Feb 15th, 2010

When we told you about the Huawei U8800 Android Phone we got the goods from a Press Release. Somehow we overlooked the U8100/U8110 and U8300 completely – they just didn’t seem to LOOK like Android Phones so we assumed they weren’t. These entry level handsets are aimed at the youth market and I think it’s safe to say they’ll help bring Android to a crowd that very well might be enjoying their first smartphone.

Huawei U8300
“Aimed at the youth market, it incorporates popular social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter, a Qwerty keypad, and is ergonomically designed to ensure that hours of chatting online can be done in comfort. The U8300 is available in three bright colors: green, yellow and purple.”

Huawei U8100/U8110
“Entry-level smartphones, these two handsets have 2.8-inch wide QVGA touchscreens and a dual camera with 0.3 mega pixels in the front and 3.2 mega pixels in the back. Through WiFi and bluetooth, users can easily access the Internet and transmit data to each other. These two smartphones will be launched in Europe in the second quarter of 2010.”


The U8100 is the pink one atop and the U8110 the white one below. They seem to have identical specs with only the outer casing/design being different. If the colors stick – and I’m not sure they will because of the bright U8300 yellow – then the U8100 will probably target girls and the U8110 for guys.

These are mass market Androids that don’t attempt to blow you away, but I think they could be very popular with the masses.

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