38,000 Apps in the Market, Nexus One Bringing in Profits


Google’s earnings are up for this year, as they announced today revenues of $5.06 billion this quarter. This 19 percent increase over last year is thanks in no small part to Android, with the Android Market now containing 38,000 apps, up 8,000 apps from last month and a whopping 28,000 from last September’s number of 10,000. On top of the growing apps market, Android is seeing 60 thousand device activations a day.

Also reported today was the surprising-to-most statement that Google’s Nexus One is actually turning a profit. Many have questioned Google’s business plan in selling the phone unsubsidized through their website with limited advertising to draw attention to the device.


Google gave themselves a pat on the back stating they are “happy with device uptake” and the “impact it has had raising the bar showing what a smartphone can do.” With a total profit of $1.96 billion across all of their endeavors for the quarter, Google may have been able to afford a slow start with the Nexus One, but it seems that just isn’t the case. They did not, however, comment any plans for future expansion of the Nexus One to more carriers.

[via TechCrunch, Engadget]

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  1. Oh, it’s a “smartphone” now? and not a “superphone” any more ;) I guess even Google can get ahead of themselves a little from time to time :)

  2. Please make a Nexus Two with a physical keyboard.

  3. Nexus one is best by far!! Way to go.

  4. oh make no mistake, it is a super phone. I got mine the day after it was released and I am still amazed with it every day. Getting rod of my 3gs was the best thing I have ever done. I can’t believe how fleeced iphone owners are.

  5. @GORT22 I loved my Nexus One. It really doesnt need a hardware keyboard. At first i didnt think i would like it without a physical keyboard but i was very surprised. It’s actually very easy to use.

    I never use the physical keyboard on the droid cause it just plain sucks.

  6. Nexus One generated almost $2 billion in one quarter?! Umm… no, I call bullshit.
    Either Bernie Madoff is the new accountant for Google or you dropped a decimal point (or two) somewhere under your desk.

  7. I will also vouch for the preference of a soft keyboard now after having my N1 for a good bit. I thought I would really miss that feature from my G1, but I can say it’s not an issue.
    I can believe sales are doing better than initially seen as I know a number of people now looking to buy one themselves after seeing and playing around with mine. I’m also a later adopter with buying mine in early March and have no regrets on buying it new at full price after trying to find one used for a reasonable price.
    I’m thinking the profit figure is a typo of some sort as well, but think we’ll continue to see sales of the N1 keep going.

  8. It says Google generated 1.95 bill profit.
    Not nexus one.
    Read it right…

  9. The $2B figure was for all of Google (as the author stated), not the Nexus One.

  10. RTFP. Total revenue of $5b, and a total profit of $2b, “across all of their endeavors” for the first quarter of 2010. As much as I like my N1, obviously the Google superphone is not responsible for much more than a drop in their massive bucket. I would be fascinated to know what Android as a whole is contributing.

  11. Where do i find official info on how many apps there is?
    According to

    There are 44 000 apps

  12. Yeah I’m with you Josh. ..I think keyboards are becoming old news. As for phones selling well for Google I think the new Droid incredible r whatever they will call it will be a huge boast for Google maybe more then the first Droid

  13. The should list the total amount of usefull apps.
    The marked is getting full of crap apps that don’t even classify as apps.

    All these “some womans butt apps”.
    And they have to redesign the marked sooner or later, it’s getting pretty hard to find anything anymore.

  14. I tried out a loaned Nexus One from work for a week and I sorely missed my G1 keyboard. So, I still like h/w keyboards. The virtual keyboard is good, but it still has its drawbacks.

    For one, when entering text in landscape mode, any multiline textbox and they keyboard fill up the whole screen. This is annoying when typing emails and I want to look at the email I’m reply to.

    Also, it eats up a lot of screen real-estate in programs like ssh, VNC, etc where screen real-estate is crucial.

    Hoping for a SnapDragon phone with a keyboard.

  15. hi am siyaj fom india, keral. am owning my goole nexus for the past two months ‘ awesome’ is the word i express. no other mob is compairable to this. i had been using iphone, n97, sony experia , htc touch before but this is the best i have ever been with. all other users ur still behind !!

