[Poll] How Are You Keeping Up With the World Cup Today?


As everyone knows, today marks the kickoff to the 2010 FIFA World Cup with South Africa and Mexico already kicking about on the field. I know there are some of you who have to be at work today or can’t be bothered to watch any football due to other engagements, so how are you keeping up with the action while you’re on the go?


If you’re a Sprint customer, you can catch most of the action right on your HTC EVO 4G. V Cast subscribers with Verizon can get in on that same mobile action for just $10 a month, as well. What about everyone else though? Is your carrier beaming the matches live to your Android device in one way or another? Are you using a score and stats app to keep you in the know regarding your team’s World Cup endeavors?

We’ve listed the top five most popular apps that people in the Android market are using to stay updated in the poll, but feel free to suggest more in the comment section below!

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  1. wheres the apps….???
    i got a N1 which ones the best i need to see my team BRAZIL…….!!!! BABY

  2. Im just using SportsTap to keep track of the scores.

  3. StreamItAll Radio has radio. KSPN 710 in LA has all games on. I am running it now.

  4. Not interested by the sport so I am not using any of them but SportsTap is the one I use for sports I am interested in.

  5. I’m using 2010 World Cup and Africa10

  6. Who cares? REAL football doesn’t start for a couple months.

  7. Where’s your list of top five apps?

  8. World Cup. What is that?

  9. Slingbox streaming on my laptop at work. The only thing I could find for the Nexus One was UStream. People are re-broadcasting it. I was not lucky enough to get into the Android Slingplayer Beta :-(

    I do know that the Samsung Moment from Sprint also has access to the SprintTV streaming as well.

  10. I hate golf…

  11. Watching live via univision website and skyfire on my incredible!

  12. I am using 2010 World Cup by Luke Shan to keep track and make sure I don’t miss any matches.

  13. Soccer Livescores I use for all my football results! quickly updates and covers every league you have ever heard of, and more!

  14. Didn’t the Blackhawks already win the Cup?

  15. VCAST! every game live and clear. Verizon even gave me the month free to try.

  16. @ Leo It’s a shame that most Americans don’t understand the World Cup where as the REST OF THE WORLD DO!!!!

  17. foosball is da devil

  18. GO SOUTH AFRICA! haha i can’t believe we actually tied with mexico. goes to show how much mexico actually sucks =P

  19. @ Who cares? REAL football doesn’t start for a couple months.

    Typical american… think Football is a couple dudes running around in panthose,shoulder pads hard hats .

    Wake up dude, this is the real world, and stop being cocky

  20. @Leo Real football, what that bunch of girlies that run around in armour? For a few seconds before they have to take a break?

    Love to see some of your “real” footballers up against some Union or League players – Someone like Jonah Lomu, Lawrence Dallaglio or Lesley Vainikolu. THose guys would eat ome of your pansies for breakfast.

    BTW I’m talking about Rugby the game nearest to your gridiron.

    For the rest of the world outside of the 50 states Football i the game being played in South Africa.

  21. “For a few seconds before they have to take a break?”

    Ha! As an American I salute you! The NFL is crap. Those fatties couldn’t play any sport for more than 3 minutes at a time.

  22. @MikeyMe07
    Did you have to call Verizon to get the free trial?

  23. @BDL, so once a goal is scored after several minutes of severe boredom watching a bunch of panty waists run around, they pull their shirts up and show their hairless teenage boy-like chests is “manly” in your book? Figures…where are you from, France?

  24. Vcast, at least for the first half until I got cut off and could not reconnect.

    And the 1 month free trial you do have to call up and request or they will charge you.

  25. BDL…my apologies…meant that last one for gad, not you. Rugby is hardcore for sure!

  26. Football ( soccer to the Americans ) is the worlds BEST sport and the worlds most watched sport.
    We ( England )are going to spank you yanks tomorrow :)


  28. Not a typical American. It’s the most played sport in America. He’s in the minority… and ignorant. And no, England has no chance tomorrow. Wayne Rooney is going to snap, and David Beckham won’t be there to calm him down again… and sadly, while he’s far from even being in the ranks of the best players… he’s the best passer, crosser and set piece taker England has… Aaron Lennon, Shaun Wright-Phillips? It just goes from bad to worse on that one. A victory for the English tomorrow would be escaping after losing with Ashley Cole’s ankles not getting broken by Landon Donovan a second time as he schools him down the wing.

  29. fucking right LEO!!!! GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!! but i disgress…. let’s got PORTUGALLLL

  30. ian, you’re giving us Limey’s a bad name saying you’re going to spank the yanks…leave that to Sir Elton.

    Pip pip cheerio and all that.

    GO UK (no not Univ. of Kentucky)!!

  31. @swehes
    In ‘Merica, it’s a game played by kids where they kick a round ball around on the lawn until one of the kids accidentally kicks it into a netted goal post. In the rest of the world, they are not quite as advanced as our ‘Merican kids so they keep playing it on through adulthood. To make matters worse, they call it football as if we would actually be fooled into watching them play it. Its really kind of sad. I wonder when the world will start congregating around to watch grown men play hide and seek.

