Swing And A Miss: Sprint’s Rumored 2.1 Rollout Comes And Goes


Two weeks ago, we reported on an image that suggested Sprint would begin its Android 2.1 rollout for both of its current Android phones in early May. Over the weekend, it appeared that Sprint might actually have lived up to the rumor, but there seems to have been some confusion regarding its immediate availability.


The truth is that the update still isn’t available and we’re still not sure when it should be. The internal screenshot grabbed from XDA states that the Samsung Moment would see its 2.1 update on April 30th, while the Sprint HTC Hero would get its taste no more than  a week later. Early May is still here, but it’s hard to remain confident on a date that has had no official confirmation by Sprint, HTC, or Samsung. We will keep waiting, though, and you’ll be the first to know as soon as we can get a solid date.

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  1. Just give us an update before the HTC EVO comes out. Otherwise Sprint is wasting out time.

  2. they can keep their update, i got me fresh 2.0 2.1 from flipz and i’m very happy with it, is very smooth and fast.

  3. Can you let us know if you have deflinity news about the Hero 2.1 upgrade?

  4. I’m still hoping my HTC Hero will see the update sometime this week. *keeps fingers crossed*

    Although, I agree that the Samsung Moment missing its supposed deadline is a bit disheartening. Come on Sprint and HTC, let’s just get this one done, once and for all, okay? Froyo is right around the corner and we probably won’t even get an update for that on first generation hardware. I’ll probably end up rooting my phone to Froyo anyway after all this waiting for Eclair.

  5. I have a Moment and am looking forward to the update. Once in awhile, I’ll consider installing one of these root kernel things, whatever they’re called. (I’m somewhat more technically inclined than that made me sound….) I’m always a little nervous about voiding my warranty (phone is about four months old) or losing something valuable and not being able to go back. Anyone have any pointers or suggestions?

  6. We’re not the only site that reported this. Please consider revising the verbiage.



    Further, we’ve revised our post to reflect the delay.

  7. I was forced into buying a INCREDIBLE couldn’t wait any longer for an update to my G1

  8. i just sold my hero so i can purchase the evo.

  9. This is ridiculous. What are they waiting for? Are they worried that there might be bugs? Ever since I got the Moment, I’ve had occasional issues (the notorious “Airplane bug”) where data or voice connectivity just *goes away* and the phone needs to be rebooted or the battery popped. If Sprint is willing to put a phone out that occasionally just STOPS WORKING, what could possibly be so bad about the work-in-progress 2.1 for the Moment that they aren’t willing to just put it out there and deal with the consequences?

    Sprint has decided to get us excited about the next generation of smartphones before they finished getting their act together on the CURRENT generation of smartphones. Not very smart.

  10. Update: Sprint spokesperson Mark Elliott released this statement earlier this morning regarding the updates:

    “Sprint expects to upgrade from Android 1.5 directly to 2.1 by early Q2 of 2010. We are currently working through the options for upgrades with the manufacturing partners. We will communicate details on how to load the update when it is available.”

    So, it looks like all this waiting still isn’t over. Sprint and HTC still haven’t official released a time frame for the Android 2.1 updates for the Samsung Moment and HTC Hero, except early Q2 2010.

    It’s basically the same old story that we’ve been hearing since the Samsung Moment and HTC Hero were released. Good times.

  11. If they miss Q2 because of HTC Evo, they better have some kind of trade-in deal on Evo for Hero owners…Verizon is starting to look better and better every month that passes

  12. What a joke. The entire HTC/Sprint Product Management Team should be completely fork-lifted for gross mismanagement. and throw in their Communications Team while we’re at it.

    No information is bad enough, but mis-information is absolutely unacceptable.

  13. I don’t think Sprint/HTC will miss the Q2 2010 deadline. They have until the end of June to make that happen.

    To be fair, if Sprint/HTC rushed a release of Android 2.1 and it was full of bugs, we’d be sitting here chatting about how badly Sprint/HTC botched the release instead of how annoyed we are that they’re taking so long to get it out to us. In other words, I’d take quality over speed any day.

  14. Using a Samsung Moment to post this. Installed Eclair a month ago from a leaked version. Bugs are small and nothing compared to the mess that was Moment 1.5. The process took about ten minutes. If you’re on the fence, I recommend making the jump and not waiting until Sprint finally comes around.

  15. Honestly, at least we (Sprint Android smartphone owners), have some general time frame to go on. Think about how people with the HTC Droid Eris are feeling.

    They’ve barely heard anything about an Android 2.1 update for their phone, outside of ROM leaks. Not to mention, Verizon is retiring the Droid Eris in June because the HTC Droid Incredible is its replacement, which is another concern for them ever getting the Android 2.1 update.

  16. Spoke to a Sprint CSR today:
    Agent (Ronald C): “I have just checked the last update, the 2.1 will come in coming week.”
    kirk: “1 week?”
    Agent (Ronald C): “Yes.”
    kirk: “By May 7th?”
    Agent (Ronald C): “Might be.”
    Agent (Ronald C): “Might be it will come before that.”
    kirk: “ok…thank you”
    Agent (Ronald C): “You are welcome.”
    kirk: “by week’s end you are alluding to”
    Agent (Ronald C): “Ok.”
    kirk: “thank you”
    Agent (Ronald C): “Please let me know if I can be of any more help to you.”
    That’s what I was told….if it means anything…

  17. So you take a date to the prom and she ends up kissing up to everyone else except you – I would never date HTC again – she’s a whore and just forgets who took her to the prom – Sprint is trying to being macho but everyone is laughing at him :)

  18. Im just commenting on this particular comment:

    I was forced into buying a INCREDIBLE couldn’t wait any longer for an update to my G1

    how is it that a cdma provider forced you into buying an cdma phone on a different carrier than the one being discussed in the article, because you couldnt wait any longer for an update to your gsm phone?

  19. I cared a lot about this update in the past. THEN I rooted my phone and have played with many kick ass ROMs from the developers. I don’t care when this update comes out now as I won’t be installing it.

  20. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk more waiting:[

  21. @Will be selling my Sprint Hero for the EVO no longer believe a update will happen :-(

  22. Keep up the fight, keep pressuring sprint!

  23. Sprint is going to wait until the very last minute to update the Samsung Moment and HTC Hero to push more people to switch to an Evo. Sprint wants to get as many people on the Evo as possible and releasing 2.1 before the launch will discourage most users to switch phones

  24. My Moment is an unreconstructed piece of crap, and, I believe solely due to software. As it is, it’s not really a usable phone. Need it for work, so I can’t root it. Looks like I will just have to wait and wait and get further disgusted with Sprint. How Samsung could let such a great piece of hardware be turned into a crappy paperweight that _occasionally_ receives calls, I will never understand.

    Last night Sprint texted me that my new NASCAR application is all ready and waiting for download! How exciting. I guess this is where their priorities lie: turn the phone into an overpriced toy for racing fans.

    Unfortunately, I bought the phone for my business, and can’t root it. I have four other phones on this account–all working perfectly well, as only mine is a Moment—so getting rid of Sprint would be difficult, even though at times I feel like riding by the Sprint store and throwing _this_ brick through their window.

    Do you hear me Sprint? You SUCK!





  26. I love my new Hero, I just got it on Monday. Sprint, you have 27 days and counting, get this update out or the phone goes back. tick, tick, tick…..

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