  16. I love the Droid keyboard. Can’t see what you guys don’t like about it….

  17. @SK Take a look at the LG LU2300 — 1GHz Snapdragon, 4-row Qwerty, AMOLED..

  18. I have a Droid, and the only reason I ever slide open the keyboard is to dust it off once in a while.

    I had a G1 before this, and thought I needed a keyboard, but the Droid is the last phone I will ever buy with a keyboard — don’t need, don’t want.

    In fact now, I seldom even use the virtual keyboard, as the speech to text function works so well I use it almost exclusively.

  19. @ VonFalkenhausen et al, I did RTFP. the article was edited after I made the comment.

  20. I’m sorry, but I own a Nexus One and even with using “Better Keyboard” and “Smart Keyboard Pro”, I sorely miss my G1’s real keyboard. Until Google hardcodes Swype into Android or the company sells a Swype app on the Market, you just won’t be able to type as fast or as accurately as with a real keyboard like the G1 or the Moment. It is what it is. But even then, the horizontal view needs to open up so you can see what you’re typing on. This gets highly annoying when you are typing into fields on a form. A Nexus One with enterprise level security, e-mail functions, 8MP camera, 8GB flash memory, front-facing camera, and a 4 row keyboard like the Moment would destroy the competition hands down.

  21. And when I say “enterprise level e-mail functions” I’m talking Outlook/exchange/Blackberry level e-mail and calendar functions.

  22. The most overlooked part that no one mentioned is this.

    “Android is seeing 60 thousand device activations a day.”

    Quick math tells me that’s 22 MILLION Android device activation a year. This is before the Incredible, EVO 4G, Galaxy S, HTC Scorpion, Motorola Shadow and whatever other new monster devices these folks are going to introduce this year. Let alone the Cortex A9 based devices due out next year. Android has a VERY bright future.

  23. @ Ratnok Tried slidit used it on my N1 and seems similar enough to swype i think you should survive

  24. @Jesus Christ
    Androlib is not a reliable source. Androlib lists apps that are long gone from the android market.

  25. I got my Nexus One almost a month ago, right after the UMTS 850/1900 version was announced, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it. Google deserves to do very well with this endeavor.

    The virtual keyboard is a big adjustment. I’m much better with it now than when I first got the phone, but still not great. Honestly, I think I’m just barely getting similar speeds to what I got with T9 on my old feature phone. My precision has improved hugely, but I still don’t use completion as effectively as I could. So, I think it takes a lot of time and patience to master.

    It’s especially challenging to use the virtual keyboard while walking or riding in a vehicle. With real keys, your finger can connect and adjust before applying pressure, but trying to bring the moving finger together with the moving screen in exactly the right spot is much trickier.

    Even with the odd virtual keyboard frustration, I’m still convinced that the Nexus One is the best phone currently available. I’m so glad I didn’t buy a Milestone, as I’d still be stuck with Android 2.0 and of course a locked bootloader.

  26. Did any one see the huge drop in Google’s stock today?

    Any ideas why?

  27. The sexy nexy for the win!

  28. Love my N1 on the bell network HSDPA Ontario, tethered the N1 with my laptop seeing that data included in my plan does include tethering now with bell, it was flaming fast speeds and easy to set up. I am coming from a palm pre, absolutely no regrets for purchasing the N1, totally worth it.

  29. I graduated from G1 to N1 in January and it is far superior in all aspects compared to iPhone or any other smartphone in the top end segment….I have stopped taking my laptop, using my broadband wireless is a super phone with a superdesign…amazing…it still takes my breath away….hats off…Google And HTC, if u r a Google product user…I was skeptical about on-screen typing…but the convenience of carrying a single pocketsized dynamo machine for everything is simply amazing…way to go, Google…

  30. Alex R: I never go directly to the App market anymore. Use AppBrain. So much easier. The great thing about open platforms is if the stock thing sucks, use a third party one!

  31. So many applications and so far I haven’t found one that would sync my outlook with notes. Still can’t wait for the Galaxy S to come to T-Mobile in US.

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