Feb 23rd, 2010

Many gamers out there have long awaited the release of Mystique’s Chapter 3-Obitus (including Taylor from A&M). Well, it is now available in the Android Market! Bendroid has just released the 3rd chapter in their popular horror game and it is priced in the market at $2.99. Based on the popularity, reviews, and downloads of the previous chapters, Obitus seems poised to become another big hit. If you are not up to par in the Mystique series, Bendroid has dropped the price of Chapter 2-The Child to $1.99.

Head on over to the Android Market and scan the code below to begin your Mystique journey. We are eager to see how well Chapter 3 does in comparison to the previous chapters so let us know what you think. I feel as though today will be a very unproductive day at work as we are glued to our phones playing Obitus.