HTC Incredible Accessories Pictures & Prices Leak!


If there is one place to get all the Incredible information your little heart can take, its gotta be at the HTC Incredible Forum on Members there have been sticking to Verizon’s upcoming Android like white on rice, and the latest Sherlocking has turned up some pretty good pics of HTC Incredible accessories:

HTC Incredible Battery Cover – $14.99

HTC Incredible Extended Battery (Red – 2150 mAh) – $59.99

HTC Incredible Rubber Case – $29.99

HTC Incredible Display Protectors (3-pack – $12.99)

I’m really liking that red battery – especially because its 2150 mAh – I’m dying to see how long the phone lasts.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – if you’re looking for a real “community” built around the HTC Incredible, the folks at AndroidForums are definitely the trail blazers. Head over to the HTC Incredible Forum, check out the Incredible Evergreen thread where the latest info is popping up, or join in on the “Official HTC Incredible Thread” that is at 625 pages and counting!

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  1. So can we all finally agree tha the phone is real and is coming VERY soon! :P

  2. Oh and P.S, you forgot one pic. Flash 4.0 (which the Incredible & Evo have)is Flash 10 capability. And Monday si for the Pink phones. ;D

  3. I don’t really understand why this phones been getting so much coverage and hype. Isn’t it ultimately just a lower specced HTC Desire? The 8-megapixel camera seem to be the only plus point.

  4. well, now it looks like we have a confirmed picture of the phone itself too in the screen protectors image.

  5. also, is it worth noting the screen protectors appear to be in stock?

  6. Ben, if the ram is 512meg then yes. desire has 576meg ram, it seems its the phone with more ram in the market….im considering buying the Desire, but i was waiting for the samsung s pro release date…..

  7. yeah but where in the world is the Nexus One for VW? WTF? I don’t want no stinking HTC Sense.

  8. What is the black battery cover for? I hope they make other colors and maybe another shape than the one that should come with it.

  9. Awesome, this might make my decision very soon.

  10. @Ben This device should be seen as an OVERSPEC’D desire, or an individual entitiy of itself. Please visit the HTC Incredible section of the forum and the Official thread.

  11. Looks cool.

    Good accessories.

  12. red..hmm, maybe they plan on doing something like Mr. Incredible promoting this phone? Matches the suit color and name :)

  13. So I’m guessing if you want the extended battery, you’ll need that battery cover as well? Why else would you buy that? So it’s going to run $75 for the extended battery then? And the case won’t fit? Either way, just release the phone already.

  14. I prefer leather cases. It help makes my phone more elegant and its fashionable too.

  15. I still want this one to come to Europe. Might get the Desire, but this one makes me wait.

  16. I still don’t really get it… smaller screen with less colors, less ram, underclocked processor. Camera is better for stills, sure, but not the camcorder considering the new desire firmware gave 720p recording. Nah, desire all the way!

  17. @Ben There’s nothing not to get. This is simply the best phone to come to Verizon ever. Sure, there might be phones out there with better specs, but we don’t even have the official announcement from Verizon yet. Either way, carrier is more important to some people than hardware. I’ll take a phone 90% as good as the EVO if it’s on Verizon.

  18. Topshelf said it. What good is the evo if the network don’t work.vz aint great for all its pennypinching. But at least I can make calls and my phone isn’t an overpriced PSP.

  19. Topshelf said it. What good is the evo if the network don’t work.vz aint great for all its pennypinching. But at least I can make calls and my phone isn’t an overpriced PSP w touchscreen

  20. See video interview with HTC employee demonstrating the Incredible:

  21. When will that red extended life battery be available for purchase? I really need one!

  22. I just talked to VZW….they said the 2150 mAh battery is on their list but back ordered due to demand….said to check back in a week or so….shame, I could use it now too.

    Any other sources for this battery?

  23. will the 2150mAh extended battery for the HTC incredible require a replacement door for it. and if so does it look like the original HTC incredible back cover or does it look different?

  24. I ordered a 1750 amh extended battery; Insedio brand on Amazon for $41. It fits under the standard back cover. Just got it but it looks like i got better life today.

  25. I bought the seido 1750 battery and returned it. It isnt any better than the 1300 oem battery. just smoke n mirrors.

    The HTC 2150 battery is thicker and requires a different battery cover. (included with battery) The up side of it is all day use with no recharging, but the downside is finding a case for the now larger phone.

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