Feb 6th, 2010

One great feature of the Google Nexus One is the fact that it has TWO microphones. Basically, one microphone is positioned directly on the “mouthpiece” while the other microphone is positioned away from the mouth. While the first microphone captures your voice, the second captures your voice along with background noise, compares the two, and is able to transmit a signal with the overlapped background noise deleted/removed/reduced.


The call quality of the Nexus One was reviewed as excellent and the 2 microphone technology, referred to as Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), is the reason. The microphones used to accomplish this are called Microelectromechanical Systems  Microphones (MEMS) and iSuppli thinks more and more mobile phones will begin using the tech – great news for consumers.

It’s also great news for people in the ANC business as iSuppli is predicting global shipments of MEMS microphones to be 1.2 billion in 2013 compared to a previous estimate of 1.1 billion. That “.1” sounds like a small number… but for non-Doogies out there it is 100,000,000 extra units because of growth in the mobile sector.

I’ll definitely take this technology into consideration when making my next phone purchase because hey – it IS a phone and call quality should still be a top factor in the decision making process… right?

[Via Cellular News]