Fix Your Apps! Enhanced Error Reporting in Android


The Android Developers Blog is once again giving us the skinny on how developers can make their apps better for users, and one of their latest posts focuses on the new error reporting system that was announced at Google I/O.


When a user reports an application crash, they will have the option to provide an in-depth system log to help a developer determine exactly what went wrong. Of course, a user never has to send this info (Google seems to be on top of their privacy stuff since their Google Buzz launch), but the more they want to send the better it is for those making the apps (and Google, who will also use the reports to locate bugs within Android itself). Developers will get access to consolidated error and bug logs directly available to them through their Android Market publisher control panel.

This feature is a definite ‘win’ for developers, who now not only know when their apps crash, but also the circumstances. If you want to read more about the new app error reporting system, head over to the Android Developers Blog.

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  1. This is not new with 2.2. I have been able to report crashes since the announcement at I/O and I am on 2.1.

  2. why is it an at&t ball?

  3. Not sure what you mean by AT&T ball, but the N1 I have is AT&T compatible, not the T-Mobile version.

    It was reported last week that this feature was not available.

  4. **now available

  5. yep was working on my 2.1 nexus before i went 2.2

  6. i mean the little “person” in the drawing. it looks like at&t’s ball logo thing.

  7. Oh, ha. My bad. I thought it was an auto-correct fail or something.

  8. Ha I’m digging that graphic.

  9. I’ve had this feature on my Nexus One for a while now. To be fair I’ve not had an app crash on me until recently.

  10. > why is it an at&t ball?
    Because the user ends up angry and the developer happy.

  11. Yeah, I was really surprised when I saw this pop up on my Droid after I/O when I hadn’t even updated a single thing! Pretty cool they were able to do that.

  12. Haven’t been able to see it yet, everything has been running very smoothly on my oc’d droid lately. Something needs to break!

  13. Its a good idea.
    I don’t know why its taken them this long to add it.

  14. Shoot, I didn’t know there was a privacy concern with crash logs. I have always had all of my applications upload crash reports to a web server without the user even knowing. For example, the last error was on March 20th: “stacktrace=java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: bitmap size exceeds VM budget…”

  15. “stacktrace=java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: bitmap size exceeds VM budget”
    that’s one problem i see alot, never liked the Bitmap factory api.

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