Apr 11th, 2010

If there is one place to get all the Incredible information your little heart can take, its gotta be at the HTC Incredible Forum on AndroidForums.com. Members there have been sticking to Verizon’s upcoming Android like white on rice, and the latest Sherlocking has turned up some pretty good pics of HTC Incredible accessories:

HTC Incredible Battery Cover – $14.99

HTC Incredible Extended Battery (Red – 2150 mAh) – $59.99

HTC Incredible Rubber Case – $29.99

HTC Incredible Display Protectors (3-pack – $12.99)

I’m really liking that red battery – especially because its 2150 mAh – I’m dying to see how long the phone lasts.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – if you’re looking for a real “community” built around the HTC Incredible, the folks at AndroidForums are definitely the trail blazers. Head over to the HTC Incredible Forum, check out the Incredible Evergreen thread where the latest info is popping up, or join in on the “Official HTC Incredible Thread” that is at 625 pages and counting!

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