know the evo will be getting updated to 2.2 and it uses sense, so my question is will the hero get that same update since they basically use the same software? Because the hero is just as good if not better then the mytouch in my opinion

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