HTC EVO 4G: Leaked Impressions, Coming Before June 6th?l


evoOver on AndroidForums.com there is some discussion about the launch date of the HTC EVO 4G and supposedly an “insider” f rom another forum claims it will be sooner than June 6th. Still a window of a couple months, but it would also be early summer so we’re hopeful.

Some information highlighted from the “insider”, who claims to be an Android certification engineer for Sprint:

“[I’m a] Android certification engineer (build test apps for Sprint android extensions and review CTS results from device manufacturers), plus Sprint Navigation certification owner..

“On devices like this though, our whole team (Product Development and Certification) gets involved in testing and ticketing issues. A lot of stuff just gets waived, but most of the legitimate stuff that I open a ticket on, even if it’s out of my area of expertise, gets taken seriously.”

“We’re working out issues with power consumption in 3g and 4g idle mode. I’m personally making efforts to get HTC to improve the 720 video quality and camera auto focusing speed.”

“Also, in the last software build, they finally configured it so the dual LED flash would pulse first to determine focus and then a second time when the shot is captured.. Finally, clear, focused, fully lit photos that can be taken in complete darkness.”

When asked how he likes the phone:

“It is big. Screen is bright. Feels solid. Processor is snappy. 4G is fast. External speaker could be a little better. Dual camera LEDs are super bright and make a good flash light. Don’t know what else to say. It is a good phone. I still prefer portrait QWERTY devices, though, and probably always will. Typing e-mails and long winded texts on a Pre, Blackberry, or Pixi is 10x faster and simpler than with on screen keyboards. I’ve also never liked how you had to hide the damn on screen keyboard in Android so much to see something.”

Talking about Android 2.1 and the software it runs:

“Android 2.1 on it now with tons of HTC crap on top. Unless we push back the release date for some crazy reason, it will probably launch with 2.1 and any further Android updates will be introduced over the air. HTC has included an Over-The-Air update mechanism for 2.1 that should get rid of the upgrade headaches experienced with the Hero.”

And the part I found most intriguing was discussion of the 8MP camera, which sounds like it will be pretty darn good, and with a sample picture it seems to provide great clarity (click pic to enlarge):


“Also, in the last software build, they finally configured it so the dual LED flash would pulse first to determine focus and then a second time when the shot is captured.. Finally, clear, focused, fully lit photos that can be taken in complete darkness.”

And to top it off, a little bit of oh-so-true humor:

Camera does nice 8 megapixel macro photos… time to find some flowers with bugs on them.

Get excited Sprint customers… get very, very excited.

[Via AndroidForums]

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  1. That looks pretty good.
    I can’t wait to see what its like on release.

  2. Looks like a quote was accidentally repeated after that mouse picture.

  3. You posted the same quote twice once above, once below the pic of the mouse. :D

  4. He posted it twice because Rob is as excited as we are over this phone. :)

  5. Upgrade for the Hero? When? They havent release squat for their Android phones. That’s the problem with Sprint. Good execution. Piss poor follow through. I bet HTC is including an updater to bypass Sprint and their apparent lack of Android knowledge.

  6. HunterA3 – Phone companies (aka Sprint) are not responsible for software updates (Android on your Hero). The idea that HTC is going to bypass Sprint is stupid. Just like the iPhone, the Palm Pre/Pixi, and all Android phones, the software maker and the hardware manufacturer produce the updates and ensure that everything works with the providers of the service. Sprint does not slow down releases typically unless the update effs with the phone. I own a Palm Pre and Sprint has meddled and delayed the myriad of over the air updates little, if any at all.

  7. @HunterA3 actually all carriers have yet to upgrade devices so it’s not sprints “piss poor follow through” and google is tackling this with froyo… after froyo updates to programs such as maps will be available through the market, no longer a new OS upgrade

  8. I am considering becoming a new Spring customer because of this phone. And the nice thing is I can test it for 30 days and if I don’t like it I can return it. :)

  9. I fell in love with the Palm pre…. Then I found out that the Pre wasn’t really for me…. Then I fell in love with the 3gs… Its a nice phone but no mulitasking and no flash on camera and on the web was kinda a bummer…. Then I saw the nexus one… I fell in love all over again… But then…. Then! I laid my eyes on the Evo… A tear came down my face… It was love at 1st site… The greatest phone of all time is coming out on the lowest price and most solid network out today… I still don’t believe it… I yearn for the day that me and my Evo will get to meet and spend time together. I love you EVO!!! I need your 4.3 inch screen, kickstand, HD video recording, HDMI output, Wifi hotspot, and you beatuful UI… We will be so good together. We really will. Just so you know EVO, I’ll be leaving ATT and my 3gs to be with you… I know it will be worth it…. I love you… Well shall meet oneday…. Till then. I love you EVO (tear)

  10. you will like it my friend.

