Apr 29th, 2010

It seemed to take forever to go from the first moment we learned about the HTC Droid Incredible to the day Verizon Wireless finally decided to announce its existence. A lot happened between that time, but the hands on my clock absolutely flew leading up to this day: the Droid Incredible is finally out in stores (and on your doorstep for online preorderers).


If you didn’t jump the gun before hand, you might want to check  out what Phandroid is offering you: grab a new HTC Droid Incredible on a 2-year contract for a special introductory price. Click here to check out the price so nice that we can’t even tell you what it is. We think you’ll love the deal we’re giving you and – from what I’ve seen about the phone up to this point – it’s a very hard deal to pass up.

If you prefer to get your goods directly from the horse’s stable, then make no delay in heading to Verizon’s store this morning (or order it from their online store if you have no problem waiting – and you definitely should have a problem with waiting any longer to pick this thing up).

[Update]: Verizon has sold out of the Incredible until the 4th. All the more reason to consider buying from Phandroid at a discounted price!

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