Excrutiating Detail: Nexus One vs. iPhone 3GS


I’m not sure you can get more detailed a comparison between the Nexus One and iPhone when you’re putting the phones head-to-head and trying to determine who has the advantage where. The thorough analysts at ifixit.com hit me up with an interesting graphic that turn the whole comparison inside out, exploring every nook and cranny. My favorite portion? How they analyze battery replacement:


That little “3” probably makes you think there is some kind of sleight of hand going on that exaggerates all of this. Not the case and the link at the bottom of the page just details the process of switching out your iPhone battery. Of course you COULD list it as a 2 part process with something like: (1) put it in a box and send it to Apple, (2) pay a bunch of money and get it back.

They rightfully conclude that the Nexus One definitely hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. With the HTC Desire, HTC Legend, HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Galaxy S and a bunch of other hot androids on the way, we’re not sure it ever will.

But onto that full comparison (click to enlarge):


[Via iFixIt]

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  1. Note that HTC/Google are lying about screen resolution. It is not 480×800!
    Furthermore NexusOne has at least multitouch problems and there are less accessories. As per battery replacement – that’s a rare operation.
    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have and don’t want to have an iPhone, merely pointing out that there are other things to compare besides raw data.

  2. I agree with your last statment. I don’t see the point of a Nexus One or any Google phone with the pace of android hardware development being so fast. The N! wasn’t even that much better than a Droid. How long until we see 720p 4.3″ amoled screens, 2ghz processors and Tegra chips Android hardware is progrssing so fast I am not sure how the iPhone is going to keep up (from a hardware standpoint only) with only one phone a year. Personally I am waiting for a phone with a snap-on game controller dock that gives it the form factor of a psp go.

  3. I think the above posters are missing the point of what the purpose of the nexus one was. As Google said it is to push the envelope of android hardware use from manufacturers and now with the new “superphones” coming out looks like Google succeeded. I also believe that their is a place for Google phones, for those who want bleeding edge updates of android. I personally am only going for Google phones just for that reason (nexus 2!!).
    -Via Nexus One

  4. In the very near future, it’s going to be all about Android or WinMo 7. Apple can’t answer current Android threats, and Apple doesn’t own enough of the tech used in iPhone to release a new iPhone.
    I don’t hate Apple. I don’t own an Mac, but I could see why some people are in the market for one.
    That having been said, the Cell Phone industry doesn’t need Apple. Apple touts fair competition, but is trying to survive now by getting their competitors legally disqualified.
    In my humble opinion, in the cell phone industry, Apple needs to go.

  5. I wonder what clock speed the Samsung Cortex A8 in the iPhone 3GS can really handle. I’ve been running my Droid at 800Mhz for about a month now w/ no heat increase, no loss of battery life and I haven’t had any stability problems. I’ve pushed it all the way to 1.25Ghz with no problems but that increases voltages, so I backed off, for now.

  6. I have had the iPhone, the iPhone 3GS, and now the N1 and I will never go back to the iPhone. whether or not the “effective resolution” is perfectly accurate or not I can say that the screen completely trumps anything the iPhone can deliver. Also in virtually every operation i have performed and perform on a daily basis the N1 easily beats the iPhone. Is the iPhone good? Certainly! But i would much rather the open nature of the N1 to the constant harassment from apple with the iPhone. And i think we all know as android matures it will only improve.

  7. N1 beats the 3Gs in near enough every way on those charts.

  8. Curious about picking up the N1 to try it out. Very interested with it’s unlocked abilities. I’m currently an iPhone user and as much as i love Apple products and the iPhone i keep finding myself in agreement with the comments of users fed up with Apple legally pursuing more that competing. It’s actually getting quite annoying and Apple either needs to get over the corporate mentality that they once so despised or get out of the way. Should i try the N1??

  9. @Justin,

    I recommend you get the Nexus One, and if I had to guess, I don’t think you will disappointed one bit! It really is amazing.

