Mar 3rd, 2010

I woke this morning to find I had zero 3g coverage on Verizon. No data!  Maps, Google Talk, Market, Browser – all dead. I probably restarted my phone 5 times, went through the settings a couple, and even REMOVED THE BATTERY.. but to no avail.


Fortunately it only took but a glance on our forums to see I’m not alone. Both our Motorola Droid and HTC Droid Eris sections are abuzz (unlike Google Buzz, which is just sad these days) with users all across the country missing 3G. There’s some talk over at VZW’s forums, too.  Some have it, some don’t.

So fear not – it’s not just you and with any luck everything will be back to normal before too long.  Don’t know much else now but we will update this post as more details emerge.

Update: Finally got through to a CS rep: All he had to say was:  “No new alerts or ETAs sent out to us.. but it is a known issue affecting much of the EVDO 1x areas.” ..for whatever that’s worth to ya.  Also, we do have a few users reporting 3g coming back up (and then back down for some) for them. As well as a couple saying they got it working by turning airplane mode on and off, or the ‘ol 228 option 1 trick. Neither of which worked for me. I guess it’s pretty clear – VZW has nationwide intermittent network issues.

Update 2: More users are reporting it coming back. It is now back for me personally as well – after a “eh, why not” reboot a couple minutes ago it connected back to 3g.

Update 3: WSJ reports VZW has fixed the issue. If it’s not up for you – try rebooting your phone.  (That’s just Talton the non-VZW-tech’s suggestion. Worked for me and at least one other person on the forums)