Droid Incredible WILL Have Internal Memory, Video Out, No 720p [UPDATE]


There has been some speculation as to whether or not the Droid Incredible by HTC would have any sort of dedicated internal storage. Leaks and official documents have offered conflicting views. Some led us to believe the Incredible would come packaged with an 8GB SD card, others that there may be no internal memory at all, and most stood by the original figure of 8GB of on-board internal storage. Well, we were able to get our hands on a shot from Verizon’s computer-based training system showing that the phone will indeed have dedicated internal memory in addition to expandable SD card storage. See for yourself:


OK, you’ll notice it isn’t EXACTLY 8GB, but that may come as no surprise. The exact figure there reads as 6.60 GB total, and there have been rumors that a portion of the 8GB is reserved for app installation, so this makes sense. Of course this shot is from a training mock-up, so we can’t be sure the exact numbers will stick. We can, however, say with confidence that Incredible owners will have access to both on-board storage as well as MicroSD.

UPDATE: Here we have a pic from the same Verizon training system showing off the TV Out settings. Yep, the Incredible has that too.


Speaking of video, looks like no 720p video recording (there is some speculation it may launch in a future update):


And one more for good measure, a look at the Incredible’s notification settings. Looks like you’ll get a pretty good amount of control over which notifications will be blowing up your LED.


[via AndroidForums]

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  1. Yay! Finally dispelling the myth of the SD card. Thanks for this. It makes me even more excited about the phone! Now I can get a 16gb card that will actually add 16gb of space!

  2. Plenty of app space and more than EVO will have (1gb rom means about 700 free, after OS and pre-installed apps takes its space).

    Also means EASY to re-allocate in a rooted rom :)

  3. “Toatal”? Hope the phone is not as messed up as the spelling in it’s menu.

  4. anybody else getting a tick confused with the back and forth?

    This was really the “Make” for this phone that pushed it past the NexusOne for me… so I’m happy to say it.

    …I’m just a little dizzy from all the conflicting reports…

  5. YES!! Big numbers are good, thats all I need to know. Now should I wait for an EVO and lower Sprint rates???

  6. That is nice. Although Cyanogen + Apps2SD + Class 10 16 Gig card = LOVE

  7. Any word on whether the CPU is under-clocked or not?

  8. That’s fantastic even though it’s not quite 8 gigs. Now about the Wifi, what’s the deal with that? Is it WiFi 802.11n like is says in the leaked Manual? If not, what was the point of creating a manual in the first place?

  9. Preordering on monday!!!!

  10. Any official word on the expandability of the Micro SD? There seems to be conflicting date there too. I’ve seen 16gb and 32gb.

  11. im glad i was right about the video out :)

  12. Sprint Evo or Droid Incredible?? Sprint Evo or Droid Incredible?? Sprint Evo or Droid Incredible?? Sprint Evo or Droid Incredible?? Sprint Evo or Droid Incredible?? Sprint Evo or Droid Incredible??

    I’m having a hard time making up my mind.

    Anybody know what I mean?

  13. @Brian The processor will not be under-clocked. You’ll be getting the full 1GHz to use as you please.

  14. 7 – full 1ghz snapdragon – NOT underclocked.

  15. @14 Justin – How can we know if it is under-clocked or not before it is out? The Nexus one Specs all say 1 GHz, but IIRC it is under-clocked to 7xx MHz(768?). Maybe I am wrong but I feel like this one will be too

  16. Please excuse me while I…..JI$$ IN MY PANTS!!!! Just in time for my new every 2 renewal. HOLLA @ YA BOY VZ!!!!

  17. @Northwest Joe:
    I toataly know what you mean :)
    I’m actually wrestling with the same decision myself. I’m on verizon and hate to leave but the Evo is so amazing nothing will quite reach it I believe. Now the Droid Incredible will be the thing that can keep me on verizon even if its not quite as amazing as the Evo.

  18. @15 Mjcanton, The Nexus One is not underclocked whatsoever.

  19. @Justin, the processor will be under clocked. Is it me, or does the second picture look like a photo shop job? Notice the picture of the Incredible is bigger, yet, the small fonts are blurred. The larger fonts do not quite line up with the drop down arrows. I could be wrong. However, I do remember Verizon reps saying the Incredible will not have video out. IF it can, without HD 720p the videos will look horrible.

  20. Will we be able to use 32gb micro sd cards in this device? Like @Phill said, there’s specs for both 16gb and 32gb on different sites. Any help would be… helpful.

  21. Hummmmmm looks cool however I wish Verizon would come out with a screen on a phone as big as Evo. ..

  22. If I were able to, I would totally go for the Incredible…Having seen the HD2 for T-mobile has me second guessing on portability of the EVO…OMG, the HD2 is huge! Nice phone and all but it’s like almost double the size of my moto droid (exaggeration)…but I guess if you like having big things, then go ahead with the EVO…but the Incredible will definitely be more pocketable…

  23. I love it how they can’t even spell “total” correctly.

  24. What will the TV out feature allow? can you watch tv on the phone? or just output to a tv what is on your phone? if that makes sense.

