Check Out Mystique Chapter 3-Obitus Now In Android Market


Many gamers out there have long awaited the release of Mystique’s Chapter 3-Obitus (including Taylor from A&M). Well, it is now available in the Android Market! Bendroid has just released the 3rd chapter in their popular horror game and it is priced in the market at $2.99. Based on the popularity, reviews, and downloads of the previous chapters, Obitus seems poised to become another big hit. If you are not up to par in the Mystique series, Bendroid has dropped the price of Chapter 2-The Child to $1.99.

Head on over to the Android Market and scan the code below to begin your Mystique journey. We are eager to see how well Chapter 3 does in comparison to the previous chapters so let us know what you think. I feel as though today will be a very unproductive day at work as we are glued to our phones playing Obitus.


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  1. bendroid amazes me!!! :DDDD

  2. i’ve played the first and second in this series and they are some of the best games available on the market.

  3. oh and thanks to phandroid for posting the qr code making it super easy to buy the third.

  4. The zombie part is pretty annoying and scary

  5. Awesome, luv this game. Wish there were more like it :D

  6. is anyone considering posting a walk through??? it would be very helpful, i am totally stuck!!

  7. I’m stuck at the water boiler.No matter how many times I turn the knobs,its never right.I try to do it rationally as opposed to arbitrarily.I put the coal and book in the fire hole,but no water to heat up.
    I also have no idea what the hot water is for yet.

    The door key pad is easy.Look for the 3 most worn key #s,and try all combos of that.

    The room at the end of the basement hall,don’t forget to cut off a piece of rubber hose with the scalpel you found in the dryer.
    There’s a key next to the wall next to the last dryer too.
    There is also another door to go through past the electrified gate in that last room.No idea how to get in there yet.

    The door with the tubes,no idea.
    Anyone have more ?

  8. i know that for the boiler all the knobs have to be pointing to the left, but the bottom right will be pointing to the right. you have to play with it for awhile though.
    the hot water will burst the pipe blocking the door

  9. *holds head*
    I’ve been playing with it for 3 days.
    Pointing to the left…..I didn’t look closely at their shape…
    Ill try again,and again..thanks Steph


  10. no problem
    if it makes you feel any better…
    i havent gotten it figured out yet either
    its getting very frustrating, i just heard how to do it from a friend

  11. I’m in hell now.Are you supposed to somehow beat rock paper scissor ?
    If you are,I’m stumped.
    *holds head again*

  12. Hey Moo… the paper rocks sissors guy give him the palmestry book you found in the first room you were in… I’m stuck at what to do with the bloody writing and where to get the light (I assume it’s the crystal)

  13. Thanks,I tried that with no result .Will try agagin .And The crystal charge the leyden jar,but no idea what to do with that,or the bucket of water.
    Did you see the thing in the sky ?
    I think you’re supposed to somehow bring it down using one of the big magnets in the crystal room,but no idea how.The glasses appear to have something to do with that.
    This one is a toughie,but amazingly fun.

  14. Ok,thing in the sky is negligable.I’m boxing the zombie now.
    He’s not very nice.

  15. Hi , you can find the crowbar in the jail , when you open door with the old key . then you’ll find acid on 1 shelves , but I can’t find this wrench to turn the knobs in water boiler .. !!


  16. When u first walk into the room with the acid look at the bottom left corner of the gate a red handle will be sticking out on the ground tthats the wrench, good luck with the boiler room tried all the gauges to the left except the bottom one and still isn’t working

  17. hello sasha,
    same as you..i spend so many time to this boiler room and find the wrench in fact , but thx anyway ..and now stuck in front of those gauges…I think and find an idea when you hear or not hear the noise..but sometimes depend how u turn gauges there is noise of water or not , so like puzzle..u need fin which one 1st …but still not find it..
    have fun…!

  18. need help, cant get past control panel. keeps buzzing!!!

  19. I’m having the same problem with the control panel. When i push on the control panel it just buzzes. It’s driving me nuts.

  20. I can’t figure out the bolier room valve puzzle. the top three have to face left and the bottom one has to face right? any hints on this? thanks.

  21. The boiler room. Those turned to the left are closed. U have to open only those which let water go straight to the boiler. Before u start turning look carefully at pipes.

  22. i gave the old lady everything she wanted now she is asking for the potion….in hell where do you find the key to unlock the door inside the room with the shelves?

  23. I’m having problems with the control room, is there any hints to it???

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