  11. This is far and away the coolest phone I’ve seen and currently in the pipeline. I will become a sprint subscriber because of this phone.

    Apple quit being a dick like Steve and innovate rather than sue over an obscure patents that should have never been granted.

  12. HTC Evo on the nations crappiest network. Only on Sprint.

  13. It’s time to turn over a new leaf. I’m going to try Sprint (currently on Verizon) when the EVO is released.

  14. I wonder what Rob Schoenfeld thinks of AT&T if Sprint is the “nation’s crappiest network”?

    I honestly have no little to no issues with Sprint since I went to the Hero last fall. They are leaps and bounds ahead of where they were years ago, when I left to go to Verizon. In just over 3 years I think that Sprint is just a tick behind Verizon, and far ahead of AT&T and T-Mobile.

    just my .02

  15. JSet – It seems everytime there’s a post that has anything to do with Sprint there is some moron bashing them on how bad they suck or that their customers are just ghetto.

    In my area Sprint has very good coverage and is actually better than AT&T’s who I currently have. I can’t say anything for Verizon because I refuse to use them.

    Either way I’ll be switching to Sprint once this phone comes out.

  16. Sprint coverage is the best in my metropolitan area. Throughout the SoCal area, Sprint coverage equals or surpasses Verizon. This can be documented by real consumer (not carrier) coverage data at CNET. Currently, CNET has data for the following markets: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Chicago, Washington D.C., Dallas, Orange County, Las Vegas, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Denver, St. Louis, Houston. Check it out for yourself at: http://reviews.cnet.com/cell-phone-coverage-map/?tag=bc . Don’t just rag on Sprint without any proof. Confirm coverage before you buy.

  17. Man, I think I’m finally coming down from my sheer euphoria for the Evo now. I still love the phone and want one like there’s no tomorrow, but now I’m starting to hope that it doesn’t bomb. Just trying to stay grounded in reality here and not get too disappointed when I discover the Evo isn’t bullet proof. But in spite of the logic creeping in I still want one…even enough to consider leaving Verizon for Sprint.

  18. sounds promising for sure!

  19. If you look at coverage maps, 3G coverage goes Verizon>Sprint>ATT>Tmo. Sprint has the cities, towns, and highways covered but doesn’t have the coverage Verizon does in the rural areas because the local and regional carriers were bought out by Verizon to get that coverage. Thankfully, those few times you are out in BFE you can roam for free on Verizon. It’s the best of both worlds for way lower price.

    Also if you are in one of 27 cities (with another 10-15 on the way before the year is out) you can get 4G service which nobody else has. I’ve been using it since 2008 and it is a great improvement over 3G.

  20. The Soon Network strikes again with promises but no commitment to a delivery date (or to its customers). Does Dan Hesse even know what day it is? – tell you what Dan, it will soon be tomorrow and tomorrow the G4 iPhone will be announced which will have a real delivery date that customers can count on.

  21. Sure, Sprint’s coverage may not be as good as Verizon, but it is close, and I will take the savings with Sprint over VZW poor pricing and service. I left VZW after fifteen years and love Sprint. I pay 40% less for more features. I took my BB 8830 to Paris last April and it worked perfect.

    Matt, the Sprint bashers above are just VZW employees, because nobody who is a long term customer of VZW loves them.

  22. Sprint’s Customer service is the worst half of the time you get someone who can barely speak english or who is ghetto… the other half of the time you get someone who barely knows how to turn on their computer. I Have sprint I wish I had verizon the extra price is worth it

  23. Thanks so much Douglas for posting the website!! I just checked the area where I’m moving and the Verizon coverage looks pretty lame. The reason that I was switching from AT & T to Verizon was to upgrade my phone AND to get improved coverage. The phone was going to be the Incredible and so the service was to be Verizon but after looking at the website that you posted I have changed my mind. I may just wait for the Evo. The Sprint coverage looks excellent!

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