  25. This site should write some news on the HTC Incredible. It’s pretty lacking.

  26. @Informed, It very well could be PS’d on the training system. We do that with user manuals all the time rather than getting the perfect screenshot or having to retake pictures, just edit what you have.

  27. @Brian, I am thankful for all of the Incredible articles. I’m planning to get one so I appreciate all of the updates.

  28. The processor will NOT be underclocked. However, it will (based on earlier reports) operate at a lower clock level when at idle or when not needing to flex all of the muscle. When needed, you will get all of the Snapdragon goodness, but will save a little battery life in the interim. Seems to be a totally acceptable compromise.

  29. @eleazar
    Don’t push your incredible socialist agenda on me you .. Democrat.

  30. What resolution is Video out?

  31. What I’ve gathered from the forums is that it’s still thought that 720p video recording is still possible. I may need some rooting to unlock this feature, but I believe that technically it is available. That said, I haven’t read the forum since this new info was posted, so maybe that assumption has changed.

  32. The name of this thread SHOULD have “….YET” on the end.——> “Droid Incredible WILL Have Internal Memory, Video Out, No 720p …. YET” Phandroid is really trying to promote Android, so why not include the bit about 720p being accessible in the future: the source is certainly trustworthy. Here’s the post: http://androidforums.com/htc-incredible/42916-official-htc-incredible-thread-771.html#post575489

  33. From what I’ve read,the TV out uses RCA cables. Also, the reason it says “toatal” is because it’s part of the training session for VZW employees.

  34. Confused…how does this compare to the internal storage on Nexus One?

  35. @Stew, thanks for the info.

    @kwest12, 2.1 does not support HD nor 720p, that is why some are saying the EVO will have elements of 2.2 or 2.5. I believe 2.5 is Froyo.

  36. @ Informed, if you are familiar with the forum thread that this info has all been coming from you should also be familiar with the user ‘Anonimac’. He has proven to be a highly reliable source of inside info. Please refer to his post here, and I’m sure you’ll agree with my second comment: http://androidforums.com/htc-incredible/42916-official-htc-incredible-thread-771.html#post575489

  37. @T Man
    That’s nothing exclusive to the Incredible. Pretty much every phone does that.

    The only reason there was an underclocked rumor was because someone with a test phone uploaded the specs of the processor, and when they did it was running at 768mhz or something. In reality, the phone uses anywhere from I think 250mhz to 1ghz.

  38. The Droid records 720p video and has since release.

  39. nice work on the insider info.
    this the best site for android news

  40. Commooooon Kevin, change the name, I know you want to! Just add “…yet” and link to that post after saying it doesn’t have 720p recording yet! Puh puh puh puuuuleeaase

  41. You guys, I know some of you want the Incredible to be like the EVO, unfortunately it isn’t. Some people mistakenly thought the EVO and the Incredible were the same, they aren’t. The EVO and the HD2 are similar, the Incredible is more similar to the Desire. Mistakenly believing the EVO and the Incredible are alike, is what is leading some to think the Incredible records at 720p. Look at the picture above, that is proof right there. 720p recording is not just software, their are hardware components, licensing fees as well.

  42. Toatal Fail lol
    I’m getting this phone too can’t wait ;p

  43. @kwest
    I have been in touch with anon and we agreed that it may eventually come, but it’s still very speculative. But because I like you, I have at least updated the body of the post with that link to the forum. Thanks!

  44. @dave— ….not according to phonearena and all advertisements

    @kwest— why would anyone, trying to promote a new device, leave out such a key feature as 720p? simple, they dont. because they want people to know about such a massive feature.

    if this phone is not advertiseng 720p recording it wont have it. plain and simple. its not just software, its hardware also. stop dreaming

  45. Anyone else notice it says “Toatal Space” at the bottom of the first screen?

  46. Seems to me that the “toatal” misspelling is a dead giveaway that this is a photochop job.

  47. Will the screen have true >2 finger multitouch?

  48. @Kevin, thanks for updating the article and the compliment :)
    @fupadroid, if you have comprehensive info on all the hardware and software to be released with the Inc, please share it. If not, please just take it easy lol. I don’t think you have a crystal ball, and stranger things have happened than 720p not being announced and then being unlocked later. Eeeeeasy big guy, eeeaasssy haha

  49. So much misinformation and speculation. The only reliable info is the info Verizon and HTC have put out. Oh wait, they haven’t. Everyone should calm the hell down, STFU and just wait for the damn phone to be released.

  50. @CJ, first, let me just thank you for trolling. Second, the rumor I’m referring to is from a user who has been right time and again with the info he leaks. If he says that 720p recording is possible, there’s a pretty high probability that he’s right.

  51. I don’t want any of that Sense UI faggotry.

  52. The user guide pdf spells out a few things, including wifi n, vpn, and finger gestures like swipe and two finger enlargement and reduction. I don’t have the pdf with me right now and the link to it appears to fail, but the user guide has a lot of information on how to use all these things.

  53. User guide is at http://cache.vzw.com/multimedia/mim/htc_incredible/incredible.pdf, but even it doesn’t say whether microSD support is 16GB or 32 … I can’t imagine it being 16 though, considering the Droid and Nexus One both support 32

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