Motorola’s Droid 2.1 Info Page Removed – Screenshots Inside


Earlier today we made a post about a page that went live on Motorola’s site providing details of the 2.1 push to the Droid. Unfortunately not long after our post the page was taken down.

Fortunately for our readers, one of my friends still had it up on her browser – and she took a couple screenshots for me.


So, what might this mean? Was it taken down because the push isn’t ready to go out yet or.. perhaps because the info is incomplete?

Edit: For the record, we do not believe this or what other sites are quoting Matt as saying – to mean 2.1 is going to come at a later time than planned. It may, but we’re not gettin’ too worked up over it.

Thanks, Deirdre!


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  1. … hope it doesnt delay the update!

  2. What should I do if I’m rooted with the SholesMod Updater Application? Should I wait for an application update, or download 2.1 when it’s available?

  3. I don’t believe there ever was an update. Verizon hasn’t said anything about it and they’re the ones that would be giving the go ahead for it to happen. Just something to think about.

  4. So, what is the story are we getting 5 home screens or not?

  5. I’m hoping it means the information was incomplete. I would rather wait a couple more weeks for the extra features, even if it’s just eye candy.

  6. I still do not see where it says anything about the list of excluded features, such as live wallpapers.

  7. Do we honestly need 5 screens? What are people doing where you need more screens? I have one screen totally blank….

  8. So the number of home screens will still be 3?? I hope they add 2 more home screens in a future update if it’s not included in this one. To me that is a must. I also have a problem rearranging icons on the home screens. You always need to delete an icon before you can move others around, rather than simply switching places. It’s a minor thing, but I figured that should have been a standard. Still waiting for the pop-up…

  9. John: I sure do! I really, really hope for five screens.

  10. I really do hope that they just had an incomplete list. I want to have the same exact version of 2.1 that the N1 has. I mean we deserve it, don’t we? We bought a phone that was branded with the Google logo because it was supposed to have a vanilla version of the OS with everything included. It has the ability to run the live wallpapers and the 3D app drawer, I mean I am using the 2.1 launcher with no problem but I do not want to have that on top of the original launcher. I have my phone rooted, but if 2.1 comes out with everything it is supposed to I will update because I have not done anything with my root yet other than get rid of the apps that I found to unneeded. All in all, I hope Motorola does not screw us over.

  11. I have 5 screens on my rooted HTC Dream running 1.6, and the additional screens are great for putting informational Widgets (email, news, weather, etc…) on. I stay current with everything I need without having to load an app or refresh a web page.

  12. Ehh.. a rooted droid with a Bugless Beast ROM has all those features and way more. I’m stickin with the rooted phone.

  13. @CJ Wrong wrong wrong. The update is being developed by the hardware vendor, not the provider. Android OS functionality is tied to the hardware, not the service you use to make phone calls and text msgs.

  14. It’s possible it was taken down because the person that created it published it before Motorola authorized it. That happens a lot when you are using a CMS to author your pages.

  15. I think you’re reaching. They took it down because the formatting on the page was terrible.

    I hope they’re reconsidering releasing the gimped Droid version of 2.1. But I doubt it.

    Like I said before, I’ll just stick with my sholes mod and wait for Google/Motorola to wow me.

  16. What about the multi touch? Duck! Pinch to Zoom? Up to your zaz Motorola! Everybody wants multi touch!

  17. It seems to me that they probably took it down because the table was some sort of nightmare out of 1996.

  18. Here’s an update I’d love, but I haven’t seen anyone else mention. When using the browser, I often zoom in for a more comfortable read (my eyes are 57 years old). However, as soon as I surf to another page, the browser goes back to the (smaller) default setting, and I have to re-zoom.

    It would sure be cool if the browser would at least give the option of maintaining the zoom setting from page to page, and/or being able to adjust the default zoom setting.

    ALSO: I’ve notice that some pages, like search results, are not “zoomable.” What gives?

  19. @Jack
    click on the image above so you can look at the full sized document. Pinch-n-zoom is the third item on the list.

  20. I don’t have an Android device (yet), but I’ve always wanted customized profiles that would automatically change my home screen, set the ring tone and notification sounds based on that profile. That way I could set it to ‘work’ and have it switch to a home screen w/ my work email and calendar along with silencing txt messages, then after 5 set it back to ‘home’ so all my tones and base home screen comes back.

  21. @ex-Googler wrong, wrong, wrong! the manufacturer can’t push the update to the phone without the carriers say so. so unless verizon has given up control of their network to motorola there won’t be any update until they say so. and as of yet verizon hasn’t said 1 thing about an update for the droid coming this week.

