Vodafone HTC Magic Getting 2.0!


3859149798_005a2f42d0_oGood news for everyone rocking a Vodafone HTC Magic – it has been confirmed by Vodafone that there will be an update to Android 2.0. YAY! Although an exact launch date has not yet been officially announced, I would speculate that it will be at some point during Q1.. as there are several other long awaited updates being pushed in that time frame.

While it’s not an update to 2.1,  it will be a vast improvement. We will keep you posted as we hear more about an official time frame for the release of the update but in the meantime.. if you hear anything else on this let us know!

[via ElAndroideLibre | vodafone_es ]

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  1. about bloody time :)

  2. soo the Tmo version will be getting this two i assume?

  3. Yawn. Tmo isn’t saying anything for a reason.

  4. Finally a 2.0 rom with working video drivers, it’s indeed about time. Does this mean these drivers can be used for other rom cookers to make 100% working roms now?

  5. Let me clarify it a bit… It hasn’t been specified which target version. The vodafone employee just knows it will be updated, neither when nor what version. Indeed, 2.0 is a deprecated version, no phone is going to get it (it would be 2.0.1). The logical step is 2.1, and nothing seems to prevent it. This is good news, since it proves current hardware is capable of much more :D

  6. I wonder if this will come out the same time as the Canadian Magic’s update?

  7. The single piece of news that makes me come back to this website everyday. And it has finally come!

    Makes me feel slightly better about the fact that I will have to wait another 18 months before I get one of these new fancy Android phones :P

  8. Is this the Vodafone UK Magic with the 32B keyboard?

  9. *motherboard

  10. Yes, vodafone uk’s magic (192mb of ram)

  11. Tmo is always behind on getting updates and good phones. I wouldn’t be surprise if we don’t get the update

  12. So this is good news for other Magic users worldwide then, right? I have the Magic equivalent in Japan and am hoping the update will make it there at some point as well.

  13. “[via ElAndroidLibre | vodafone_es ]”
    May you say
    “[via ElAndroideLibre | vodafone_es ]”
    Note the “e”.

    PD: Nice news ;)

  14. Bastards! What about the mytouch 3g users?

    p.s. what is the exact difference between 2.0 and 2.1 ?

  15. if this doesnt come to AUS im dumping Voda!!

  16. So… it is mid-April and still no update. Does anyone know when to expect it?

  17. End of April still no update c,Mon vodafone get with the update

  18. Well here we are in May and no update in sight… come on Vodafone!

  19. with all this waiting be next year by time it comes out

  20. Any further news on when/if this is actually being pushed out.

    I wish companies would be forced to keep up to date with ROM/OS updates on the phones while they are on contract with the carries.

  21. Still nothing in July!

  22. I have a dark feeling that it will turn out to be Vaporware :(

    No news no updates, by now v2 is getting old. It’s a crime how Vodafone is handling this. People payed for this phone including subscriptions just to be shoved to the side like trash.

  23. very very disappointed with Vodafone. I like my magic but it’s time for a new rom

  24. I dont think Vodafone will update the HTC Magic as they just want “us” to by a new phone with a new contract…

    They won’t spend more time to update this phone to a 2.0 as the phone wasn’t design for this.
    CPU#, Ram# etc.

  25. Friends,

    I am Brazilian, I bought an HTC Magic in England by Vodafone last year. My phone is running Android v. 1.5. I live in Brazil and use the device here, but when trying to update the version of Android for the HTC website in Brazil, I could not update.

    What is the best (and safest) to update my version of Android?
    Which version is recommended to upgrade?

    Thanks everyone!

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