Nexus One Car Dock Coming Soon


Just like the Motorola Droid, it seems like the Google Nexus One will be getting a Car Dock for use with Google Navigation. On the actual Nexus One support page they specifically tell us the Car Dock is coming soon – just read the first line!


You can also assume that the Nexus One Multimedia Dock will be available soon as well since a Google Employee hints at this (using the plural word “docking stations”) on the Google Support Site.

So which will you buy?

  • Car Dock
  • Multimedia Dock
  • Both
  • Neither

Hmmm…. we should really get a polling plugin for Phandroid… shouldn’t we?

  • Yes
  • No

Whoops. Yeah… probably.

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  1. Car Dock, no because i have already got one for my htc magic to use with sygic maps, and it fits all androids.
    Multimedia Dock yes, if it combines music and charging and having my nexus next to me functioning as a night clock.

  2. If you click on the “clock” link on the first Google web link it does state a dock will be available soon.

  3. I would like a car dock and a dock for at home that plugs into power and ethernet.

  4. Y not just ad them all to complete the whole package, however dont make the mistake that Motorola did by making it an inaccessible dock, give us a 3.5mm Jack,or maybe even a usb to HDMI Cable. If your going to shake up the world dont stir it up SHAKE IT.

  5. both.
    Car home because I already use my Nexus in the car all the time, I have a bluetooth A2DP adapter connected to my stereo, and then I usually have Pandora on my phone, or music from the sd… and along with navigation, what else do I want?… with the dock I could do all that while charging and no hanging cables around.

    Home dock, well, so I can use Bedside and throw-away that little adapter I’ve been using for a year ( don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice little hack, but it gets tiring….

  6. I have a write-up on the FCC posting of both the car dock and the home dock in the Nexus One forums. They’re probably pretty far buried by now, but search for the words “scoop nexus one” and you should find them pretty easily.

  7. Yeeeaaa soooo about that Apps tab still not being updated … update it please would get a lot more attention

  8. Home dock would be what I would buy. They need to sell both as a bundle.
    BTW I like polling this way.

  9. Want both but can’t get either… on Sprint

  10. I would do car dock because driving with the N1 on my lap face DOWN to hear it sucks, and face UP to see it sucks more! hopefully i can get it to hook up via bluetooth to my headunit and also CHARGE it… Google Nav DRAINS the battery!

  11. The Google support documents have actually stated “Coming Soon” since the phone was first released. I wrote an article about it on Jan 6th.

    Hopefully, they still mean soon, but don’t read too deep, they could still be weeks away unfortunately.

  12. All of em

  13. there is a sneak peak of the car dock on their lastest video on youtube ;)

  14. We are end of March now….?

    How long does it take to deploy something that looked pretty much done in January?

    Unless I’m missing something it’s just molded plastic with a power adapter right….?

    Have we got a date yet?

    Maybe this is normal for product launches and my expectations are too high? Perhaps it WAS leaked too early and I’m being ungrateful or maybe I’m just saying out loud what everyone else is thinking?

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