Canada Gets Paid Apps In Android Market!


canadaThe rollout seems to be happening slowly, but Canadian Android customers are finally starting to see paid applications in Android Market. The frustration over paid apps absence started a long time ago, but yesterday members in the AF Rogers Forums reported the tide was turning. Different users with different carriers and different phones with different OS versions experienced varying results, but the big story is that they have arrived at least in part. The rest is a matter of time.

What are you waiting for? Let the purchasing begin!

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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  1. Better late then never, I guess… Though, that only increases frustration of us, who still wait with no clue.

  2. That is great and all , but when will we get any good smart phones!

    come on wind, .. get that nexus one!

  3. I can’t believe it took that long to give Canada paid apps.

  4. For what it’s worth, doesn’t seem to be for all Carriers… Rogers/Fido only so far as I can tel, Telus still doesn’t show paid apps…

    But time will tell…

  5. I’m on Rogers! I can buy! BB MarketEnabler! BB rooting!
    Faith in Android is coming back (slowly).

  6. Still no paid apps for European customers :( (Poland in my case)
    And no news about them :/

  7. I’m on a Telus HTC Hero and can now view paid apps!

  8. Nexus one is available in canada on the google site as of today. Compatable with rogers

  9. Yup, and I’ve been on a spending spree since 10:30 upgrading all my “lite” apps to the full versions lol. Woo hoo. I can probably remove SlideMe now…

  10. Paid apps are now showing on my Motorola Milestone with Telus. Awesome. This was my biggest complaint with the phone.

  11. i can see paid apps and buy them on my moto milestone the featured page but theres really not a way to browse them in the categories cuz theyre divided in “top free” and “just in” but im so happy anyways!! im buying some of polarbits apps now kthnxbye

  12. @nmccalum I Have a HTC Hero on Telus and I cant see paid apps…

  13. If only they would open this up in Taiwan. It’s such a shame that the number #1 Android phone producers (HTC) have no Paid app support in their home turf.

  14. Really google need to move on this major issue :

    1-you should be able to pay from any country using either google checkout or paypal
    2- you must be able to pay thru your carier (like iphone)

    This is a key issue if Google want to attract best-of-the-breed payed application to android.

  15. While I would not mind being able to use Paypal I understand that Google went with Checkout, since they control it and don’t need the hassle of another layer in their payment & refund scheme.

    I absolutely disagree with you about carrier based payment. If I had the tiniest bit of faith in my carrier not utterly screwing it up and somehow managing to add in extra fees I would not mind, but based on Rogers track record I want them as far away for the market as possible.

    The current market works really well, app refunds happen promptly, and Google places few rules and controls around what apps are barred. Biggest issue is how slow the paid app market has been to rollout to new countries.

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