3 Sweden Getting HTC Bravo.. in March?


We’ve had the HTC Bravo in sight since HTC’s roadmap was leaked onto the Internet. Well here’s some exciting news for those from Sweden. 3 Sweden recently made a post on their Official Facebook page about the Bravo:

3 Sweden: We have just taken the decision to take on HTC Bravo (expected in March) and that basically is the same as mobile Nexus One.

Sweet! Hardware-wise it is basically the same as the Nexus One featuring a Snapdragon Processor, 5 mp camera, 3.7 AMOLED capacitive display, Android 2.x (2.1 likely). But on the software side of things it will have something the N1 doesn’t have…… HTC’s Sense UI. Maybe it even features HTC’s supposedly updated Sense UI?


So their you have it, the HTC Bravo is coming to Europe hitting Sweden hopefully around March. I’m looking forward to seeing more about this phone and I think it’s safe to say it won’t be long ’till we hear of other operators /carriers around the world having the Bravo available. No details on pricing yet but we’ll keep you posted!

[Via Swedroid]

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  1. They really need to reintroduce hardware call/hangup buttons :/

  2. will i be lucky enuff to see this device unlocked with att 3g bands!

  3. Nexus One has 512mb RAM, this has only 256mb. I consider this as a major difference.

  4. This is cool but it is no nexus one. Nexus one has a wider screen, double the RAM, and 802.11n. The bravo has only 256mb of ram and b/g wifi… those are kind of big things.

  5. I’m hoping it will have the ability to run apps from an SD that has been promised.

  6. I really hope HTC puts some more RAM in the final version… So typical of them to cheap out on stuff like that…

  7. I think the Ram will be increased,am almost certain about that.

    This most likely will be my next phone.i would have gone for the Nexus 1 but the difference is that it doesn’t have an FM radio,something i really need on my phone.

    Can’t wait for march.

  8. and less ram (256mb against 512mb on the nexus)

  9. This is the same phone Verizon says they are coming out with soon.

  10. Maybe I will tell my brother to wait for this phone instead of NExus One in Sweden. :)

  11. Mensahwatts…..when you say “Verizon says they are coming out with this soon”, did you call them and they said this? Or do you just mean based off the rumors going around?

  12. the nexus one is coming to verizon for sure. or maybe it’ll have a different name/color and be called the bravo?

  13. I prefer the design of Bravo over Nexus One, but the problem with Bravo is:
    As soon as Google puts out a new android version, for instance 2.5, the Nexus One will get it at launch day, and HTC will take a while to re-implement the Sense-UI for the new android version in Bravo.
    Even worse, Bravo might never get the new version… :(
    So either HTC lets you use the same ROM present in Nexus One, or it will never be a 100% pure latest android version as found in Nexus One.

  14. Silva – Your points are exactly why I can’t commit to an existing HTC phone. I would probably get an eris or a hero (I need CDMA), but I see no OS upgrades coming and I would hate to buy a phone that is obsolete just because it’s OS is lame. I love HTC phones…I just wish I had an example of them getting a significant OS upgrade after launch.I love Nexus one (and the pricing plans!)but t-mob just puts me in too many dead spots. An OS upgrade on eris or hero would demostrate HTC’s commitment to supporting their products. Until then, I’ll just wait.

  15. I cant wait for this phone for following reasons:

    it has FM Radio
    it has better design then nexus
    it has hardware keys – really hate those on nexus

    Since there has been no official specs from HTC I am still hopefull that they will put in the bravo 512mb .

  16. Software upgrades are a now brainer, unless you just have to have Sense UI. Root it. Wipe it, burn it. Custom ROMs served on xda-devs on a regular basis.

    I would never base a decision on software, thats upgradeable. Hardware otoh…

  17. I used to make my decisions on a hardware basis only, but I came to the conclusion it’s safer to be sure who and when is going to update the OS.
    Custom ROM’s might be some sort of an unofficial workaround to have some new desired functionality, but might also bring incompatibilities with some apps and in some cases might stop working such as some hack to have GPS turn-by-turn navigation in Europe…
    Anyway, why shouldn’t Google itself bring the latest and best from android development to their own terminal? (btw, Nexus One is already the standard next gen phone being used internaly, so I guess every one from the inside would want it updated as fast as possible).

  18. I’m interesting about the price, I don’t have the expectation to cost less

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