Mar 15th, 2010

The team behind the Hott MD500 Android Tablet is already calling their new baby the “iPad Killer” – and THIS is probably the worst thing the company could do. The iPad hasn’t even been launched yet competitors are already giving it the stage as the device to beat. In my mind, silence is golden, but uttering anything “i” with a killer comment is sure to grab more attention and unfortunately I’ve taken the bait.

The Hott MD500 has a 4.8″ screen so it hardly competes directly with the iPad. The key thing with this Hott device is that the manufacturer will be selling it for only $98. You’ll then have to pay the middleman-fee, I’m assuming this will be rebranded or picked up by a big retailer taking margins, but it should still be pretty darn affordable.

My concern is the old saying “you get what you pay for”. With the $98 Hott MD500 tablet, does it have shortcomings in specs that price won’t be able to overcome? Here is the Hott next to the ARCHOS 5:


By the way, tune into about 3 minutes where the fully excited conversation goes limp. The videographer (Charbax) asks about Android 1.5 and whether or not they’ll upgrade it to which the company rep responds with reluctantly Frankenstein-ish “uhhhh. yes.” Doesn’t sound too convincing.

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