Jan 14th, 2010

This past year was definitely a HUGE year for android. While I’m sure Google wants that success to continue, they’ll be launching Chrome Netbooks this upcoming holiday season which I assume they’re equally excited about. We’ve seen Android Netbooks, Smartbooks, Tablets, MIDs… heck even Microwaves and Washers/Dryers – where will Chrome fit in?


With mobile convergence there are a LOT of grey lines and Android and Chrome overlap in many areas. They are very different approaches to mobile computing and are intended to serve different purposes, but unless Google faciliates or manufacturers pursue integration of the two, a decision will have to be made on which is more suitable in each case.

ASUS has already created Android prototypes of different form factors but never released a device to the public. Now they’re also tinkering with Chrome OS. I’m sure they’re not the ONLY ones exploring both, weighing they’re options, seeing where they might integrate or what is most marketable.

Check out what ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih had to say in a ZD NET article:

“I think there is some good opportunity [but] on one hand you have the smartphone and on the other the [netbook],” he said. “Do you really need something in between? It’s worth more thought.”

Shih said the key to launching a successful slate would be a wealth of content such as ebooks, music, video on demand, social networking and touch-based gaming.

“I don’t think that [the slate will replace the notebook],” Shih said. “The mainstream may still need to type. We already have that [the slate] in our lab too, but it’s the same situation that I mentioned before — what’s the right timing? If you do not provide all the content, you can’t say you are ready.”

He doesn’t make any distinctions between Android and Chrome OS and really, that’s where our interest lays. But who needs to hear the thoughts of a huge manufacturer’s chairman when we’ve got the most brilliant tech minds dropping their opinions via Phandroid comments?

So tell us: Android and Chrome OS – how will the tech landscape play out between the platforms and form factors?

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