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This year’s Google I/O took the event easily to the next level, moving from a simple developer’s conference to a full-blown spectacle for the media and consumers alike. That being said, after the sensational keynote presentations and the media frenzy that followed, let us not forget that Google I/O still dedicated a majority of its time to developer sessions focused on various products from Google and beyond. Unless you were there, that was the stuff you didn’t see, until now.

The list of Android sessions is pretty extensive and covers a sweeping range of topics from creating games for the platform to building apps that target as wide a range Android handsets as possible. Here is the full list. Just click through to enjoy the videos.

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  1. thanks for the links Kevin, im going to watch each one of them

  2. I am downloading them all right now for watching on my netbook and/or (obsolete) Archos 504.

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