[UPDATE] Rumor Train Keeps Rolling On Sprint HTC Evo 4G Launch Date


Luckily for us, Sprint higher-ups are so eager about the launch date of the HTC Evo 4G that they can’t keep their mouths shut! The latest watercooler talk comes to us via Engadget whose source claims that a June 13th date is becoming more and more likely – previously, we’ve only heard about a strong June 6th release.


Obviously we want this thing to come out as soon as it can but June 13th is still technically early June (and nothing has been promised to us anyway).

Some more plan information is making its rounds, as well. Sources suggest that 4G will only be available to those with a special 4G data plan supplement – think $10-20$ add-on. It’s sad to see that it won’t come standard with existing EV-DO plans as we once thought, but everything is still up in the air. Rumor stamp approved.

[UPDATE]: Looks like we misunderstood the context of the 4G pricing information. Confirmed by you guys in the comments, 4G pricing for handsets will indeed remain bundled in current EV-DO plans. The $10-$20 add-on suggests a scenario when you use 4G solely as a hotspot for other devices (a netbook or tablet). Sorry for the mix-up, guys!

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  1. your waiting too long to launch if iphone verizon comes out and looks better and has similar features sprint will not sell evodont be stupid sprint launch it in may

  2. your waiting too long to launch if iphone verizon comes out and looks better and has similar features sprint will not sell evo dont be stupid sprint launch it in may

  3. hesse has said no extra charge for 4g i don’t understand why people ignore thisssssss

  4. The extra charge would be a deal killer to me. It is not worth it. I would just completly go with T-mobile which will have higher speeds then Sprints 4G

  5. I sure hope there is no added fee. That might just make the difference for me. I like my plan price, but I’m being nickeled and dimed to death everywhere.

  6. who is Hesse?

  7. I am locked into Sprint so I aint going no where. I hope Hesse’s comment about no extra fees holds true but I am getting it anyway. More then likely another family member will be getting the EVO so maybe we will split up the payment. Hopefully the 4G charge is per account and not per phone. If there is even a charge going to happen.

  8. Since 4G is not available anywhere in LA, You can save yourself some money by just using the 3G plan and not paying for a service that isn’t even available.

    Assuming that they will end up charging extra

  9. great is beginning to sound like the htc hero 2.1 update, when the release date keeps on changing day by day…

  10. I don’t understand why some folks continue to ignore the fact, Hesse has said, “there will not be extra charges for 4G.”

    @Shay, Sprint 3G plan is the only plan, which 4G currently works on. There is no 4G plan.


  12. First, since as others have said, it was announced by the Sprint CEO that 4G would not be extra, I will take his word over this friggin unsourced rumor.
    But even if it were true, which I don’t believe, I am still a buyer. I live in the 5th largest city, and we have no Sprint 4G and none scheduled, but I am on WiFi most of the time, so I don’t care. That is not the reason I want the phone. 4.3″ screen + snapdragon processor on an Android phone are the two main reasons that I am a buyer.

  13. SPRINT IS KING!!! Kneal Before ZOD!!!

  14. I believe the add-on fee he is referring to is actually for tethering, not 4G. Again, that’s also just a rumor.

  15. @OMG Android App Reviews, what iphone 4G, I believe you mean OS 4.0. Apple are not releasing a 4G iphone.

  16. Seems like with root and a custom rom you could use it as a hotspot even without paying the fee?

  17. Sounds awesome indeed. Cant wait to see its coming, iPhone 4G? its not fair to bring it here, nothing different from 3G version but title and higher price

  18. Both of those days are a Sunday. Why would you release a new product on a Sunday? It doesn’t make sense. Wouldn’t it make more sense to release it on….I don’t..say a Friday like everyone else? Maybe June 4th or 11th?

  19. @MonkeyCheese Sprint always release their phones on Sundays so this is no surprise to its customers.

  20. @Da Beast June 6th 2009, The day the Palm Pre was released was a Saturday… Backberry Curve was released on May 10th 2008 which was a Saturday. Saturdays have also seen the release of the HTC Mogul, The Touch Pro 2 was released on Saturday September 19th 2009. As a matter of fact I’ve been a Sprint customer for almost 15 years…remembering the day of the “pin drop” ad campaign and even thenI would always get the latest phone on the first day it was out. Back then it was the Motorola Startac. I was one of the first customers in our sprint store that morning…January 3rd 1996 A cold Wednesday morning where I shelled out just over 800.00 for this great new device many years later I got the upstage released on a Thursday in March of 2007.

    I can’t recall many Sunday release dates and I’m forever a sprint early adopter.

  21. everything is king with you tom cant wait 2 see it

  22. As far as I have read there will be no extra charges for the 4G.. they are starting to charge extra for the 4G Broadband cards. Reason being the 4G is unlimited where the 3G is still capped at 5Gbs.. and its only another 10.00 per month..

  23. There is nothing that can be done about the botards that are always gonna drool over the iphone, launch date is important but anyone who is meant to have this phone will and if not then they will get stuck with Verizon’s false advertisement of the BIGGEST 3G spoof and much higher pricing. Anyone that has sense will stick with Sprint. In fact, SPRINT FTW. :D

  24. @Jerry Thanks for that info. Well maybe they started doing this recently b/c The HTC Hero was released on Oct 11, 2009 which was a Sunday.

  25. I work for Sprint, the extra charge on top of you 69.99 Simply Everything 450, is for mobile tethering, not 4g. and 4g has no data cap :)

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