Apr 13th, 2010

When one of the hottest handsets alive (the HTC Incredible) is about to land on America’s largest carriers (Verizon aka Big Red), there is something they’ll absolutely want their employees and sales staff to be: prepared. And if the below picture is any indication, they’ve begun preparing.


We’ve snipped a bit of the screenshot above to protect our souce, but as you can clearly see, Verizon will soon begin training its employees with a 1-hour webinar for SMEs (Subject Matter Experts). It clearly identifies a “New HTC Smartphone (Android OS)” and the timing is “Week of April TBD”. Keep in mind this timeframe is for the WEBINAR not for the launch date, but its just one more bit of evidence confirming the wait is coming down to the wire.

Boy oh boy would we love to be in on that webinar conference call…

[Via This Post on our very own HTC Incredible Forum]

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