Nook Update Brings Chess, Sudoku, Plus More


A new update is available for the Nook eReader, and it adds interesting capabilities that you wouldn’t otherwise see on a traditional eReader. On the Android side of this update, the first Android applications for the device have been added and should prove to be some crowd pleasers: Chess and Sudoku.


They’ve also added a new Browser (which we’re not sure is Android-based) and the ability to read Barnes and Noble’s eBook selection for free via WiFi (they’ve mentioned that you needed to be in the store or at participating hotspots to do this). If you want the update – and I’m pretty sure you will – follow this link for the necessary instructions.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This update makes the Nook an attractive buy, for me at least. Needed to hit up B&N this weekend anyways, so will check this out.

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