Adobe AIR For Android Coming Soon, Potentially Huge Impact


Since the Motorola Droid launched we knew Adobe Flash was coming first quarter of 2010 and the lack of flash on mobile devices tends to be one point of contention/discussion/debate when comparing phones. Now Adobe is set to make an announcement that will help developers create flash-based games and apps that can be deployed on all devices across all platforms and only created once. Who wants to make and recode a game/app for every single different device on the planet? Nobody.


And this is where it gets really cool. Adobe AIR is currently used to create DESKTOP applications but when all is said and done, devs will be able to create a MOBILE app/game and upload it directly to Android Market as if it were a native Android App. Same goes for BlackBerry, iPhone, etc… and that’s with only having created the app/game once.

Will these apps/games have all of the features and capabilities as tried and true native applications for each platform? I don’t think that matters. There are plenty of apps and games that don’t REQUIRE any special level of care or handling and if a flash version can do the trick – why not? And don’t forget flash in your actual browser, including videos, will be a godsend. It sounds like late April is the earliest we’ll see Flash 10.1 arrive to Android.

I’m sure we’ll find out more tomorrow, but for now, enjoy the good news. How excited are you for flash to come to Android? Are you equally excited for the deployment of flash as apps/games in Android Market as you are for the in-browser and video stuff?

[Via TechCrunch]

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  1. This may not be as good as it sounds. If all phones can run all apps, the style of the phone will become a key factor. And who’s going to win that?! Thank goodness we’ve still got goggles, navigator and whatever other goodies Google have in the pipeline for us!

  2. Something tells me this won’t be allowed in the Apple sandbox.

  3. It would be really interesting. I can make games in Flash, but using my limited Java skills native apps are a chore.

    Hopefully, after the Flash 10 release I’ll be able to focus on better game development. In the meantime I’ll continue trying to improve my Java!

  4. Ready for something new for sure. Hope it works!!

  5. Well, it may make things that much easier and encourage more app Dev’s to jump into the game. Not only is Apple standing outside looking in with it’s nose pressed against the window… it is only natural that the other markets (mobile) wish to capitalize on the smartphone craze. Apple may be flaunting the sales numbers thru 1st 3 qtrs of 09′ but once the new Android phones hit the market Apple’s numbers flatlined. This is certainly more good news which is almost daily now about open-source type movement… good indeed.


  6. Title is misleading, will be on just about all mobile OS, not just android.

  7. Flash still won’t be on the iPhone and apparently will not be supported initially on the new Windows Phone 7 Series. So there will still be opportunities to differentiate the devices on more than just hardware.

  8. Am i excited? No.Until its released then i can be excited.

  9. I think this is great news. I love the adobe air platform. A day doesn’t go by without me using an app built on it.

  10. Actually, things like this WILL be allowed into the Apple sandbox. Flash CS5 is going to support exporting directly to an iPhone application:

  11. Amazing news, good job Adobe! Stick it to the man!

  12. finaly huly on a droid… FINALLY, that’ll get my data usage up there1

  13. From what I can tell, you can publish CS5 Flash to iPhone apps…but then the app still has to be published through Apple. Although this is cool (providing you a different way to build iPhone apps)…it doesn’t provide you the natural flexibility of running Flash in the browser or downloading a random AIR app.

    Apple’s goal to control the entire application experience.

  14. Flash 9 is already on a Hero Rom lol but cant wait!

  15. I’m excited for this,and counting the days till April, but Jobs is kinda right. Adobe is lazy. its taking to long. This should have released already, with the nexus one.

    I’ll just have to wait till April

  16. flash is on the HTC Incredible – works great and so far haven’t had any issue browsing flash-based sites on it.

    I can’t wait for AIR though – and agree the potential is amazing, but I’m specifically eager for Tweetdeck for Android ;-).

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