  10. @tke thanks, I wish there was some way of trying it out or playing with it. I’m sure it’s a great phone though

  11. We’re still talking about the nexus?!
    oooooo snap! that’s right! I went there son!

  12. @jo isn’t this write up about the Nexus 1 haha, i’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not

  13. God i wish there where this kind of clear details about everyphone.

  14. @justin if you buy the phone you have 14 days to try it out and if for any reason you don’t like you you get your money back except for the $45 restock/refurbishing fee. Just don’t get it engraved.

  15. @Bryce Reeves, Really? Sorry if i sound like a noob, i just can’t believe they would allow a warranty running phone to come back because you didn’t like it. Not calling you a liar Bryce haha, i wish more phone manufacturers would do this. Is this noted on their site somewhere?

  16. @Justin, it’s so. On the Google site where you buy the Nexus One it offers an option for free engraving and explains that is you select that option you will not be able to return the phone just for not liking it (they will still exchange it if it is physically faulty).

    I took the engraving anyway because I knew what I wanted, and I have not regretted it for a second. Of course, it’s no longer a “warranty running” phone since I rooted it, but there ya go… ;)

  17. WM is pretty much dead, Windows phone 7 has nothing to offer. iPhone is slipping fast and Android is right there to pick up the slack. In fact Android is nearly doubling in growth steadily every month since it has been released. That is amazing.

  18. An almost pointless article as it almost only cater to your US visitors…and I think this is the last time I visit phandroid.

  19. I have been using the iPhone 2G, 3G and tried the 3GS. Now I am using the N1 and I really have to say Nexus is better.

  20. I used iPhone 3G earlier, now im using Google Nexus.
    Google nexus is better than iPhone in many ways.
    First of all, Google nexus works as a better phone. secondary are the smart apps. iPhone failed to make impression as a phone. I want my phone to make calls and attend calls. Secondary things are the apps and features…
    Why i need to use iPhone?

  21. No reason turning the thread in to another Holy War. There will be no perfect phone ever. This is only matter of taste.

  22. i have been an iphone user for a couple years now.

    and have loved it, the best phone i have ever had.

    but, i am now switching to the nexus one.

    apples attitude smells of evil. the frivolous lawsuits (remember where you got the initial gui for your macs apple? looked alot like xerox if u ask me!), steves attitude about flash and how ‘no one will be using flash in 5 years’, the fact that even tho my battery is coming to a slow (but sure) death on my iphone, i cannot change it, the fact that i HAVE to install itunes, even tho i think its a bloated piece of crap, etc etc etc…

    has made me decide, apple no more!

    but yea, the main reason is the companies attitude. google around, you will see a bunch of articles about some of the comments coming out of steves mouth regarding google and android, how adobe is ‘lazy’, etc etc….

    steve, you can be an asshole, but at least you wont get my $700 / year.

  23. Can anyone vouch for the touted simplicity of simply installing an AT&T sim card from an existing phone and have the N1 work immediately, no strings attached? Is it as simple as buying any sim card anywhere and plugging it in and have it work?

  24. Hi, i’m from malaysia and nexus one hasn’t reached here yet. I’ve been recently given the opportunity to buy the N1 unlocked but i read that its multitouch capability can be enabled with an update. Are there ways to get multitouch capable for an unlocked phone? If so, how? Thanks for any info given.

  25. @davido, basically you just put in your current SIM card with your AT&T plan on it. but you can’t use their 3G network with the nexus (AT&T won’t allow it)

    then @shan, all of the Nexus ones are unlocked. so yeah you can get the multitouch update. you just get it from google.

  26. @woot, I have seen many articles on the nexus one working with at&t 3g, now is the phone capable to work on 3g but at&t won’t allow it? or has the at&t 3g nexus one issue been fixed?

  27. I recently got a nexus one and I am loving it so much!! I love this phone. It is very fast, I am in the Atlanta and I am having good 3g reception here. I can’t wait for the flash 10.1 support in the froyo update. I highly recommend the NEXUS ONE!!

  28. The biggest problem with the iPhone is its association with AT&T, at least in the US. If that being the case, it’s hard to see how the Nexus One improves upon things by either limiting users to an even less complete network on T-Mobile.

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