Jan 16th, 2010

We’ve had the HTC Bravo in sight since HTC’s roadmap was leaked onto the Internet. Well here’s some exciting news for those from Sweden. 3 Sweden recently made a post on their Official Facebook page about the Bravo:

3 Sweden: We have just taken the decision to take on HTC Bravo (expected in March) and that basically is the same as mobile Nexus One.

Sweet! Hardware-wise it is basically the same as the Nexus One featuring a Snapdragon Processor, 5 mp camera, 3.7 AMOLED capacitive display, Android 2.x (2.1 likely). But on the software side of things it will have something the N1 doesn’t have…… HTC’s Sense UI. Maybe it even features HTC’s supposedly updated Sense UI?


So their you have it, the HTC Bravo is coming to Europe hitting Sweden hopefully around March. I’m looking forward to seeing more about this phone and I think it’s safe to say it won’t be long ’till we hear of other operators /carriers around the world having the Bravo available. No details on pricing yet but we’ll keep you posted!

[Via Swedroid]

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