FYI: Phone-A-Day Give Away Contest Update


hgHey all, Talton here.  Rob’s just a hair busy –  so you’re stuck with me! We just wanted to drop a quick post to let everyone know where we are with the big bad ‘Phone-A-Day Give Away’ contest we have going.  So far we have picked winners for days 1-6, and congrats to them! All they need to do is send a PM to Rob on the forums to get things sorted.

Winners #7 and #8 (for the past couple days) will be announced tomorrow. We’re down to 16 to choose from for #7, and have yet to look at #8.

As you know Phandroid.com and Androidforums.com have had some greater than minor technical issues today. We do have a few issues lingering and Rob is workin’ his tail off to get these resolved ASAP.   Partly due to these difficulties – and partly due to our debate on whether or not to put a ….twist.. on the contest (wink wink) – the contest is temporarily suspended. Again, winners #7 and #8 will be announced tomorrow – but the contest itself is officially on hold.

Don’t let that stop ya from making reviews though!

For the sake of anticipation, here are the finalists for #7:

Shoot U! (LITE) Review by Jebus Christ

Space Physics Review by pauldip

Shopper’s Paradise Review by CBo

ColorNote Notepad Notes Review by Osbor

Gentle Alarm Review by Overthought

Subsonic Music Streamer Review by mrkniceguy

Apps Organizer Review by Paul McCartney

Market Millionaire Enhanced Review by CBo

AppBrain App Market Review by rufioxiii

Meebo IM Review by vconceicao

3G Watchdog Review by BucWild

PhoneMyPC Review by Kainous

LauncherPro Beta Review by samatbek_KG

LauncherPro Beta Review by JustinEvil

Layar Reality Browser Review by Phaze213

Wiimote Controler Review by p4w4rr10r

More information will posted as soon as things settle down.  Thank you for your patience while we work to restore everything back to order. We hate this as much as you do, I promise!


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  1. Is winner 7 from all posts that were posted on June 15?

  2. Thanks so much for posting this. I was wondering what was going on with the site last night and this morning. And was a bit worried with no response to the PM lol. My mind is at ease and I’ll try to get another review up once I get through this app more thoroughly =D Thanks again!

  3. @porky101 the reviews posted above are the ones they’re deciding between for the 7th winner

  4. Droid widget banking with Bank of America works very well. I was extremely impressed that the application worked, and dissapointed that other banks haven’t gotten with the program yet. Kudo’s to BOA and Droid Technology!

  5. wow.. I’m a finalist.. that’s… amazing!

  6. These damned reviews are costing me money! I usually just shop the free apps in the market, but I keep reading these reviews and finding must-have paid apps. The apps are awesome, but ignorance was cheaper.

  7. oh my god i’m on the finalists list AGAIN (i think i’ve been on all of them since day 4)

    you guys must really like me :D

    so can you, uh, like me enough to say….let me win one of those hot little phones?

    …please? :(

  8. @Osbor i feel you dude im in again, and every review ive done has been in the final picks…so far ive always fell just short of the phone…maybe this one will be the one.

  9. Goodluck to those who entered, I thought reviewing the game I did for my review took ages, but I think I wrote a solid contender for the competition. Good luck once again folks.

  10. Is there still going to be another day of the contest? I registered to post yesterday but the site was down and I could not submit my article. I wrote a very detailed application review, and I would greatly appreciate the chance to enter. I’m confident that I’d be a finalist, at the very least.

    – jackaic10

  11. Yay! I’m a finalist. *Crosses fingers* good luck to everyone

  12. @Osbor
    Well you could win if you learn how to properly spell..

  13. Are we ever going to get the results???

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