  22. You can do that level of profiles with the app Locale and various plugins.

  23. If you want 5 screens, why not install home++?

    It’s an upgrade on the home screen and it will allow up to 7 screens.

  24. What I want and I think most droid owners want is to not go out and spend a grip of money on a new phone only to be told the company that made it has something vastly superior 2 months later. Google should get together with Motorola and Verizon and say it’s coming out on X date. No one should have to hack there phone to enable things the phone is not only capable of but was tested many months before it’s release. And no offense to certain people but if some college kid can cook up bugless beauty 8.6 that I’m using google could have had 2.1 ready for droid owners on Jan 6th.

  25. @Cj While you are correct about Verizon having to approve the updates I do not think that Motorola would lie about one being released. They obviously work very closely with Verizon. Just because Verizon hasn’t come out and said, “Yes there is an update this week.” does not make it false. Verizon never verified the date for the 2.0.1 update, it just happened.

  26. @kenbot – I have used home++ I found it a big laggy and a had a force quit about once a week.

    @john – I need 5 screens mostly for organization and widgets. One screen for work stuff, one screen for personal, one for games, one for entertainment, etc. etc.

  27. Too many know-hows and know-whens!! Just be patient. It will come when it comes and thereafter, we will make meaningful comments, unless if present comments can influence what comes out and when. Remember also that Verizon, Motorola and Google are all in this to win the market and not to play games. Sleep well and check your phone every morning. If it is there it will be there.

  28. Looks like I was right after all….

  29. You must have a microscopic ego to have to post that on every tech blog on the internet.

  30. 1 guys theres an app on the market that lets you have 7 home screens why are you all freaking out about 5.

    2 if this 2.1 update doesnt come out im getting an iPhone
    screw Motorola if there going to do this kinda stuff to the people supporting them.

    3 I will never buy a Motorola product again if this doesnt come out by monday.

    1. Xac, wow a little overboard? I don’t recall us being told when we bought the phone we would get 2.1 – and, we’ll get it. They only took down the FAQ page, not scrapped the update.. As for getting it by Monday – I’d prefer it be ready to roll out, and wait a bit if I need to. Otherwise it’s buggy then we have people saying “screw Motorola I’m going to iPhone because the update is buggy and how dare they not get it right first”. Also, there’s some chance there is some vzw red tape to go through too – but who knows.

  31. I have been using Home++ for months and don’t find it laggy at all. Even if the update includes 5 home screens, I prolly will continue to use Home++ instead, as it has UI features that I really like.

  32. I hope this fixes the problem where the mail app will completely lose its Exchange account settings completely at random.

  33. Xac, do you like raw pizza? Man have some flippin’ patients.

  34. Or even better, patient’s with patience ;)

  35. update not happening

  36. sorry garet, you are just as bad as every one of these blogs who repeat the same misinformation about, well, everything.


  37. I’m at the Android Developers Lab right now and they said the the Droid, when upgraded to 2.1, will support Live Wallpapers. You can download them from the Market and run them.

  38. Ok… I love my DROID but I have been really looking forward to the 2.1 update but only because I thought we would be getting the full blown 2.1 OS. Now I’m not so sure I want it. If it ends up being a “limited” release then I may finally break down and root my phone and get a full release rom once someone makes it available. I wonder why Google doesn’t just make the rom available to the public. Every other linux version is available for free to download to anyone that wants it. Oh well… let’s wait and see what actually happens.

  39. @Jdeezy I’m on board with Jdeezy. Everyone looking at these articles is obviously really interested and anxious to get all these features. You can get them TODAY within the next HOUR even if you just put in a bit of effort yourselves – in other words, screw the 2.1 update, root your Droid and install Bugless Beast ROM. It’s not as hard as you’d think! I have practically no experience witht his sort of stuff but after seeing Jdeezy’s comment yesterday I went found this http://www.droidforums.net/forum/hacking-help/19818-how-install-bugless-beast-noobs.html That guide will get you from an unrooted phone to a rooted phone with bugless beast and overclocked.

    If you’re feeling denied because the update didn’t come, and you really want to do something about it, take a few minute from your life and just do the walkthrough. As I type this my Droid now runs at 950mhz, has 3D Gallery, 5 home screens, news+weather widgest…everything you’re waiting for from 2.1 PLUS an overclocked, faster-performing processor.

    If I did it, you can do it :)

  40. Droid does …(except update)

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