Mar 8th, 2010

I have a never-ending catalog of application ideas saved in my memory – one day I hope I can assemble a team to put some of them into action. One of my dream ideas is so close to fruition that I might as well let the cat out of the bag; in fact, I’m sure there are numerous companies working on it behind closed doors as we speak, Google being one of them. The concept is simple:

  • Take UStream – the ability to record live streaming video from your phone
  • Take Buzz/Latitude – the ability to view Google Maps and see what people around you are saying
  • Integrate them


Twitter is popular for having “citizen journalists” of sorts – offering “Live News” that breaks before most news organizations are able to. Can you imagine what type of ridiculous awesomeness this would allow?

  • I could view Google Maps, search for “Bonnaroo” and check out if anyone is live streaming from the concert. Why not take a peak at what they’re recording?
  • Why not just pan around nearby locations and see if anyone near me is recording live?
  • See a breaking event happening on the news? Find the location and see if you can view the event live

From catching music/sporting events live, to getting real-time access to news video as it happens, to just being a voyeur and peeking in at the lives of strangers and friends alike… this could be HUGE. Google is always looking for ways to integrate their services – heck, they already want to combine Buzz and Latitude – don’t you think all of this would fit quite nicely into the YouTube picture?

What would they CALL the service though? I always like trying to come up with names:

  • BuzzStream
  • StreamTube
  • YouTube Live
  • YouTube Local
  • GeoTube
  • BuzzCam

If I were Google I would SERIOUSLY be looking at investing in one of these live streaming companies like UStream, folding it into YouTube, integrating Buzz/Latitude and adding a completely new dimension to their company that – in all likelihood – would become TREMENDOUSLY popular. But if you thought the privacy stuff was a concern now… uhohs… THIS stuff could get heavy.