Apr 15th, 2010

Google’s earnings are up for this year, as they announced today revenues of $5.06 billion this quarter. This 19 percent increase over last year is thanks in no small part to Android, with the Android Market now containing 38,000 apps, up 8,000 apps from last month and a whopping 28,000 from last September’s number of 10,000. On top of the growing apps market, Android is seeing 60 thousand device activations a day.

Also reported today was the surprising-to-most statement that Google’s Nexus One is actually turning a profit. Many have questioned Google’s business plan in selling the phone unsubsidized through their website with limited advertising to draw attention to the device.


Google gave themselves a pat on the back stating they are “happy with device uptake” and the “impact it has had raising the bar showing what a smartphone can do.” With a total profit of $1.96 billion across all of their endeavors for the quarter, Google may have been able to afford a slow start with the Nexus One, but it seems that just isn’t the case. They did not, however, comment any plans for future expansion of the Nexus One to more carriers.

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