[Update] More HTC EVO 4G Accessories Revealed and Priced


[Update]: We’ve gotten pictures of some of those accessories – alongside their model numbers, names, and pricing – courtesy of Engadget.

Last month, we saw the first round of accessories for the HTC EVO 4G outed. While we got pricing for some of the accessories, others were still listed as “to be determined,” and there looks to be other unannounced accessories heading to stores, as well.


AndroidGuys’ Sprint source has confirmed that there will be a case, a body glove, and a pouch available at launch. A full-blown Car Kit will come soon after launch for $59.99 (for now, you’ll have to buy car accessories separately). A media dock that will include the EVO-compatible HDMI cable will come after launch, as well, and can be had for $39.99 (with the standalone cable available at launch for $29.99). Finally, a charging holster will come after launch, but no pricing is available yet.


I can’t imagine anyone would spring for the HDMI cable when they can get the Media dock + the cable for just $10 more. I’m sure many of you will also be interested to learn how much the charging holster will cost: it would be a lifesaver if you’re on the go and need to squeeze more juice out of your EVO 4G (that’s if you don’t already have another compatible mobile charging solution).

Anyone going to grab any of these accessories up come June 4th?

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  1. Yup…. :)

  2. Got my Evo… been waiting for a car mount! That car mount looks like it’s going to limit me on what I can get for a case.

  3. Pre ordered my phone at a sams club by palm springs ca and i am hoping that due to the super high smount of old people here my phone will be there for me friday at lunch… way excited. not sure if i will be getting any of these accessories might wait till there is some cheaper stuff out there, orrrr maybe not.

  4. ROFL, Sam’s Club ^_^

  5. I will have to get the holster and a car charger. Is the car mount also a charger?

  6. @ Hampteezy

    Actually a smart Idea…Sams Club IS Walmart.

    Id probably have to keep an Extra Case in the Car for when i use the Car Mount since i doubt it will fit.

  7. People, this $10 fee is bogus and Sprint needs to reconsider since Dan Hesse has lied.

  8. All preorders placed before June 1 at Sam’s Club will be getting phones. Sam’s Club will also be giving instant rebates instead of the mail-in variety. The deal at Radio Shack seems a bit better, with instant rebates and an added bonus of a $20 gift certificate for accessories.

  9. preordered mine at “the Shack” with a $20 dollar accessory thrown in, looks like i’ve got a few options.

  10. if yall all want some acessories, go to amazon they have alot of stuff, alot cheaper, than, that stuff!!!!

  11. @nofee: Fight the good fight!!!! I will be cheering for you. I might even go to the website on Friday, June 4 at 9:35am.(I get my evo at 9:30am)

  12. Get over the Sprint’s $10 fee! Have you noticed the new fees or increased cost on your gas/eletric/oil bills? OH NO FEES!!! THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!!!!!

  13. Cant wait till June 4th!!!! I pre-ordered mine at radioshack, seem to be the best deal and love the instant rebate!!! As far as the extra $10.00 a month I really could care less, I am paying way too much now for my iphone and the service is absolute crap!!! I will be saving close to $50.00 a month now!!! Thank you SPRINT!!!!

  14. actually the place I went to offered to buy my phone for market value for an in store credit on accessories, so I’m sure I’ll get a few.

  15. @Hampteezy,

    I also got mine from Sams Club. I bet you I got a better deal than you too so dont laugh. $199 -$40.00 credit and -$36.00 activation fee; saving me a total of $76.00.

  16. I pre-ordered my @ radioshack & i will be trading in my palm pre & will get almost $90. 199-50-40-90= $19 is all that i will pay.

  17. Check out they have accessories for the EVO

  18. no one has mentioned that the EVO will not able to landscape except for movies. Right? What’s everyone’s thoughts on that?

  19. everybody seems to be worried about money? just pay the xtra money for oem accesories and not worry about stuff not fitting or charging!

  20. landscape not only for movies… also on browser. check the pics at

  21. Got the Body Glove and love it…….needs a FACE IN holster to go with it though. I find myself carrying it all the time. Don’t want to drop nor leave somewhere !!

  22. If i have to pay a 10 dollar fee to ensure that sprint keeps the unlimited data then i will do it. Other carriers (at&t) no longer offer unlimited and you must pay per extra data usage. so keep on with the $10 add on for unlimited usage!!!

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