A White HTC EVO 4G Headed to Best Buy?


If this shot of a Best Buy flier is correct, Best Buy will be offering a white HTC EVO 4G exclusively sometime soon. According to Phone Arena‘s – the outlet that originally leaked the flier – sources, July 11th would be the date you can put your money on to see it in stores.


The shot of the flier is in black and white, but that’s all we need to see as the back chassis does look to be completely white. The front shot of the device still shows it to be black, however, so it may turn out to be a stereo-color deal (sort of like those cheesy American street cars that were wildly popular a few decades ago).

According to Phone Arena, you can go ahead and pre-order this right now, but I couldn’t seem to find any Best Buy Mobile stores in my area that knew anything regarding it. We hope to learn more once the latter parts of June completely whithers away.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Why?

  2. i want this

  3. Just ordered mine in Austin,TX @ a local Best Buy.

  4. meh.. i still like black better

  5. The $50 deposit goes towards a gift card or towards the phone.

  6. White is a good color for a phone. The G1, MyTouch, and X10 come in white. :)


  8. @Don…’unfair’????!?!?! Are you seven?

  9. SO glad i waited now! i’ll be pre-ordering mine as soon as i get out of work! :D

  10. I happened upon this deal by accident. I was calling around to all different places to try and find an EVO and the rep at this store told me about it and I jumped on it and pre-ordered mine. I’m kinda excited…

  11. no thanks, not when the front is still black… there is an image in AF of a full body white one that was just sexy

  12. The white Evo 4G was in action @ Google I/O.

    See here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IY3U2GXhz44

    Skip to 43:09

  13. You can already order it online at bestbuy.com

  14. Looks good. But Droid 2 is looking reallly nice now that they took all that gold off

    And it’s gonna have a better processor (the TI OMAP one) probably.

  15. dont care…. once u go black u dont go back

  16. HTC EVO wants me to transfer my number and activate through them and not sprint. Oter than the $150 it will save me is it better or worse to do what HTC EVO wants? Anyone know?
    Mine has to work right away as I’m sure other’s do!!

  17. Is the front really still black? lol

  18. Isn’t that exactly how the white iphone 3gs is with black on the front still? I like it, I think the white iphone 4 with the white on front looks cheap and plastic-y. Nice to see a high end android device with color options. I will be getting white when I make the move to sprint!

  19. Those Wildly Popular Streetcars are running in droves again across the country, the F Market Street Line in San Fracisco is just one example :)

  20. I’m sticking with my black EVO but my wife is now considering the white one.

  21. Wow its funny how android may have saved sprints life…

  22. @Eric – That’s speculation. No credible source is leaning towards the Droid 2 having a better processor than the EVO or the Droid X. The only thing I’ve read is that the Droid 2 will have minor upgrades comparatively. The Droid X is Verizon’s EVO competitor, not the Droid 2.

  23. woot woot mine is pre-ordered here in roseville,ca at the local best buy…so stooked about this..

  24. @Mensah – Perhaps, but they are trying hard to FAIL anyways. Has anyone else managed to actually _buy_ an EVO? Sprint stopped taking online orders (WTF?), all the local Sprint stores are sold-out. Instead they put you on “the waiting list” (wink wink). Maybe Sprint could have sold more than 65k units IF THEY HAD WAITED FOR MANUFACTURING TO ACTUALLY MAKE SOME.

    Dear Sprint – Make me wait much longer and I will just order an iPhone4 because at least Apple takes orders from people what WANT to give you money.

  25. Only the back is white.. the front looks exactly the same… check the pics at best buy

  26. hey whether the back is white and black or just white… GET it!!! Bcuz Its so fast, sexy and powerful!!

  27. Guys calm down… the phone didn’t come out until June 4th right? If you want the white that bad just return the black one and pre-order the white. Sprint always has a 30 day GUARANTEE on all their products. All upgrades will be returned to your acct for future use. Did you all throw your old phones away or something? Sheesh. The white version isn’t even all that hot anyway. Only the back is white. WTF the black version is for grown-ups.. like myself so I’ll keep mine. The white snap-on case they sell at Sprint actually looks better than the white phone does.

  28. Everyone complaining about nobody having the EVO in their area. Every Best Buy in the state of Florida has them, and we have 4g -,-

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