Google’s New Sales Strategy: Whispered Ads and Sponsored Ringtones Cut Costs [Humor]


Here is a bit of new you definitely won’t see coming out of Google I/O, but The Onion is oh-so-perfectly timed with the release of their mock news report on the newest revelation from the Google camp. It is sad to think I could envision a future where this sort of thing could exist in the name of subsidy and cost deferral. But I won’t waste time with my own commentary, allow The Onion and its brilliant social satire to speak for itself:

[via The Onion]

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  1. Hahahaha brilliant!

  2. The dig at yahoo is classic.

  3. LOL! Nice one… :)

  4. hahahaha, love the Y phone.

  5. Sucks ass can’t. See it on mytouch

  6. hhahaha love the y phone hit

  7. Haha, the running banner at the bottom was even more funny.

  8. the Yahoo phone looks “SWEET”! I haven’t seen a phone like that since my kid was 3!

  9. if i only need to pay $10 per month instead of $70, i don’t mind using that ‘feature’ at all.

  10. “…will solve the issue in future updates.” Bwahahaha!

  11. ahihihihihi

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