Droid Incredible Looks Quick in Video Preview


Last week’s official announcement of HTC’s Droid Incredible for Verizon came at the 99% Conference. This morning we are treated to a little demo by HTC’s Keith Nowak that the folks at Nerdstalker captured on [slightly blurry] video at the event. Showcased is a bit of Sense UI and Android 2.1, nothing all that new, but the real thing to watch is the speed. This phone is looking pretty quick. Take a look for yourself:

[Thanks Tim for the heads up! via Boy Genius Report]

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  1. damn damn damn!! tmobile sucks for not getting this shiiii!!

  2. first

  3. Hopefully only exclusive in USA :(

  4. wow! This phone is Incredible! but i’m still waiting for the Sprint Evo!!

  5. Pre-Order my phone today at best buy at 11am. Now just waiting for the 29th to arrive. I personally will pass on the Evo dont care for the phone but I not even want to deal with sprint ever again.

  6. I wish Verizon had the most Android phones (sarcasm)

  7. BLAHHH! I posted this video on the androidforums incredible forum 2 days ago…. credit to bgr my arse!

  8. T-mobile already has a fast, functional phone….called the Nexus One. This Droid Incredible just has some of the HTC twists to the Android software…that appears to be all!

  9. Just went to Best Buy and reserved mine…they have an instant rebate instead of a mail-in rebate (which is what Verizon stores are offering). BTW I am making the switch from Tmobile to Verizon. I’ve been waiting since November for a phone and off contract since October 2009. Can’t wait longer, so this is it…but the EVO, the Samsung Galaxy S (my fav.), and Xperia X10 all look great, but I’m tired of the waiting game…I think this is a nice compromise with a great UI.

  10. Could they have used a crappier camera? Looks like it’s time to invest in something with autofocus.

  11. Interesting. It runs how a phone should run, so what’s the big deal here?

  12. I want physical call and back buttons!

  13. This is just the Desire in a different skin with slightly better camera….when is the Evo coming to Europe,that is what i want to know

  14. love this phone have one now and it is great. My dad has an iphone and they are about the same.

  15. I seriously thought I was going to wait for the Nexus One, as I am a fan of plain jane Android. But this phone is looking good. Even the sculpted back is growing on me in a major way.

  16. I’ll wait and see the Comparison Reviews between the Desire and Incredible. Hope some people will make some.

  17. @Paul T:

    You can turn off Sense if you want to, in order to get the plain Nexus One style 2.1

  18. This phone will take off once it is in store for form/fit testing

  19. @ Paul T thought the same way about the back. Just think it is sculpted in way that the speaker is off the table so it should have less muffled sound when on speaker phone!

  20. looks a lot like the droid eris…only with a bigger screen,better camera,and android 2.1
    when will verizon release the 2.1 update for the eris?! im sick of their delays!!

  21. Coolish looks kinda cool…I just wish the screen was as big as evo….

  22. i want this phone… got an htc hero, while its fantastic, for a touchscreen its not big enough coz the virtual keyboard is too cramped for me…

  23. Sooo… the slowest part about the thing is its release.

  24. Bye Bye Nexus One. You are already old tech.

  25. Put down my deposit today at best buy. With my new every two im going to walk about of BB with the droid incredible for 150, no questions asked. Im so pumped for this phone. Ill be coming from a motorazr 2, so this should be a massive jump.

  26. This is not much better than the nexus hardware wise. I think the phones to look out for are the Evo and the Samsung Galaxy S.

  27. old tech?!! IT’S THE SAME PHONE!! slightly better camera, 8gb internal storage (just like a permanent SD card), other than sense (which you can run on N1 with diff ROM) it’s the same phone. old tech…

  28. @coolmandingo. ..T mobile also sucks for having bad 3g. And for having a bad signal…just sayin….

  29. Yeah Google should have had a Nexus One CDMA release a while back, because I probably would have bought that immediately. But now it is old-tech and I might as well buy the Incredible. I also at first thought the Incredible looked ugly, but this looks great!

    All the people saying that the EVO 4G is great, etc. That is nice and all if you are using Sprint, but as a Verizon customer, this will be the best Android phone out for me.

  30. Well ordering this thing is already a nightmare. It shows on the list with a checkbox that says “Compatible Device.” Then when you choose Add to Cart, it immediately kicks you to an Incompatible Device page and tries to get you to upgrade your entire family’s account to something else (which I know from experience is always bad news from Verizon). Maddening! I just want to add the freaking phone to the freaking account and do what it takes to do that! Now I have to wait till 6 am to call them I guess.

  31. Just got my Incredible pre-ordered. Cant wait for it to come in!

  32. GREAT. Friggen VZ. Website is locked right down. Now one would think (obviously not Verizon) you would know your site is going to be bombarded on Pre sale evening. Be prepard with staff at the ready for a site hiccup. Be back by 8am at best and who knows if they’ll still be in stock. WTF!?! Been crying for this phone for about 2-3 months, the old lady is ready to leave me because all I do is read the websites about it. I know it’s sad but it’s MY saddness.

  33. OK, update on the post above. Called Verizon at 6 am opening time and they were extremely nice and patient, and sorted the account mess out. The only surprise was that the Visual Voice Mail feature isn’t a free app or inherent to the phone, but is a small charge (2.99 a month). Phone should be on its way for the 29th, and I couldn’t be more excited!

  34. I’m just not looking forward to the data charge ($35.99) and I think its just lame that if my wife wants a smartphone too thats another data charge ($35.99) that brings a grand total of $70 or so just in data charges I’ve got to pay…my home internet is cheaper and everyone can use it. Other wise love the phone and can’t wait to be a proud Android owner.

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