Droid Incredible Launches, Phandroid Offers Phans A Special Introductory Price


It seemed to take forever to go from the first moment we learned about the HTC Droid Incredible to the day Verizon Wireless finally decided to announce its existence. A lot happened between that time, but the hands on my clock absolutely flew leading up to this day: the Droid Incredible is finally out in stores (and on your doorstep for online preorderers).


If you didn’t jump the gun before hand, you might want to check  out what Phandroid is offering you: grab a new HTC Droid Incredible on a 2-year contract for a special introductory price. Click here to check out the price so nice that we can’t even tell you what it is. We think you’ll love the deal we’re giving you and – from what I’ve seen about the phone up to this point – it’s a very hard deal to pass up.

If you prefer to get your goods directly from the horse’s stable, then make no delay in heading to Verizon’s store this morning (or order it from their online store if you have no problem waiting – and you definitely should have a problem with waiting any longer to pick this thing up).

[Update]: Verizon has sold out of the Incredible until the 4th. All the more reason to consider buying from Phandroid at a discounted price!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

HTC Incredible Review

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  1. lucky American boys!!!!!

  2. Fedex says it is scheduled to be delivered today!

  3. You can also get $50 from Bing Cashbank through Wirefly…making it $99.

    Check out http://www.bing.com/cashback and search for Wirefly. Click and follow the links! Great deal for Verizon, I hope the EVO has a similar deal!

  4. Amazon appears to have it for $99

  5. Got mine yesterday thanks to the preorder. It’s my first smartphone and all I can say is the name does it justice. Also, just in case anyone was wondering I preordered around 8:00am on the 19th and I did get the 2GB mini SD card.

  6. Awesome! I get to save a one-time $50 on the phone and then get ass raped monthly for the next two years by my verizon plan.
    sprint.. hurry up.

  7. Awesome! I get to save a one-time $50 on the phone and then get ass raped monthly for the next two years by my verizon plan.
    sprint.. hurry up with your challenger.

  8. It isn’t sold out. It says it will ship by May 4th. I ordered mine this morning and it already shipped.

  9. Received mine yesterday.

  10. Amazon has it for $99

  11. How about for people on a family plan that don’t want to change the plan, just to extend their contract for 2 years, what option do we choose for the change plan?

  12. Got mine yesterday preordered on the 19th. I had been holding on to an old Moto Q waiting for the Nexus to hit Verizon. Ordered the Incrediblae as soon as I could and I tell you it was worth the pain and suffering because it truly is Incredible.

  13. Funny thing is that, my first thought was “This is why Phandroid is so HTC biased, they are selling phones”. but seriously, the site, breaking news, reviews, and deals are great. I cant wait to see this phone.

  14. Only problem is it looks like wirefly is who does your mobile sales… If that is the case I would recommend anyone interested to look at their rating first.


    I had to fight with them for over 6 months on my rebates and still only recieved 1 of the 2 that I was supposed to get. They are the absolutely the worst company to buy a phone from.

  15. Damn, 16 months on my existing contract for my Eris. That’s fine I’m pleased with the Eris and in 16 months this phone will probably be a distant memory.

  16. @jason– that phones already a distant memory….

  17. ordered mine last week and fedex says it will be here tomorrow :(

  18. @RC – I kept my same family plan but had to add a data plan to my line.

  19. The $99 Amazon deal is only good for NEW VZW customers. If you’re upgrading/extending your contract, it’s still $199.

  20. AMAZON SHOPPERS: be very careful, bc the “Item Model Number” is listed as “Droid Eris” a ways down the page……

  21. Found out TODAY that VZ screwed up my order and never charged me for the phone. Had a whole big email from them on the 10th at 6:10am after I ordered showing the charge on the card and my order #. They say they don’t know how it got screwed up so guess who didn’t get his phone today??? I even called for it to be overnighted. Lets pray I get it tomorrow. My voice is horse from yelling at VZ all day. They only thing they had to offer was “sorry Sir we can give you some free minutes”. They charge my card but can’t find my order??? If I don”t have it tomorrow EVO here I come. Trying not to sound like a baby but come on…. waiting since this phone became rumor/reality.
    How much ram/rom did it really come with? 512 or 768?

  22. Get what ya pay for (eh hem sprint lmffao!) Enjoy!

  23. Oh yes and swtwc apparently you do not know how to order online because VZW is all about the money…and we rarely screw up an order…where is your confirmation page you were supposed to print out sweeti? Oh that’s right you don’t have one because YA DIDNT GET THAT FAR IN THE PROCESS!

  24. So I’m not eligible for the NE2 upgrade on my phone.
    But I just went through the process on the PHAndroid store for this phone…didn’t buy it yet though.
    Would I be able to get the $149 “upgrade” or am I wasting $149 here for nothing?

  25. Can someone help me how do i get the price down to 99.99 in amazon for the droid incredible

  26. @DEHusker, I’m wondering the exact same thing. I’ll gladly pay $149 for this phone if it means I can get it before my NE2 matures. Anyone know if this works or not?

  27. I have 2 phones on my account. If I upgrade straight from verizon’s website I get the first one for $99.99 and the second one for $199.99 bringing the total to about 300 for both phones. Thats a better deal than upgrading from Phandroid at $179 per phone. Boo!

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