Jun 14th, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:12 pm

Seems like the new pair of Droid phones are really getting a move on lately. Droid-Life grabbed hold of the commercial scripts that Verizon’s cooking up for the Motorola Droid 2 and Motorola Droid X. Looking at the script, Verizon’s looking to take their hugely successful marketing campaign yet another step forward.


Similar to HTC’s “and you, and you, and you” line in their new ad campaign, Verizon’s Droid 2 “does, and does, and does”. It just keeps on doing stuff, and it will continue to do more stuff for as long as you can imagine.

Does’ used to do a lot. Now it does even more. Now it does Email Exchange, so you can be hooked up to everything thing you need to do. Now it does 1.0GHz speed on a sleeker, more intuitive keyboard.  It does and does and does. And the only thing it doesn’t do is ask for time off.

Wait, what? Droid 2 “does” 1GHz! While we knew the phone’s had a chip capable of reaching 1GHz, it’s been rumored that it would be underclocked to 750MHz. Great news for people who saw the “incremental” bump as a deal-breaker.


Two more ads are being detailed, as well, and they’re both for the Droid X. They both focus on the “App” experience, with the first one showing off Verizon’s exclusive NFL Mobile. The visuals describe something that sounds very iRobot-esque, which would go well with the whole “iDon’t” campaign that Verizon could be striking back up to take on Apple and AT&T’s latest.

Droid does Gattaca style commercials. I wonder what it will do tomorrow as it seems information leaks out faster than you can get your hands on an HTC Droid Incredible (see what I did there?).

[via Droid-Life]

Oh, and here’s the Droid X flying first class. Image courtesy of Android Central.


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