Want to See the Samsung Galaxy S Hummingbird GPU in Action?


The Samsung Galaxy S will come with the Hummingbird GPU on board, meaning that this phone potentially has the ability to deliver some pretty great gaming experiences. The added power theoretically makes rendering 3D graphics a cinch, and the following video from Frandroid shows us just that.

A lot of attention has gone towards the HTC EVO 4G and its imminent release, but don’t forget this one is coming out (at least in Europe) around the same time, and should be following shortly to the States. It may not have the Android foothold that HTC does (or the some-love-it-some-hate-it HTC Sense UI), but if the specs are any indication it will make a worthy competitor.

[via Frandroid]

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  1. It’s too bad they used a 3.2″ 480×320″ display.

  2. @Dave
    It’s a 4 inch 480×854 or 480×800 Super AMOLED screen, not 3.2 inch. It’s an absolutely gorgeous screen.

  3. You are right I was looking at the original galaxy that is linked above.

  4. Which carrier in the US is getting this by the way?

  5. What game was he playing?

  6. I believe T-Mobile WILL be getting it and I think Sprint as well. These are just early receivers as Samsung wants to push this phone to every major US Carrier.

  7. It is slated to come to Sprint as well.

  8. It’s definitely been spotted on video with T-Mobile app icons like MyAccount and the magenta visual voicemail icon. Can’t wait.

  9. Please oh please work on AT&T

  10. Doesn’t matter if you hate Samsung phones or not. You can’t deny that this will be the most powerful phone on the market released in Q2-Q3 this year.

  11. 256 MB RAM…..useless

  12. @obscene

    Um no? Evo4G man.

  13. 256 MB RAM is plenty from what I’ve read on a very detailed review.


  14. z – That link is to the wrong galaxy

    I think the Galaxy S will qualify as a ‘superphone’… It might even be my next phone; but I still get nervous about buying a Sammy smart phone, and the lack of a camera flash is troubling.

  15. again, not a huge fan of soft qwerty phones, but this phone, along with the EVO look insane! I don’t like that this phone’s exterior and app drawer look IDENTICAL to the iphone… but I am really digging the rest, cool widgets, other awesome features, great specs… if the US carriers could change the exterior a little to make it more distinct, then I would consider this more. just can’t see myself buying a phone that looks just like another certain phone that has had the same look for the last 3 years!!!
    seriously apple?!?!?!

  16. I’m in the UK and was disappointed the HTC Evo wasn’t coming to the UK anytime soon. However, so glad that the Samsung Galaxy S will be dropping here in less than 2 weeks time as I think it has a lot of features better than the HTC Evo (on the flip side, the Evo has a few features that the Samsung doesn’t have so it’s kinda balanced).

    Is this is the first mobile phone to have 802.11n?

  17. @Delphi : Nova, Gameloft

  18. wow, that was impressive. could the Nexus deliver gameplay like that?

  19. Wow, that game looks 10x better than anything in the market. Sad but true- hope a dev or two will actually push my Droid someday.

  20. should be even better under froyo because of opengl es 2.0….but I wish this thing had game controls…

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