  32. TF,

    Soccer is not the most played sport in America. Basketball is, get your facts straight…some areas of the country play more soccer than anything else, but overall, we are a basketball playing society. God bless and RIP James Naismith.

  33. There is a World Cup themepack for PhoneFraze that is just awesome! If you already have the game, it appeared in the categories… if you don’t have the game yet, you will see how much fun it is to play at a party with a bunch of other soccer fans. Also, did anyone else notice youtube being very sluggish today? People trying to watch world cup videos?

  34. Leo, soccer is the most played sport in America, and has been for some 30 years, since Pele joined the NY Cosmos of the NASL and created a mammoth boom in participation. Get your facts straight. With over 20 million kids playing and over 4 million adults playing in recreational organized leagues, it knocks basketball out of the park – whose respondents also include those that “participated” in basketball, not played organized games. Previously, during these 30 years, it was a regional sport – correct. Recently, it’s nationally popular. The 94 World Cup, hosted here in the US, is still the most attended sporting event ever, and the most profitable.

  35. @Leo – FRENCH???!!!! How very dare you sir!

    English and bloody proud of it.

  36. @solid ” Its really kind of sad”

    2 points here…

    A) I think it’s pretty “sad” that you insult the rest of the world, but then i’d expect that from a stereotypical American who thinks the world is made of 50 states.

    B)I think you’ll find “soccer” (as you wish to call it) was invented waaaaay before the American football. In fact didn’t you guys steal the idea from Rugby (from the UK)and then dress yourselves up because it hurt too much…yeah thought so…see yaaaaaaa hahahahha

  37. I’m with “Sudafrica Live! free”, it is doing pretty well at transmitting in real time scores and commentary.

  38. watched both games from my desk. Watch all the pay per views on it too for free!

  39. @Micheal

    Doesn’t work in the states…wish it did, this looks like it would be the best solution on my nexus with froyo. Having flash is still so necessary.

    and i wish this didn’t become an american pissing contest. I’m American and I like soccer. I’m using World Cup 2010 Fot Mod right now and it’s good. But wish I had streaming video or at least audio when i can’t be next to a TV.

  40. I have to agree with TF, soccer is very popular in the USA but the problem is that most youth/teens end up going for other sports like baseball, basketball or football because it is seen as a better sport in terms of making a living off of it as well as the american stereotype of soccer not being manly or its easy. The problem with that stereotype is that it is completely the opposite.
    Soccer is the most watched, most played, and most popular sport in the world

  41. I use Soccer Livescores and FotMob 4.0 for live score notifications. World DroidCup and Africa 10 have good tables and fixture lists. and BBC Sports are good for news. The latest ScoreMobile 1.0.4 now appears to be less laggy and battery-draining than 1.0.3, but you have to get used to its very USA-style focus on stats. I installed them all because I couldn’t find one app that had a good implementation of ALL the features that I wanted.

  42. @Luffy – I think you’ll find that football was invented all at the same time… regardless of type. The closest thing to football before it fragmented in todays sport, is Gaelic Football… with hands being in use, a goal with a goalkeeper, and goal posts. The rules of the game were argued upon, and the sport fragmented to Association Football (football & soccer now in English speaking countries), and Rugby Football (Rugby Union now). The Canadians, Australians, and Americans all put their own spin on the rugby brand of football – obviously, Australians taking use of the oval shaped fields for their favorite sport of Cricket. “Soccer” as it is called, is a term taken from England… who referred to Association Football after the break in rules as “Soca” instead of saying the full name, just as rugby footballers called their sport “Ruggers”…

    Padding in American Football is a direct result of introducing the forward pass into the rules, and having previously allowed for unrestricted hitting… whereas in Rugby, tackles are only allowed with the arms, and around the waste – with passes only being backwards or parallel.

  43. Unfortunately my phone is useless for watching the games. I have to use a live stream on my PC.
    You would think in 2010 everyone should be able to watch the games on their phones. Maybe in 4 years…

  44. World Cup 2010 by audiobet is the best. Have tried 4 different apps which are ranked at least 4 stars but did nit like them due to either bugs or some inconveniences in use.

  45. Football is the game where you manipulate a *ball* with your *foot* – Leo, you’re thinking of Handegg.

  46. HTC Evo owners were graced with the ability to watch the world’s games via Sprint’s service… but that’s only one phone. Other users with Android 2.2 (Froyo) and Flash 10.1 browser plugin can also take advantage of this online live stream of the games too. But all Android phone owners with Skyfire Browser installed can watch the games live via Flash video the browser supports on this website (Note: streams only when games are on).

    If you’re a fan with an Android phone go and download the browser and not miss the action while on the go!

  47. I’m not. I’m following the Android Cup instead.

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